Friday, May 31, 2013

Because intersexual relations are insufficiently difficult

It's probably a good idea to further confuse the children of America:
Nothing says “child-appropriate material” quite like gender-bending underage superheroes. At least that’s the theory over at the Hub, the network co-owned by Discovery and Hasbro, which is trotting out its latest soon-to-be-dud, SheZow. That show follows the adventures of a 12-year-old boy named Guy who uses a magic ring to transform himself into a crime-fighting girl. Yes, you read that correctly. When Guy says the magic words – “You go girl!” – he becomes SheZow, wearing a purple skirt and cape, as well as pink gloves and white boots.
At this rate, in two more generations, the great societal problem won't be that men are on marriage strike, but rather that large numbers of young men and women have no idea what sexual roles are or how to even go about reproducing in the first place.  It would be hard to design a better system for interfering with normal psychosexual development than the present one designed by and for sexual freaks.


Leap of a Beta said...


It's warped views like this that make it hard for people to work in any sort of entertainment industry if they have any grasp of reality and sanity. You can never know if the people you're talking to would espouse views like this with a willingness to behead dissenters. Any discussion of opinions becomes like walking into the middle of a gun fight blind folded.

Then people wonder why our entertainment continually degrades in quality and in content.

Toby Temple said...

I think they got the idea from Japan's Ranma 1/2. The only difference is that its a curse on Ranma. Whenever he gets wet he transforms into a girl.

Then there is Ranma's rival who turns into a tiny pig when he gets wet...

Vidad said...

What utter crap. This is why hell exists.

Anonymous said...

This Hasbro?

No surprises here.

Pequod said...

"Whenever he gets wet he transforms into a girl."

Sure it isn't the reverse?

Toby Temple said...

Sure it isn't the reverse?

It is basically cold water to transform into a girl. If hot water it cancels the transformation and he is a boy again.

TLM said...

Cartoons have sucked since they stopped making Tom & Jerry (The 1940's episodes, not the retarded 70's ones) and the 1960's Scooby Do. Although I did enjoy the 80's Transformers and Gargoyles. My youngest loves DocMcStuffins, a white speaking black veterinarian that loves animals, yet I've never seen an episode of her patching up pitbulls from the hood dog fighting gang.

kh123 said...

How much does one want to bet 1) The Hub is a union joint; 2) smoking isn't allowed within 20 ft of the premises where this is produced*.

*And by produced, I don't mean the actual bulk of the work, which would be the animation. 9 times out of 10 this is outsourced to South Korea, which in turn gets outsourced to India or Vietnam. Did I mention it's a union joint.

dannyfrom504 said...

i watched about 5 minutes of disney channel one day after walking past the ER. fucking sickening.

if i ever have a son, he's gonna be a total swordsman. and the way men are raised now, he'll be cleaning up.

Orion said...

Yet another reason to limit TV time severely for kids, and at that, limit the choices (Bugs bunny pre-1969 or so, old movies and cartoons). Walt is spinning in his grave at what they have done to his company.

12 years old as the target... just when they are starting to really solidify the concepts of differences in gender.

Nate said...

am I the only one that remembers that the bad guy in Battle of the Planets turned out to be a hermaphrodite that was hell bent on destroying the world because he hated himself?

Will Best said...

This Hasbro?

No surprises here.

Real boys cook real food. My 6 year old will chop vegetables and while my 4 year old doesn't have the necessary level of coordination yet to do more than toss a few spices into a pot or mop the BBQ but the kid probably has a dozen recipes memorized. I don't expect them to keep an interest but if they do they will be better cooks than 90% of the US by the time they are 10.

sunshinemary said...

Friends, this is no surprise. Spend some time perusing #feminist tumblr. They are obsessed with "transgenered" children. I cannot even believe how many memes and posts there are on "trans" kids. They celebrate these poor, confused little ones; children like adult attention and will repeat behavior that causes them to get that attention. If a boy who acts like a girl gets lots of positive attention, it reinforces the behavior.

Daniel said...

Childhood Transgender Confusion: The Lowest Difficulty Setting There Is

szook said...

No, Nate, sadly...your not....

Anonymous said...

@Will Best:
"Real boys cook real food."

Not the issue. Men should be able to cook, and cook well. I myself enjoy throwing down some decent food for myself and company. The issue is that there's a culture that rewards corporations for trying to get your boys to act like girls. That's a problem.

CrisisEraDynamo said...

It's a promotional masterstroke.

They make a cartoon about a boy who turns into a girl; conservatives bash it and liberals defend it.

However, the arguments don't matter because the producers have already accomplished their goal: spreading the word about the show.

Stickwick said...

The underlying motivation of progressivism is inscrutable. On the one hand, progressives seem motivated to rule over people in every possible regard, but on the other they seem just as motivated to ensure there is eventually no one over which to rule. What gives?

szook said...

But then again....what would one expect of Japanese based sci-fi anime.

Joe Blow said...

I guess if you can't fuck a boy all up by beating him all the time or renting him out on street corners or starving him in a closet, the next best thing you can do is make him sexually confused or teach him to grow up to be an effeminate manboob, against every fiber of his DNA.

The malice and cruelty in some people amazes me.

Will Best said...

The issue is that there's a culture that rewards corporations for trying to get your boys to act like girls. That's a problem.

Well reward them with money is quite different than talk about how enlightened they are.

I suspect the market for truly "enlightened" parents is relatively small. I only know of one lady on my wife's facebook that is actively trying to neuter her boy (and I suspect its because she really wanted a girl). Besides that the only people that have ever accused me of playing to gender stereotypes were people without kids, and they are pretty easy to deal with in terms of "your wife's vagina is right there if you think your way is better"

That was said at a rather formal gathering that shocked the room so to speak and I got a lot of private props for it after the fact.

Bat21 said...

I recently met a mid-level manager in Disneys' marketing department. I realize this is one person of thousands at Disney, but a more flamingly homosexual man I have not met.

. said...

To "homeschool or die" you must now add "smash the TV or die".

Sensei said...

Speaking of confused intersexual relations...the female imperative clashes with conservative politics on Fox News (and naturally is championed).

It's really no wonder the conservative movement is inherently doomed to fail, they will raise an outcry over things like that cartoon, yet refuse to then acknowledge the logical consequences of their own supposed beliefs...

Emma said...

Meh. When I was a kid, I watched Sailor Moon, a show full of gender benders, gays and people of unclear gender. It was in Russia, and last time I checked men are still men, and women are women. Girls like all this gay stuff, but I doubt many boys watched Sailor Moon.

jestin earnest said...

Bat21 said...
I recently met a mid-level manager in Disneys' marketing department. I realize this is one person of thousands at Disney, but a more flamingly homosexual man I have not met.


i know one of the guys who has had construction contracts with Disney World for over a decade. he told me that in one corporate business meeting at Disney he had to ask two of the Disney execs to tone their behavior down because they were hitting on each other so extravagently. in the middle of a business meeting.

of course, anyone who is aware of the existence of 'Gay Days' in the theme park cannot be oblivious to the fact that the Disney heirarchy is chock full o queers.

this vid seems appropriate:

Will Best said...

Even two decades ago, Disney was a place that was accepting of homosexuals.

Amethyst said...

Back in the Ranma 1/2 Days, Anime was something shared by (mostly male, mostly white) college otaku in dark rooms where 8th generation VHS fansubs played on flickering TV sets. Anime back then was a Male Safe Space, a refuge from political correctness, made by a society where gender and identity politics (as far as I know) didn't exist. Anime could be hypersexed and hyperviolent, but it could also be strangely socially conservative at times, and unashamedly cater to men's desires for a loving, supportive wife/romantic partner. (Or a whole harem of said romantic partners, in some series.)

Some anime appealed directly to girls, but for the most part, early fans were almost uniformly male. (At least the anime club in our college was, with the exception of a few club member's girlfriends and myself-the only non-girlfriend female in the club.) Maybe it's nostalgia talking, but anime seemed a lot cooler back when it was something you had to work to see. (It's nice to see the more deep and involved serial plots and mature themes of anime rubbing off on Western cartoons, but I'm guessing this Shezow cartoon is probably going to use the genderbending concept without realizing what had truly made it funny or interesting way back in Japanese cartoons like Ranma 1/2 or Birdy the Mighty.

Höllenhund said...

This isn't that surprising, is it? Western societies still have so much material abundance that they can afford such nonsense, basically.

Doom said...

If society lasts to the point you describe without being washed clean and erased, have no fear, it will be. Gravity can only be suspended for just so long and with great expense, all to no real good. Wathcing Western Civ collapse is like watching a man too weak to lift a boulder over his head develop a powered suit in which he may do so. He then he dons the suit, lifts the rock above his head, and begins sweating as he can't get out from under the boulder and the gas generator powering his suit is running out of gas. *splat*

Baby boomers, good for chuckles. Don't even have to throw stones, just... wait.

Leap of a Beta said...

@ Emma

Sailor moon was targetted towards women within the US, but was a product of Japan. I know the edits they did on the US version very much made it 'safer' while also taking out the parts that would be as confusing to kids here in the US. However, that kind of programming is fairly normal within Japan, only without the edits. Look at how that turned out for them with the grass eater movement.

If the world want's to keep men masculine and part of their community, the nation, and productive....

They should look to Japan and do exactly the opposite. Or at least avoid mimicking. What was once one of the most productive countries of the world is now only surviving on accumulated wealth of previous generations.

Anonymous said...

@ Will Best:
"your wife's vagina is right there if you think your way is better"

+5. Hard to come back to that.

Cail Corishev said...

Wasn't Disney the first big US corporation to voluntarily offer spousal benefits to their employees' homosexual partners?

Of course, if you suggested there might be a slippery slope on something like that, you were a crackpot.

dustydog said...

Y'all worry too much. Did any boy ever want to be the Pink Power Ranger? Did Wonder Woman and Bat Girl have any purpose beyond wank material?

Little girls won't be particularly interested. Little boys won't be particularly interested. If the show is amazingly good in other respects (which it won't be), they would just ignore the parts that don't make sense - i.e. the boy turning into a girl. Try to imagine how much novel material they can get out of that gag - it's a prestige cartoon, probably will be cancelled after 8 episodes which will only run low advertising times.

the league of baldheaded men said...

I've got faith that natural law will prevail despite all the confusions thrown up by culture. My mother did her level best to raise me according to the tenets of 1970s feminism, and very little of it took.

asdf said...

It wasn't the best movie, but Demolition Man is feeling less and less like a joke and more like a grim portent.

Big Bill said...

I hate to say it, but if a little boy comes to my house next year on Halloween wearing eyeshadow, glue-on eyelashes, a black wig and a cute little hot-pink She-Zow skirt and cape, I am not opening the door.

Duke of Earl said...

Does he actually turn into a girl, or does he switch places with a girl like Rick Jones and Captain Marvel via the nega bands, or Starhawks Stakar and Aleta?

The latter has been done before, and better.

Anonymous said...

Nothing has cemented my certainty about the reality of inherent gender roles as much as actually being around children. I honestly wonder how many of the people who come up with this kind of shit have ever even met actual kids.

All of the stereotypes about boys and girls have, if anything, been historically under-emphasized. While there are the occasional exceptions, the great majority of boys and girls are totally unambiguous in their gender identity.

While having a society that strives to limit cruelty to the exceptions is reasonable, absurd shit like this will only serve to confuse and pervert normal human behavior.

Honestly, if I had to choose, I think boys would be better off with some beating and molestation than being subjected to the increasingly standard combination of a "strong and independent single mom" along with mainstream media propaganda.

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