Saturday, June 22, 2013

Alpha in action

Compare and contrast the way that Russell Brand handled a public disrespecting by two women and a delta male with the way a gamma would have handled it.
Comedian Russell Brand was invited to appear on MSNBC's Morning Joe yesterday, ostensibly to talk about his controversial world comedy tour Messiah Complex.

But instead, co-host Mika Brzezinski and panelists Katty Kay and Brian Shactman preferred to make jokes at Brand's expense, pretend they couldn't understand what he was saying, and refer to him in the third person even though he was sitting right there.

Oh, and at one point, start calling him by a different name.

At about the 5:30 mark, Brand decides he's had enough goofing around and seizes control of the show, demonstrating to the "journalists" how professionals conduct interviews and deliver news.
Remember, confrontation is the hallmark of the alpha male.  And even when he doesn't seek it out, as Brand quite clearly was not, he does not hesitate to embrace it if it comes his way.  Notice in particular the difference between the way the delta male curries favor with the English woman and the way Brand implicitly insults her by focusing his attention on the other, less-attractive woman.


APL said...

[Edit]I thought he was 'trippin' - dilated pupils, exaggerated movements, deliberate vocal delivery. If correct, I come over all alpha when I had some blow too.

Looking at the clip a second time, it did look like the American female 'anchor' was getting the tingles at one point.

No dispute about the other guy. "Let me tell you something, I'm petrified of her ... ", an utter twat.

OK I've convinced myself, of the group. Brand is the Alpha.

Eowyn said...

Watched this the other day. Brand ran circles around those morons. Mika was negging him from the very beginning, and you could just tell he was restraining himself. It's impressive how well he handled himself, while making them look foolish at every turn. Loved it.

And yes, she totally had the tingles for him

Heuristics said...

I especially like the calm and relaxed way in which Brand handles this, the speed at which he talks and such. It gives off the appearance that he has seen this a thousand times before, knows exactly what to do and has a backup plan for every contingency. The other man just comes across as an irritating fly in comparison.

rycamor said...

My stars, exactly what were these people planning to do for an interview?

"And you do this for a living?" Really.

Subtle funny: notice around 1:52 Mika says "Although, we actually bring more, um... mental illness to the table than we admit, at least, that's on this side here... for sure."

You can see Brand sort of blink and roll his eyes, like he's saying to himself "My God, I really am being interviewed by idiots."

Eric S. Mueller said...

That was awesome. I could tell by how much the short haired one was drinking how worked up he had her.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Don't be too hard on the American panelists. English is not their native language. So of course Brand had the upper hand.

Anglican said...

The American woman was tingling so badly that Brand could have done her on the desktop there and then.

Unknown said...

Someone that always struck me as a drug addled arsehole just ran rings round three 'professional' presenters. Why are they still employed?

Well done Russ, I still have no time for watching you, but you owned them completely

bearspaw said...

I'm not convinced of his alpha status.
What historical figure is the center of the entire world's attention. The one name that Brand does not mouth is that of Mohammad. He knows criticism of Mohammad will not fly in places like Abu Dhabi. I've not seen his act but I'm willing to wager it will be PC.

APL said...

bearspaw: "The one name that Brand does not mouth is that of Mohammad."

He is a member of the unprincipled and largely spineless pop meja. Yes, he is prepared to tilt at the toppled iconography of Western civilization - but wouldn't dare go near anything to do with the Musslemen. By the sound of it his tour starts off in the Gulf, FFS! they might hack his head off.

In this group - he was Alpha, but the only other man there was such a wanker .. there wasn't much competition.

RobertT said...

CH said recently that women may eat up the sociopathic stuff, but men 'not so much'. The commenters demonstrated the truth of that. But at least they know more about him than the interviewers. When Brand unexpectedly took over the show, they had to sit and take it. None of them had the huevos to take back their own show.

One time I was flirting with a checker at the grocery store, so I decided to insult everyone in her line every time I went through. I made fun of the way they dressed, of what they bought or whatever came to mind. She loved it and hated it. But the most interesting thing was how fawning everyone was and how popular I became at that store. It seems inexplicable, but Brand was well aware he wasn't taking much risk.

mina smith said...

I saw him two years ago in "get him to the greek" and found that pretty funny. this clip came out and I have watched it repeatedly since.

it is pure brilliance and gets better the more you watch.

"she's a shaft grasper!!"

Revelation Means Hope said...

I was impressed. He took over and owned them.

And I agree they didn't make it much of a challenge....

Desert Cat said...

That...was impressive.

Whoever and whatever Brand is, that clip is a goldmine. The words are only a part of it. Body language, gestures, everything he did contributed to his utter dominance of that set.

If we ran to 200 comments dissecting what worked, we would probably get at some but not all of the nuggets therein.

Desert Cat said...

Hand Mika a towel before she gets up from her seat, please.

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