Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The new Chris Brown

What are the chances that Emma Roberts will be as roundly condemned for physically attacking her boyfriend as Chris Brown was for physically attacking his girlfriend?
Emma Roberts was arrested for domestic violence in Canada for allegedly hitting her actor boyfriend Evan Peters. The 22-year-old niece of actress Julia Roberts was taken into custody on July 7 in Montreal after getting into a fight with her beau that left 26-year-old Peters bloody, according to TMZ. Police were called after someone reported a fight in the couple's hotel room and found Peters with a bloody nose.
As I have frequently observed, there is no such thing as equality in any material sense, least of all sexual equality.  And any man who somehow manages to get physically beaten up by a woman renders himself a gamma; no alpha would ever accept such treatment regardless of the subsequent legal consequences.  The very fact that a man is physically attacked in the first place is indicative of the woman's belief in his low socio-sexual status.

Women don't dare are much less inclined to attack alphas, not even with the full force of an anti-male legal regime behind them.  They understand that an alpha would much rather spend the rest of his life in prison than live it knowing he submitted to a physical assault by a woman without responding.  It is silly to say that a man who won't defend himself against women isn't a man, but it is a strong evidence that he is a man of average or lower socio-sexual status.


Anonymous said...

She attacked her bf and all you can talk about is how not-alpha he must be for "accepting such behavior"? What the actual fuck. Any man can get punch in the nose by a woman, even "alpha" men.

Anonymous said...

He is saying an alpha would have been the one arrested because the physical damage to Emma would have greatly exceeded his own.

Though I don't think that is necessary myself. There are smarter ways to subdue vastly inferior opponents. Smarter in the sense that you don't have to go to jail over it.

I think what really classifies him as gamma is taking her back.

Unknown said...

You're right, there are better ways of handling it. I was at the bus stop yesterday when I saw a woman attacking a man. She was yelling something I couldn't understand and he just stood there and laughed as she tried to hit him. I saw him as alpha, but as I recall discussing the other day, not everyone sees it that way.

Rotten said...

The comment that violent women do not physically attack alphas is profoundly ignorant. Alphas have all the ususal problems that the rest of us have, they are just better equipped to deal with them. Hell women are capable of violently assaulting men for no better reason than just a shit test. Just look at what happened to Chad Ochocinco. Just look at the mating behaviors of apes where violence by women is part of the mating ritual.

just visiting said...

Most of the thuggish alphas that I've known had cluster b girl friends and wives. Most of the UMC alphas I've known had normal wives but batshit girlfriends. These women wouldn't even think twice.

VD said...

Any man can get punch in the nose by a woman, even "alpha" men.

Sure. And then the alpha will flatten her. Alphas don't shy away from challenges, especially not physical challenges, and particularly not physical challenges from women. I'm not saying alphas never get attacked, I'm saying they never meekly accept being attacked and this tends to reduce how often it actually happens to them.

But look, I'm not even an alpha and I am informed that my opinions are considerably more offensive to many women than those of the average man. And yet, with one exception, none of them, no matter how furious, has ever lifted a finger to me; many of them won't even dare to meet my eyes.

Why not? I'm not a particularly large or intimidating man. I don't shout or even raise my voice very often.

Trust said...

Just speculation, but I suspect alphas are considerably less likely to suffer consequences from a physical confrontation with a woman. The woman is far more likely to keep quiet, take the blame, or otherwise defend the alpha in hopes of winning his favor. With a lower status man, there is no such concern and certainly no such sympathy. They can rot in prison due for something they did not do for all she cares.

I bet Evan would be more likely to be.jailed than Chris.

Trust said...

Dr. Helen has some thoughts.

just visiting said...

I suspect that sigmas wouldn't get off on it. And everything in their body language,eyes and tone of voice would convey that. For all of the talk of desiring sweet submissive women by "alpha's" in the sphere, an awful lot of them in the real world have wives and/or girl friends who are...dramatic. At the very least, a history of it. That might be different with learned alphas, but there might be an inner conflict some within naturals.

just visiting said...

That should read,"within some naturals."

Anonymous said...

My brother dropped a drunk woman in a bar.

He was playing pool. She bit him during an argument. He headlocked her and gave her a DDT.


I always enjoyed his rendition of the story. There were a few white knights who wanted to defend her, but none would challenge my brother. He taunted them by asking if any of them wanted to join her on the floor.

She might very well have coined the phrase "Bit off more than you can chew"

John Williams said...

I think what really classifies him as gamma is taking her back.
Chris Brown failed the test. He may intend to take her back, but per the Game model, she'll move on. This should be good for a follow up post.

John Williams said...

A model is no good unless it's predictive.

CarpeOro said...

Ah, ajw308? You kind of missed the point. Chris Brown wasn't the target of the girl in this piece, it was her boyfriend Evan Peters. The woman is being compared to Chris Brown who is known for beating his girlfriend Riahnna (or whatever), who keeps returning to him.

Bike Bubba said...

We're using a crime committed by a drunk upon a druggie (also possibly drunk) as a way of describing normal human behavior? Seriously?

Now I'll admit that I am underwhelmed by the masculinity of Mr. Peters, but I'm willing to submit that it just might be possible that he was sober enough to realize that if he let loose on her, he wasn't going to like the results--and I'm not referring to prosecution or the loss of a girlfriend here, either.

I don't know whether that's what went on, but if so, that's a bit more manly than the twit mentioned above playing WWE on some drunk gal.

NateM said...

Forget condemnation.. What self respecting man would be beat up by the woman pictured?

John Williams said...

CarpeOro, I flip flopped the names, but my point is that a boyfriend that takes a beating has failed The Test. Not just any test, but The Test. In short time, Evan Peters will be single.

Doom said...

Oh I loved it the three times I remember a woman trying that. *spank* God that was... sexy. I've merely mentioned my intentions, and past, since those and even the most hotblooded of my women have kept it in check. Throw something, try to punch me (women are terrible at fighting, so... I've never had a woman land one), or anything of the ilk, even get nasty where I wonder about violence, and I let em' know that they will go over my knee and it will hurt. And I ask them if they would like to call the police and then speak to a judge about it. Women do have shame, about some things, if you dig.

I liked my last women, but I was sooo hoping she would do it. I could get her to say she hated me, even when she didn't want to, but I couldn't get her to try to fight. I did try a few times. Cover. *grins* Yum!

No, I don't even consider myself an alpha. Something else, I play my game my way, and it includes whatever parts I want, as needed/wanted... but conscious. I know the prices and pick based on that, mostly.

hadley said...

A true alpha would let her punch him, make a few marks on him, maybe she throws something, maybe he gets a bloody nose ... and then call the cops.

When the cops arrive and said that "under the new feminist domestic abuse law, someone must go to jail" he just tells the truth.

(OK, so maybe he doesn't tell them he smiled real big, leaned forward, told her her @ss was huge and he was dumping her for a newer model.)

Then he gets a domestic abuse TRO, dumps her sh!t on the lawn and lets the courts sort it out.

Extra points if he does it at a restaurant with plenty of witnesses, puts his hands behind his back, leans forward to give her a good shot, then lets his buds call the cops.

Even more points if he does it at his home with friends as witnesses.

Unknown said...

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JLT said...

No, Trayvon Martin Is Not Appropriate First-Date Conversation
...This aforementioned stress-dream of a situation occurred just a few days ago on a first date with a guy I met online and agreed to go out with. He was a law student, and I was really looking forward to getting to know him. I was curious about why he decided to go into law, what he was planning on doing as a lawyer, all of that fun basic first-date crap. The date started off fine — I mean, aside from the fact that he essentially called my field of study complete bullshit and literally could not stop looking at my boobs. But who’s keeping track, right? Insulting someone’s passion while objectifying them — he was obviously a keeper....

S. Thermite said...

For crying out loud, JLT, that's an entertaining article but you should have included a trigger warning for any of us guys who have ever tried to argue rationally with female like her...especially those of us who were already having a bad Monday

This compassionate princess is so nonchalant about describing her complete emotional meltdown, that I almost expected her to tell us how once again her head started spinning around uncontrollably and puking up pea soup. Or maybe pistachio ice cream, seeing how much she likes desserts.

Props to Mr. Law School for ending strong by telling her he'll pick up the tab, unless she "wants to overthrow gender roles.” She thinks you're petulant, Sir, but that's just projection. Or projectile vomiting...

xandohsa said...

handley, outside of the realm of "should" and speculation, my dad's an alpha. Once at a party a woman slapped him over some bs, and he immediately laid her down with a broken nose. Instantly, reflexively. Shocked everybody. He's not a bruiser, not a mean or sullen guy. He's jovial, a comic, a life of the party type, but very much an alpha.

They carted her over to the bathroom and the party resumed. Nobody dared say, "Hey, you never hit a girl!" Dad went back to joking around like nothing happened. Alphas are, by definition, the leaders of the room, and they shape responses around them.

Anonymous said...

Correction. Brown did not attack Rihanna. Rihanna attacked him. It was clearly stated on the news at the time. They were driving on the highway at highway speeds. Rihanna was digging around in the car and found something she interpreted to mean he was cheating on her.

She went berserk and took her long spiked heels and started smashing his head. He had two options. Die; or punch her. He chose to live.

Within a day or two our controllers realized it made women look bad to report she had attacked him. So, suddenly, with no change in facts, she became not a violent person, but a victim of violence.

I cannot tell you how much it pains me to see the men's boards get caught up in these lies.

Anonymous age 71

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