Sunday, April 7, 2013

An embarrassment of Gammas

I believe that is the proper collective term, is it not? Gammas absolutely love it when things go poorly for attractive women, because they see it as a great romantic opportunity to rescue her and outkick their coverage thereby.  Witness the grotesque behavior of men reacting to one woman's attractive mug shot:
The woman whose attractive DUI mugshot took the internet by storm has been beset with unwanted attention by lovestruck admirers who have offered marriage proposals, declarations of never-ending love and trips overseas.

'I hope if you have a man he takes care of you and showers you with love and tenderness. If we were together you would need for nothing. I would go to the ends of the earth just to make you happy,' one man posted on Reddit after Meagan Mccullough's mugshot went viral....

'The eyes of the sky. And hair like woven silk. I have taken photos of thousands of woman and never seen one with what you have in those eyes breath taking you are,' another posted told her.

Another asks her to move to Ireland: 'What's up with that surname, you must have Irish heritage? You got bar work experience? Come to Ireland, I'll put you up for a while and you can work in my friends pub while you find your feet, look up your family history and then move on to something better. Over here, we don't call you a criminal for driving drunk (unless repeatedly caught). I'm not joking by the way.'

Meagan said the sudden attention has been 'weird' and she has received a lot of 'gross' messages from guys as a result.

Dozens of men fashioned memes featuring the police shot with captions such as 'GUILTY - of taking my breath away', 'Arrested for breaking and entering - YOUR HEART' and 'Tell me what she did so I can end up in the same jail'.
This is literally world-class anti-game. And note, in particular, how the woman is reacting to this over-the-top desperation: with precisely the same sort of horror that women do when faced with it in person.  Women are the unromantic sex. All things being equal, they are much more turned on by a laconic "yeah, I suppose I'd hit that... if I had enough to drink" than "I would go to the ends of the earth just to make you happy."


Mike M. said...

Ouch. It's not even a really attractive mug shot, either. And that sort of response is so over-the-top that it's embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

Dozens of men fashioned memes featuring the police shot with captions such as 'GUILTY - of taking my breath away', 'Arrested for breaking and entering - YOUR HEART'

I was assuming the memebase pics you refer to here are jokes.

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but here is your alpha moment of the day:

There’s a great story about Jack … In the late 70’s there’s a party in the hills of Hollywood, the backyard of some rich, rich man. Famous band playing live, beautiful women everywhere you look.

A beautiful woman comes up to Jack and says, “Hey Jack, do you wanna dance?” He just looked her up and down for about 20 seconds and finally said, “Wrong verb.”
Kevin Pollack on Jack Nicholson.

Jestin Ernest said...

and finally said, “Wrong verb.”

and if she doesn't get what "Wrong verb" implies ( likely because she can't figure out what a verb is )? she's to damn stupid to bother with and automatically disqualified.

Unknown said...

Cold, dead, psychopathic eyes.

Markku said...

Cold, dead, psychopathic eyes.

Looking at the totality of the photos there, I wouldn't say so, to the degree that those words would imply.

But you know who looks SERIOUSLY psychopathic? Amanda Knox. Her default expression seems to be a shit-eating grin.

Toby Temple said...

gammas' gonna gamma.... and be damn proud about it..

Leap of a Beta said...

Ugh. I havent seen such an embarassment of men in months.

Retrenched said...

Pathetic. Hell, she's not even that beautiful -- cute, yes, but not much more so than any typical non-obese twenty-something woman.

realmatt said...

It's odd that she looks better in her mugshot. Her man-jaw isn't as evident, compared to the other pictures.

No..that jailhouse portrait exposes a beautiful pixie dust fairy doll waiting to be kissed, as those lips once were, perhaps by Cupid himself. I'd like to offer her my 401k

realmatt said...

I wonder if any of those lame asses took at a look at her facebook and saw her bi-racial kids.

I imagine her father is disappointed because of more than just a DUI.

The Scolds Bridle said...

A plead of Deltas.
A mince of Lambdas.

A drone of betas, perhaps?

And a guild of Omegas (sorry, only thing that came to mind).

Got nothin' for Alphas and Sigmas.

notasigma said...

A solitary of Sigma*

*singular only, no collective

Markku said...

A murder of Omegas...

Markku said...

Alpha is obvious; it's a pride of alphas.

Eincrou said...

Some of the men commenting here took VD's judgment, "This is literally world-class anti-game," to mean that 'proper game' is transparent demonstrations of Internet Male Syndrome.

Markku said...

A glaring of sigmas

realmatt said...


Markku said...

I'm referring to one of the collective nouns for cats - the one that points to their suspicion towards any other cat in the vicinity.

Inane Rambler said...

If American women are as bad as Roosh insists they are, then she is definitely good looking by American standards.

Dave said...

A creep of Gammas

VD said...

A creep of Gammas

I stand corrected....

Alpha is obvious; it's a pride of alphas.


A mince of Lambdas.

Well done.

A solitary of Sigma*

No, I think something more like a conspiracy of Sigmas would be in order.

Beta, I think, is obvious, but I'll leave it unremarked until tomorrow.

Retrenched said...

A 'squee' of gammas.

I win.

Markku said...

An ostentation of betas.

Maximo Macaroni said...

An affectation of Alphas.

Dave said...

A following of Betas, perhaps? An aristocracy? A fandom?

realmatt said...

A Ream of Gammas

Loki of Asgard said...

A column of Deltas--and atop it will always be a woman.

Think on it.

jlw said...

A team of deltas

An away team of omegas

Johnycomelately said...

You should be thankful your not in Australia, for several years the entire nation has been trying to get Schapelle Corby out of an Indonesian jail for drug smuggling.

Apparently an attractive face doesn't deserve to be in jail.

Australia is the Omega nation.

TGR White said...

She is hot in that mugshot, looks like a model. However, none of the other photos make her look all that great. I think it's the distinct quality of her eyes and the fact that she is wearing lipstick combined with the fact that she is looking straight at you. Weird how from one angle average women can look really hot. Wonder if any loser offers her a modelling contract?

"bi-racial kids"
Yet she has an Irish surname so she isn't married. Probably a single mum. Now she has been done DUI. How much of a train wreck do you think she is?

Anyway, Vox, if your first reaction is to laugh when things go poorly for attractive women does that make you delta, sigma or just a pyscho?

Dave said...

I like a team of Deltas.

A slaughter of Omegas.

"Australia is the Omega nation."

Australia is a high-Delta nation. Canada is Delta. Britain has turned into a Gamma nation. Russia is hard Sigma. North Korea is quintessential Omega. America is Alpha.

Unknown said...

"I wonder if any of those lame asses took at a look at her facebook and saw her bi-racial kids."

I stand by my claim she had cold, dead, psychopathic eyes. I do not find her attractive in the least. She has "slut" written all over her.

tz said...

Neither Omegas nor Sigmas naturally congregate, so it would be very artificial for a collective term. It may also be redundant for the latter as in "A Sum of Sigmas", or a "Terminus of Omegas". Consider women's fitness certification, "A Test of Betas". Gammas collectively should be avoided, as in "A Ray of Gammas". "A denile of deltas". "A chain of Lambdas" (think a series of plug-jack extension cords all connected in a circle, however this is not to exclude the BSDM aspect, however a "Rack of Lambdas" would be a better term for that).

VD said...

Anyway, Vox, if your first reaction is to laugh when things go poorly for attractive women does that make you delta, sigma or just a pyscho?

Most likely delta or omega.

Dave said...

A faggot of Lambdas

Sex Panther said...

A Stride of Sigmas

tz said...

@Dave - they are sticking it elsewhere.

Generally, "attractive woman" - I looked at the pix.

Gammas are desperate, but even so...

Perhaps there is some photographic evidence I've not seen (and our host has noted pulchritude is in the limbic system of the beholder), but on the Roissy scale I have trouble going much over 6.

There may be a damsel in distress effect, but that contradicts feminism.

Anonymous said...

An "orbit" of betas?

-The Scolds Bridle

Anonymous said...

Orbit of betas is the winner

Toby Temple said...

lol. really? a group a Sigmas?

There is no other answer than this:


Anonymous said...

tell a woman she can't be in your club; she'll do anything to get in. lol. gotta love the hamster sometimes.

realmatt said...

"bi-racial kids"
Yet she has an Irish surname so she isn't married. Probably a single mum. Now she has been done DUI. How much of a train wreck do you think she is?

I looked at her facebook page and saw her half black kids.

You'd think Simmons was her negroid baby daddy's name but no..he's the one with the Irish name. Unexpected.

A man should never use the word "tenderness". The prefix 'tender' should never be used by a man unless he's talking about tenderizing some meat or discussing economics.

In somewhat related news, I watched "The Merchant of Venice" this afternoon and have decided that Portia is a world class cunt.

The mouth said...

So in the end they fell for a mugshot?

Toby Temple said...

So in the end they fell for a mugshot?

Is there no man who ever fell for a hot chick on a poster?

Anonymous said...

So in the end they fell for a mugshot?

Of course. Look at all the sluts mugging for the camera on facebook and elsewhere, and the creeps of gammas, teams of deltas and orbits of betas telling them they are beautiful.

Vidad said...

Hey, I saw your mugshot, and this is crazy. Here's my number - call me maybe?

Martel said...

There's a weird male equivalent develping of the women who dig serial killers that I first noticed during the Casey Anthony thing.

I noticed that some of Anthony's male supporters were incredibly effeminate in their stridency. It's was like White Knights drowning in estrogen.

Combine the White Knight desire to save the damsel in distress with the feminine attraction for evil and you get a truly disturbing mutation.

Daniel said...

Unbelievable. Even a gamma ought to realize that all he has to do is troll the local mugshots for the best one, show up at the county jail at 9 am, and wait for her to walk out.

Sheesh. Internet gammas make regular gammas look downright suave.

Anonymous said...

Gammas not only play an anti-game with women, they also have a unique ability to earn the ire of their male peers through the same methods. Nothing is more annoying than a Gamma entering a conversation with some irrelevant, self-centered bullshit designed to fool the higher ranked men around the table that he's anything BUT a Gamma. We all see through it, but the blubbering idiots go through with it anyway. It isn't that he's trying to talk himself up that is annoying, it's that he's talking himself up above his rank.

The gamma could probably find happiness with some waddling cow-woman in the 3 range who plays world of warcraft all day. But he shoots higher than his rank allows, posting love-poems to some 7 or 8. Of course this is bullshit. Either accept what your rank allows you to have, or improve your rank. Gammas do neither.

ray said...

i dont buy the alpha-beta rap of the Game Gurus -- it's just bio-psych repackaged and re-termed to sell to the Lost Generataions growing up under the jimmy choos of der matriarchy

the only real (secular) categories are the emasculated, and the unemasculataed -- are you a regular american guy, who panders to females, obeys their orders and the orders of their institutions, and capers to please them

or have you shitcanned the gynarchy and its endless womanfirst imperatives, demands, and "laws"

absoulutely right, tho, that males are the romanticists... females use male romanticism and idealism to female advantage

females are NOT romantic; they want to BE "romanced" ie paid attention to in deferential, obsequious, and profitable ways, which then is called "love"

"romantic love" grew out of anti-Christ forces (albigensians, troubs etc) ever attempting to overthrow God (the evillest of the Evil Males) and replace him with their kind, generous egalitarian goddess libertas (ie women, collectively and individually, under demonic direction)

in the transferist, romanticist delusion, men project onto women their own male virtues -- honor, fidelity, agape -- that simply do not exist in women, and never have, since the initial rebellion, and the collusion between the feminine and the satanic, currently apotheotic

Josh said...

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