Monday, March 11, 2013

Taking WRE too far

The fact that a television show is reaching the end of its run is no reason to turn it into a mockery of its former self:
Top Gear is an institution (not to mention an enormous golden goose for the BBC), but it is on the wane. The jokes aren’t as funny, the specials not as special. Most years the programme at least manages to provoke a decent outrage: damaging a salt pan, or insulting the Germans, or Muslims, or the disabled. Not this time. Viewers are deserting. Even the online commenters – perhaps the most devoted mob on the internet – are grumbling. Something has to change, but what?  Most obviously, it needs a new presenter. A woman, perhaps?
I'm sure that would work brilliantly. Did you ever notice that shows oriented towards men always seem to require female presenters, and yet one very seldom sees a male presenter replace a female one. I don't recall any male names being bandied about for The View lately.

What would a female version of Top Gear look like anyhow?


Heuristics said...

... I very much hope not since I have yet to see a funny woman on tv.

This years special to africa was very good imo but it is true that the season as a whole has been surprisingly... calm?

Then again, it might be the same thing that is happening with the mythbusters, there are only so many things that can be done before the viewers come to the conclusion that they have seen it all before.

Brian said...

Women who appear on men's shows are supposed to shut up and look pretty. Think the ring girls who show the audience what round of the boxing match it is, or the ice girls in hockey. They fuck it up when they start talking. They always fuck it up when they start talking.

MrGreenMan said...

What woman can grasp the golden cock? It would be the end; just cancel it before killing it by disgrace.

Bullitt315 said...

If top gear starts talking about electric cars and gets rid of one of their hosts in favor of a woman, it will fail. Is the viewership actually down? The current season might not be as great as the previous ones but it's still the best car show on tv.

tz said...


You mean to say women should be seen and not heard? Great idea! At least if theybare attractive, i.e the ring babe doesn't create a creater and thunder as she promenades.

RJ said...

Hell, female engineers have already screwed up the auto industy:
Women Engineers Ruined the Auto Industry

Yeah, that's why modern cars look like crap and cost so much. After all, women can't parallel park so they...added cameras and sensors to let them know when they are about to back into something. The whole article details what is wrong with America: we let women take over...

Anonymous said...

It's called jumping the shark.

It also is evident when a sitcom brings in a cute little kid who has a precocious nature to liven up the script.

DaveD said...

They can have Danica Patrick. Maybe then we can quit seeing hours of coverage dedicated to how she's the Awesomest Driver Ever(TM) & the promised one who will finally bring wymyn into their glory as the saviors of NASCAR with her Grrrl Power...that finishes 20th.

She can do Top Gear & blame everyone but herself when it her races.


kh123 said...

Any one of the three in drag, if they haven't already had an Amsterdam episode.

OCS said...

I'm no sports guy by any means, but whoever said women can't do anything right and should just stand there and look pretty needs to look at this priceless gem.

'Tis better if she just finds a man of good stock and be a housewife. Hopefully she knows to not screw up that other sort of ball-play.

Also, for any gamers out there, it is apparent that it's now not just women, but also beta manboobz that ruin everything: Donkey Kong: Pauline Edition

I don't know what's worse, the amount of effort that this guy put in to make his princess haaaaaaaaaaaaapppppppppppyyy and set her up for pedestal-ism, or the commenters on various sites that praise him and want him to be "dad of the year" or something.

It's that same crock of horse shit that demands more gay characters in games like Mass Effect. It's not like anyone was playing the games and thought, "Hey, I expected more P-in-A action in these quick-time events!" :/

kh123 said...

...I can see them making her do the drive-and-discuss, having her run errands while having her chat it up via a live feed to the studio. Coin toss to see who of the 3 has to accompany her.

At the least, it would guarantee testing of the crumple-zones and air bags per episode, without fail.

Actually, just have her replace the Stig for the time trials.

Lex Rex said...

OT but too good to pass up.

Science: Real Men like Big Breasts

Huckleberry - est. 1977 said...

I'm fairly certain that James May already fills that role, no?

Daniel said...

Female version of Top Gear? U.S. version of Top Gear - Jewish comic, fat nerd and a metrosexual drive tanks and El Caminos a la Michael Dukakis and never talk about the cars.

Steve Canyon said...

Either like that first car designed by an all-female team (Volvo YCC), which featured an absence of a hood and engine service requiring the complete front end removal, a 31K mile oil interchange interval (even the best synthetics advertise only 25K and the best one I've used, Mobil-1 lasting roughly about 15K), gull-wing doors, and ball valves as they said women considered a gas cap to be a major nuisance.

In short, a lot of poorly-thought out emotion driven drivel that is in complete incongruence with the reality of automobiles.

The only woman I've ever seen that even remotely knew her way around a car was Courtney Hansen, and even then she really wasn't doing much. Foose and the rest of the shop crew were doing all the heavy work while she was consigned to go scrape rust or sand some panel.

Anonymous said...

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The Burning Question said...

RJ: The whole article details what is wrong with America: we let women take over...

"we let women take over . . . " How did this happen?

Joe Blow said...

The impact of women auto engineers?

More side curtain airbags at $1200/per added to the cost of a new car, and more cupholders. And the Dodge Dart, fercrhissakes.

Automotive engineering is supposed to be about awesome. I'll respect women auto engineers when one designs the equivalent of the Small Block Chevy, or the AC Cobra Jet, or if you'd told me that a women headed up the team to build a performance version of the new Dodge Charger. Until they can reach the pinnacle of automotive engineering, chick engineering to respond to chick concerns doesn't impress me. Reaching the moon is about kickass engineering and physics (and technician work and piloting) on the bleeding edge. It isn't about fucking cupholders and a more baby-seat friendly econobox.

Can't wait for the new all-chick designed Chrysler Quotidian...

Mike M. said...

To be fair, the auto makers tend to target female customers - who buy safety and reliability, not performance or handling qualities.

And have a nasty habit of assigning female engineers to design to that customer group.

Anonymous said...

Interesting observations on the female engineers in the auto industry. As for TGUK, I'd say, just let the show die. Perhaps the last show have them all get blown up or killed like the end of Blackadder.

Orion said...

The obvious answer for the BBC is to hark back to an earlier show they broadcasted for the template to use for a woman on the show. Benny Hill. Large cup size, small or non-existent lines.

Res Ipsa said...

"What would a female version of Top Gear look like anyhow?"

I don't know. How many different handbags and shoes do you think they could do a show? Mabe they'd throw in a tea cozy too.

Jack Amok said...

Nah, women engineers didn't ruin the auto industry. From the article itself, they were too busy maintaining their work-life balance to screw anything up too bad. They just add cost.

It's the execs who fubared it.

I mean, women do ruin everything, but only when men let them.

K said...

The most attractive thing that the show has going for it is a light hearted anti-PC attitude. Part of that is NOT having a woman on the show.

The real reason the show is going down the tubes is the writers are either out of ideas or the BBC is saving money by not hiring top flight talent in the writing department. It may be that they've already done everything possible within that format and hence the show should just end anyway.

Bringing a woman onto the show, unless she's just hot babe window dressing (like the Japanese auto shows) will just accelerate the doom.

The Burning Question said...

Jack Amok: I mean, women do ruin everything, but only when men let them.

And Adam ate.

Retrenched said...

It just seems like females are wired to want to join in on any activity, space or sphere that males create for other males -- rather than create their own spaces and activities -- and then change everything about it that made it appeal to men and boys in the first place.

See also: videogames.

Rantor said...

I still like top gear and watchit on occasion. Can't see how women would improve anything. As the guys have driven on about every continent and in every condition, I can see that finding something new to do might be difficult.

Let the guys keep making the show, find a few new writers and it'll remain profitable. Keep women off the hosting team. Too much potential for a harassment suit against the other presenters.

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