Thursday, April 4, 2013

An unfortunate oversight

Let's face it, forcing feminists to face the fact that they are evil and disgusting sub-civilized beings is a duty for every socially responsible individual who values the continued existence of Western civilization.  In that vein, we must salute one nameless employee at Target:
What the. Plus sized women get "Manatee Grey" while standard sizes are "Dark Heather Grey.
No doubt the white knights at Target will soon have the name of the color changed lest an obese woman be reminded of the fact that she is manatee-sized. And yet, she will still be manatee-sized.

But yeah, it was probably just an oversight....


Unknown said...

Wonder how long that will last.

Daniel said...

When you go into the manatee's den...

Anonymous said...

... you carry a harpoon.

Amanjaw Marcuntte said...

More like "An unfortunate overweight" amirite?

ray said...

i went in walmart a couple days ago, i'd say 75 percent of the females over age 20 were grossly to morbidly obese

bloated sow of a nation

yr democracy in action soooeeee pigpigpig

Vidad said...

Walmart is even worse than Dollar Stores. It's Landwhale city.

I found myself clothes shopping at Walmart with my wife last year. We had a heck of a time trying to find the normal-sized section...

...but the fatass section was immense.

My wife is 5' 7" and 113lbs... it was almost impossible to find anything that fit her. And what did fit was generally tasteless.

We gave up. We were only there because we'd been given gift cards. I usually only use Walmart for ammo and sporting goods purchases.

Stingray said...

Notice the plus size is cheaper?

Anonymous said...

Notice the plus size is cheaper?

That's the "bulk cost".

Anonymous said...

I think an accompanying picture would help:

Daniel said...

Besides, shouldn't that be Womynatee Grey?

Vidad said...

"I think an accompanying picture would help"

Holy schei3e. That thing's a dead ringer for the average American gal.

Loki of Asgard said...

Thank all that is good and decent that it was not "hippopotamus grey". Imagine the outrage among the black patronesses...

Ras Al Ghul said...

It's Hippo blue, if you check. Walrus red . . .

Garanimals for the heavyset.

John Williams said...

Oh, the huge manatee...

rycamor said...

Let's not be so cruel to the poor manatee, people. They can't help it--its in their genetics.

While the manatee/whale is a constant in Walmart, the sight that disturbs me most is not the inflated pear-shaped female, but this other thing you see in rural areas or the deep South: Beer Gut Woman.

Beer Gut Woman looks like a good 'ol boy from behind: narrow, almost wasted hips, wide waist (larger than the hips), hulking shoulders, and barrel chest. Then she turns around and you see 3 large protuberances in front. It's always a toss-up as to whether the boobs or the belly stick out further. Imagine a Chicago Bears linebacker after sex "reassignment" and 2 years of living on cigarettes, Budweiser, and pork rinds.

She is usually somewhere in her mid-40s, and often accompanied by a man of almost identical build. No, I'm not kidding. Like I said... disturbing. I really wonder what food or recreational drugs bring about this sort of hormonal imbalance.

rycamor said...

Stingray said...

Notice the plus size is cheaper?

For men, the cheapest shirts always come in Beer Gut size. The cheaper the shirt, the bigger the gut space allotted. Of course, the problem with the more expensive shirts is that they assume you are a narrow-shouldered upper-class patrician.

This is one reason the middle-class guy who works out and gets in shape still can't cut such a great figure --the cheap clothes are all made for the other guys. You go around with a shirt that fits your shoulders but is all wadded and tucked in around the waist. Irritating, since I started working out and went back to my old triangular shape. I look back at a decade of shirts bought for me by well-meaning family members (no one knows what to get me), and most of them could fit a guy with literally double my waist.

Vidad said...


I'm totally with you, though I'm more of a beanpole than a triangle.

I've noticed after two decades of thrift store shopping that clothes in my size are harder and harder to find. Especially jeans.

When you're 6'1" and 161 lbs... forget it. I can find extra large all day long... but getting a pair of 31/32 or 31/34 jeans? Rough.

I need to get a shirt in "lamprey" gray. And perhaps some pants in "licorice stick" black...

Love's Orphan said...

We, who are about to laugh, salute you!

Anais said...

Hi Vox,

I don't see a way to email you here, so I will venture to ask my question about Sigmas . . .

I'm obsessed with them. I'm an attractive young woman (not attractive enough to marry a Very Alpha alpha, but I think it's reasonable to shoot for a lower alpha/higher beta if we're talking about the "normal" hierarchy) who swoons primarily for Sigmas. I love reading this blog because it helped me put a name to the kind of men I have always fallen madly in love with. I'm an introvert myself. I get plenty of attention on dating sites, out in the world, etc . . . but Sigmas don't seem to congregate on or often show up at a random party. I have never been into hook-ups or casual relationships, and my only longterm relationships have been Sigmas met in totally unlikely ways.

Maybe this is a hopeless question, as the only place I have ever encountered significant concentrations of Sigmas was at the quirky college I attended- but where is a good place to meet them? I live in a big East Coast city (not NYC). When I encounter them in the wild, they usually really like me.

Apologies for the unabashed solipsism,


DmL said...

Fun fact, manatees have only 5% body fat. They just have incredibly large internal organs.

So stop denigrating these majestic creatures (mistaken for mermaids in ages gone?).

Joe Blow said...

If you need decent dress shirts, I suggest doing some Google hunting for Bespoke or Tailored Shirts + South Korea or Thailand. There are a couple shops online that require you to send in measurements (get a friend's help or use a really good fitting shirt) and then a couple months later you get some really good looking, well put together shirts at about $45-$50 per. It's worth making a small order the first time with a range of fabrics and styles, then making a second larger order when you figure out what you really like. Tailored dress shirts of even modest quality make a mediocre suit look sharp - whereas Bob Schlubco shirts can make an Armani look like trash. A good shirt also covers up a small beer gut too. Not that anybody here worries about that...

Just make sure you use a credit card with good consumer protections on it when internet shopping abroad...

Josh said...

Brooks brother extra slim fit shirts ftw.
Also, jcp has surprisingly slim fit ocbds.

Anonymous said...

Where do non-feminist fat ladies--and fat guys, for that matter--fit into your Greek-letter theory?

Mister Brown said...

So, what's the link to feminism in this? Where did feminists did or said anything regarding this?

I tought that the goal of a business is to make money... You don't make money by turning away customers by making them feel insulted.

Sure, obesity is a problem that needs to be dealt with, but it's not the goal of companies.

Doom said...

Too tired to laugh, almost nap time. No worries, I am dying of laughter on the inside. No, really. I'll be dreaming of Moby Manatee.

"Towards thee I roll, thou all-destroying but unconquering whale; to the last I grapple with thee; from hell’s heart I stab at thee; for hate’s sake I spit my last breath at thee. Sink all coffins and all hearses to one common pool! and since neither can be mine, let me then tow to pieces, while still chasing thee, though tied to thee, thou damned whale! Thus, I give up the spear!"

Absolutely, about undermining the only weak link, and majority pillar, of modernism. Attacking feminism with gusto is the only viable option left. It must be done legally, illegally (an immoral law is no law), explicitly (obviously), implicity (trickily), up front and from behind, and in all ways. It is about survival at this point and it is the easiest, softest, and weakest target. Bring friends, beer or mixed drinks (wine for Vox :p), and make a day of it. Sort of like a knitting circle for men. Drive women right out of their gourds and right back into their place.

(I put things in parenthesis for any feminist who might read, children need things explained.)

Peter Garstig said...

[Sigmas] I'm obsessed with them.

Best way to make them run, when accompanied with the usual ingredients of obsession.

Also, don't confuse introvert with loner. Sigma's can rock and entertain any group if they are so inclined.

Did you choose your handle because of Nïn?

SarahsDaughter said...

Where did feminists did or said anything regarding this?

Click the blue linky thing.

Commenters like these at Jezebel: "'Oversight' my fat ass. Jerk in clothing ads dept. got caught making a fat joke and needs to be sacked, and store needs to make an actual apology that acknowledges the intentional insult implied."

A woman has been offended!!! Someone needs to be fired!!!!

Jeigh Di said...

What's in a name? Quite a few high school athletic teams have mascots like bears or bulldogs. A female bear is a sow and a female bulldog is a bitch, but somehow I don't think many girls' teams are identified as such. Usually it's something like "Sugar Bears" or "Lady Bulldogs". You just can't please females.

Stingray said...


My husband has that same problem. Broad shoulders and a lean waist are not conducive to cheap shirts at all. I have also noticed that skinny kids are not conducive to cheap play clothes either. I bought them some play clothes from Walmart this spring and if it didn't have that elastic pull thing on the waist, I couldn't buy it for them. The waist sizes there are ridiculous.

As for broad shoulders and narrow waist, you can do a special tuck on your shirt wherein you pull it tight in the back and give yourself two pleats on each side in the back. It looks very sharp and makes the shirt far more flattering on your waist and makes the triangle that a man cuts look very nice.

ray said...

ahab's still a punk, Doomie, and his hate is still at full-sail

his wife is seven times worse

melville understood the u.s.' game, and he understood his bible, way back in the mid-nineteenth

it'll be his american wood coffin alright, and a nice peech basket for the missus

i studied two quite good vid versions in the past few weeks -- one a made for tv thang, but well-done, with ethan hawke, and another older film version

u.s. feminism in fact spawned at new bedford, the book's setting . . . the "w(h)ailing widows" with way too much time and money on their hands, with plenty Queer Quaker help

melville's book was not written for the 1850s and 1860s, but for this moment, now

tz said...

Mana-tee party. Better than elephant gray, yet maybe a pachydermatologist could provide aid. Rhinoplasty, if I should be so nosy?

Hippo gray is hitting just below the belt.

Perhaps some part of 50 shades is appropriate.

Mister Brown said...

Click the blue linky thing.

Oh, I see. Feminist get offended by everything. Nothing to see here.

Still, it should be taken down because otherwise it will hurt sales. Money is money. Vox said the cause of the change would be white knighting, but he is wrong.

It's going to be change because of the simple logic that happy customers are paying customers. It would make no sense to keep the color that way, just for some activism they most likely don't care about, they're about the cash. Customers get angry, sales drop. Keep 'em hooked & happy, get rich.

As for the people crying over this little joke by some guy, they should be ignored like children, feminist or not. Most likely the guy did this as a jab to fat people, not feminists. Maybe he just really doesn't like how fat people stay fat and fat pride. It's just unhealthy. Personally, I'd make them run.

Pretty bad analysis here Vox. I'm disappointed in you. Kinda missed the point, this isn't like you.

Vidad said...

Josh: "Also, jcp has surprisingly slim fit ocbds."

Makes sense. I have roughly the same build as Ellen.

Anonymous said...

Bet manatee grey goes the way of the English fabric color nigger brown.

OffTheCuff said...

Claiborne slim or Van Heusen fitted at JCP, sting. Nothing at Walmart, yikes. Also mossimo athletic cut at Target. Good stuff.

rycamor said...

Yeah, yeah... bespoke tailoring, Brooks Brothers... A Christian who grew up a missionary kid feels guilty paying anything over $25 for a shirt. It's ingrained.

But I suppose I should be figuring something out, as my career now has me visiting major corporations all over the country.

@Stingray, I do the back pleat thing, but the darn shirts just don't stay tucked. When I was in a more artsy line of work, I used to do fine with something like black jeans and a snug T-shirt under a sports jacket, but no one wants their database consultant to affect anything remotely bohemian.

Aeoli Pera said...


I'm genuinely surprised Roissy hasn't picked up on your black knight idea. It's an important meme and it needs to get off the ground faster if it's going to have any impact before ~2033.

Aeoli Pera said...

In fact, it may deserve a dedicated blog or know, those of you with some charisma. Easiest thing in the world, too: reader submissions, theory, examples, challenges...basically the Chateau for countercultural class clowns. Clearly...

...The ellipses are because...I want to be like Nate when I grow up.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the athletic fit Mossimo tees at Target are BOSS, i have one in every color. Cheap too, they vary from 7-9 bucks.

Anonymous said...

Vox did not invent the black knight. Misc might have but I doubt that. Probably came from 4chan (like everything else).

Anonymous said...

This is a textbook example of solipsism. It's very unlikely that this is just some dumb joke, the manatee is a very well recognized animal, so it makes sense to use it as the example for a color. Instead, the solipsistic fat womyn took the name as a direct insult and comparison.

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