Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Be careful who you call

He just might show his cards:
To what extend are bright women opting to have black babies rather that pursue education? You're claiming these are "low quality" women. That is NOT obvious.

Along with thousands of other variables, NLSY97 contains information on respondents' sexual partners, including race. What do we find when we compare white females who report black sexual partners to those who don't?

The former are fatter (mean BMI: 27.8 vs. 25.4), dumber (median ASVAB math/verbal percentile: 52.2 vs. 61.1).... Those with mulatto children are even fatter (mean BMI: 29), dumber (median ASVAB math/verbal percentile: 45.9).

Looking at data from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health (Add Health), which followed a different cohort, results are similar. White females who have ever had a black sexual partner are fatter (mean BMI: 28.8 vs. 26.2) and less intelligent (median ADD HEALTH Picture Vocabulary Test score: 99 vs. 105).
Sometimes, appealing to science to refute the evidence of your lying eyes only serves to make the observable facts all the more uncomfortably stark.  And, as Roissy noted, "It’s fair to say the whole media industrial complex portrays the exact opposite of reality." I know, it's got to be terribly shocking to discover that Sex and the City lied and handsome black doctors don't actually tend to pair up with gawky red-headed lesbian lawyers, still less beautiful and sophisticated blondes with advanced degrees.

As the theory of Game would indicate, some people make use of race as a means of boosting their relative attractiveness just as they utilize any other personal attribute.  (Fewer, actually, than one would tend to expect.) A fat, stupid, personality-challenged white girl can use her race to attract a better-looking black man just as a tall white nerd with no Game can use his to attract a better-looking Asian woman.  It's a logical tactic given the different sexual values people put on the various races, the potential dysgenic effects on society notwithstanding.


Anonymous said...

I see the evidence for negative results with respect to a marriage between a White female and Black male. Where is the evidence of "dysgenic effects on society" from the coupling of a White guy and Asian girl, i.e., where the White guy is marrying into a race with higher IQ (if East Asian), higher income (in the U.S.) lower propensity for crime, longer lifespan, etc.

Eowyn said...

My husband and I live in a city that's pretty much half white and a little under half black. It's a known fact here that if a woman is uneducated, fat, and unattractive (redundant, I know), she either has a passel of mixed children or a black "boyfriend". It's simply the norm. In fact, these women go out of their way to get black men, saying they prefer them over white men. They will openly admit this, though they won't admit the true reason (they can't get white men). There are far too many of them for comfort.

Heck, even the Latinos back home in Texas didn't date white girls unless they were attractive.

Anonymous said...

The fat white woman with a half black child is so common in this area that it is a stereotype.

The really rare mix is black woman with a white man.

A Wiser Man Than I said...

Steve Sailer had some very interesting things to say on this topic.

Athor Pel said...

I live in a large cosmopolitan city right now. I hear other languages about as often as I hear English when out grocery shopping for example.

I saw a white couple the other day at my one of my local grocery stores and something seemed a little odd about them. On first impression based on looks alone they didn't make sense.

The woman was cute, slender, clothes hair, face all done up to optimum effect. It showed that she took pride in how she presented herself to the world. Compared to most examples of western women in public she was a beacon of femininity.

The man on the other hand didn't seem like he should have been with her. Judging by looks alone he screamed loser. He was not good looking. In fact he had no chin. Though he was not overweight everything else about his appearance said that he seemed to embrace his mediocrity. Unshaven, bed hair, wrinkled clothing likely slept in.

Then they both started to speak. It was French. Mystery solved.

Anonymous said...

Not saying this isn't interesting, but it isn't exactly controlled for environment.

You can mess a kid up something awful as a parent. If you preach fat acceptance while handing your daughter a bag of Doritos, you might as well drop her off in the ghetto when she hits puberty and accept whatever she spawns into your family.

And even the upper middle class has succumb to this nonsense. Less so in the obesity because they can afford to eat better, but the level of disrespect the children show adults and each other and their lack of creativity is rather jaw dropping.

John Williams said...

Anjelah Johnson has her stand up act on Netflix, That's How We Do It, if you're interested. It's pretty funny and family safe.

She pokes some fun at her career as a Raiderette and when she talks about being asked if she ever dated a Raider, she says that they only preferred 'big white girls' in reference to the brothas. Then she sees a brother in the audience with his girl, she's a big white girl, and Anjelah is all "see what I mean, see what I mean!"

NateM said...


I had never noticed until dating a black woman how rare it is to see another such couple out and about. Of course I do live in the South.. My gf has remarked at the low quality of women her brother dates, I've seen a few and they run the gamut all the way down to straight skank. I'd be curious to do similar comparisons to black women with white partners to see how that shakes out vs the control of black women with black partners. I'd bet that the opposite nay be true, especially considering the disproportionate number of black women with degrees vs black men and women's general unwillingness to date down in SES as Vox has pointed out previously.

APL said...

Is Dawn French a skank?

She's 'large' for my taste, but just so I can calibrate my skanky white woman metric.

Anonymous said...

I had been thinking about this recently, about how it seems like for blacks multiculturalism must be great. For blacks dating other races seems like a bonus, every other race is an improvement.

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