Thursday, March 7, 2013

BETA of the Month: my vote

Roissy has revived his popular BETA of the Month post, and all three nominees are a doozy.  We are presented with three options:
  1. Catholic guy whose wife wants a divorce
  2. Elaborate proposal guy
  3. Widower whose adulterous wife was murdered while getting her groove back in Turkey.
All three men are sad sacks.  Whereas BETA #1 appears to be a normal low delta who simply can't except that debasing himself and accommodating his wife isn't going to regain her affection, he doesn't appear likely to be fine with her cheating, much less gallivanting off to foreign climes in search of vibrant alphas.  BETA #2 is cringe-making, to be sure, but while it is gamma to the core, it can't really be compared to the other two situations even if it wouldn't be terribly surprising to eventually learn that his marriage has gone the way of our first contestant's.

So, my vote is for BETA #3.  The fact that the intrepid widower hasn't come out and stated that his idiot wife got exactly what her behavior deserved only tends to underline his lowly rank on the socio-sexual totem pole and makes the deceased's behavior comprehensible, though not even remotely acceptable.


swiftfoxmark2 said...

I pick the Catholic guy. He was literally going to let her live next door to him and pay for a new car and the new condo.

Me, I'd give her a roll of quarters and sack of random clothes and tell her to hit the road.

Anchorman said...

Anyone reading the responses? GG is priceless.

12 years ago you stood before God and family making vows that you would get this woman to heaven at any cost! Yes, the cost is great; but how muh did Jesus pay for us?

Traditional vows say for richer or poorer .... It sounds as if you suffer from what God placed on Adam when he said ,"by the sweat of your brow you shall work ....". This distorted view of your value tied to your work is blinding you on how to get her to heaven (your holy orders).

This is not to say she is in the wrong, but we can only control our response to pain and injustice. Will we hurt others because we are hurt or will we forgive and lead others to salvation?

Jesus did not "let it blow over" .... Jeusus took action and carried his cross.

“This is not to say she is in the wrong” Can’t even bring herself to call out this woman for her conduct.
Man Up! Carry that cross until she destroy you and your children!
Examine the situation. Your wife is trying to hurt you; she is hurt. Why is she hurt? Well, she is attacking your finances and your religion. This tells me that you probably hurt her by putting these (finances & religion) before her. Her insane life plan keeps you close because she see's the possibility of you becoming contrite over these idols that separate you two in marriage. However, all of us can see the falseness of this.

Second bankruptcy? Sounds like the family suffers from "keeping up with the Jones" (or coveting thy neighbors goods). Divorce or no divorce, your children are being taught that money is the diety of their lives. Honestly, children don't need all we buy them. They just need stability & to know they are made in the image of God & in the image of their parents. It's more important to elevate dignity, respect, and love than to give them all their material desires. Even If you divorce, your children will continue to hurt you as their mother is until you align the priorities in your families life.

Religion .... She is hurting you by disrespecting Catholocism and going to a stricter religion. This is telling me that you are not living the catholic faith as merciful and forgiving. My advice is to examine the Corporal & Spiritual works of Mercy and start exercising them more in your life.

I mean, where to start?
Looks like some Red Pill folks are making a foothold in the thread.

taterearl said...

I'd still pick #2. He willingly put his face and voice out on the internet. Plus he had to use other guys to convince her to marry him instead of being the man and stating his intentions.

I mean how many guys were shocked at his choice of wardrobe and what his voice sounded like when he started to talk.

Anchorman said...

The husband's to blame for her salvation being at risk, according to GG. He's responsible for her salvation. The wife has no moral culpability if hubby isn't Emmanuel.

She's trolling the internet for lotsa cocka because he's providing for his family (so well, it seems, that an extra condo and car isn't an insane premise). GG isn't finished. Apparently, the guy put his religion ahead of his wife (!). Yes, it is he who placed the idols between the two of them and the wife (who, according to the author, doesn't darken doors of churches) is using these tactics to lead him back to God. Oh, the inante holiness of mother goddesses!

Second bankruptcy, his fault! Sure, she was the one with the credit cards and debt, but you can't blame her. She has no independent thought, action, or motivation. It all comes from him. And his children will hurt him because of this until he properly supplicates before mother goddess.

The more spiritual wife who is hurting the man to get him to be more Christlike is fooling around with an online Mormon (more stricter religion?!?) because he's not merciful or forgiving enough. Sure, he's willing to buy her flowers, set her up with a condo and car, and forgive her finger-banging to the picture of Mitt Romney, but what does that really amount to?

And for good measure, she references "Fireproof."

Dozen roses ... For your wife, mother, or for the Blessed Virgin Mother?

Did you see the movie, "Fireproof?"
The roses didn't "fix" things in the marriage, but they were a baby step to fixing it. I know the movie isn't exactly Catholic, but our brothers & sisters in Christ are good in helping us find baby steps back to love.

I love how GG splices in the occassional reference to Christian imagery. She dutifully adorns her poison with obligatory images of the Virgin Mary, Corporal Works, etc.

Beefy Levinson said...


Anonymous said...

Can I submit whoever scheduled this?

The Suppression of the Powerful Feminine
...The threat posed by the powerful feminine is central to Walsh's contemporary ballet Camille Claudel. In spite of her creative success, as there was never a question of her genius, Claudel's aspirations were repeatedly derailed by suppression and betrayals—by Rodin, by the French government, and most tragically by her family.
Her story reflects her time. It also resonates strongly in contemporary America where women have achieved real gains but powerful women, still perceived as threats, are so often marginalized. In this presentation, Dominic Walsh will show film clips from the ballet's production and discuss the paradox of creative expression as both a symbol of this suppression and an essential element in healing it. ...

SarahsDaughter said...

I know a #3. His wife and the man she was cheating with got so intoxicated they forgot to turn off the car when they were doin' it in the garage. They were found dead together. Every year on her birthday he posts something on FB. One year it was the Youtube video to Night Ranger's "Goodbye." - I cried. I'm a girl, that happens.

I do have to say though, he is further proof to me of the depth and loyalty of men. No, those aren't attraction traits and his expression of them reveals his betaness, but I think it's important for women to understand many of the qualities society wants to assign to females are very much male qualities (loyalty, honor, commitment, artistry and the appreciation of it, compassion etc.).

Giraffe said...

The fact that the intrepid widower hasn't come out and stated that his idiot wife got exactly what her behavior deserved only tends to underline his lowly rank on the socio-sexual totem pole and makes the deceased's behavior comprehensible, though not even remotely acceptable.

Question: Does the fact that he has two sons change anything? She did get what she deserved, but he also has to consider how it would affect them.

Heh said...

I know a #3. His wife and the man she was cheating with got so intoxicated they forgot to turn off the car when they were doin' it in the garage. They were found dead together.

I would be posting a taunting "good riddance, she got what she deserved" message every year.

Does the fact that he has two sons change anything? She did get what she deserved, but he also has to consider how it would affect them.

The message he should be telling his sons is (in more tactful language of course) "your mother was a cheating whore -- learn from my mistake and don't ever marry someone like that".

Jimmy said...

It is #1 to me. It is strange to come after your Serial Monogamy post because this guy needs a divorce to protect himself financially.

#3 had a easy out. He may come around later.

#2 has a long way to go. I suppose we will be watching.

Typo: Accept, not except, in second paragraph.

NateM said...

I don't know, I think #3 would be the winner here. Before his cheating wife took him to court for divorce rape, she dies leaving him with no wife and all his money. Sounds win win to me

Amir Larijani said...

My vote is on #3. He should have told her, "Go ahead. Take your shit, get the fuck out of my life, go slut yourself for some Turkish punk who makes you wet, and don't ever step foot in my house again."

Herman the German said...

Number two wins IMHO, just simply because he couldn't get it done on his own (didn't he use eleven people to plead with her?) & for the fact, as taterearl so astutely pointed out, that he plastered his herby face all over the net, where it's virtually impossible to delete ANYTHING. Yeah, when she betaizes him, cheats with a vibrant alpha, yada yada yada...I'm sure he'll be proud of his Beta Boy Choice. /s

Herman the German said...

You ten years or

Peter Garstig said...

The way Beta #2 does the angel in the snow tells you anything you need to know about this man.

tz said...

Exception handler: Post Typo alert that I simply can't accept:
... who simply can't except ...

I voted for #1 and went back to CAF to tell him the only proper response is scorched earth (as per Dalrock). His wife is initiating the split to follow a Mormon Alpha (That part of their dicipline is correct!). He buys roses.

Of course I would never think of divorcing a wife who did that to me. I'd just do the cooking one night and there would be a terrible tragedy based on my inability to properly identify mushroom species.

Doom said...


I think some elaborate proposals would be excellent alpha material, myself. Keeps them on their toes and puts things in perspective for them.

Toby Temple said...

Number 3.

Number 1 is second place then Number 2.

kh123 said...

"Take some Tums, because this story is revolting."

Ahh, good times.

"Let us hie to the Betadome!"

Between this and Vox, it's nailed home the reality that catharsis is best had through laughter.

Höllenhund said...

OT: you gotta see this trainwreck.

There's a new post at HUS about casual sex. Her readers, however, cannot be bothered to give a damn. They prefer to chat about the big, bad, nasty, bitter, jaded...African-American PUAs. I'm not making this up:

American women are the lamest creatures on the planet.

CrisisEraDynamo said...

Another OT: SunshineMary's website "The Woman and the Dragon" seems to have disappeared. ("The authors have deleted the site," it says.)

See for yourself:

Athor Pel said...

"Giraffe said...
Question: Does the fact that he has two sons change anything? She did get what she deserved, but he also has to consider how it would affect them.
March 7, 2013 at 10:21 AM "

She won't be there to use them as weapons against their father.

She also becomes an object lesson, one that can't be ignored, in how a whore acts and how a whore gets treated.

Yes, it sucks their mom was a ho-bag but justice was swift in her case and that is always to be thankful for assuming there was no chance she would have repented.

Daniel said...

I don't know, I don't think the lot of them stand a chance against the hot spread of Miss December.

BETAmate of the Year right there.

Giraffe said...

She also becomes an object lesson, one that can't be ignored, in how a whore acts and how a whore gets treated.

After thinking through this a little, maybe I understand a little more.

I'm was thinking an alpha would help his sons through their grief, privately explain to them how their mother's behavior led to her death, and then get on with life and find someone else.

Public emotional outbursts don't ring like an alpha move to me.

But obviously we aren't talking about an alpha. So making such a statement would be more alpha than the guy SD is talking about, pining over a dead woman that died cheating on him.

tz said...

I'm not sure about #3. Alphas can beta-up.

"Hello; yes, this is your old friend from college, how are things over there in the middle east? ... I have a problem with my wife. ... Yes, I know muslims know how to handle these things so that is why I called you. Maybe you can call her and invite her over - seas ... I didn't think of that, but I'll need to act bereaved, but if you can arrange it ... I'll make sure she has plenty of travelers checks and there will be her ring...".

Or as the joke goes, "My wife died of a massive blow to the head - she wouldn't eat her mushrooms".

tz said...

@Daniel: now, now, at least he was holding a - crossbow? Ah, I seem to remember they were banned in the middle ages because "even a woman would be able to use it". But since that pose he has ascended to his avatar, gamma rabbit.

To continue with the earlier theme, Roses usually don't work. First it is hard to machine the small holes into the thorns and there is no guarantee that any will penetrate or that the ricin will enter her system. (joke)

I think I've noted that I believe in "Till death do us part". My response to a wife who would desire to depart would be "that can be arranged...". Of course I would arrange the 30 days of sequential masses to be said for the indulgence.

(There is a country song about digging two graves, but from the woman's point of view - tell the grave digger that he better dig two).

tz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Duke of Earl said...

I'm not sure how to pick between them.

#1 is an embarrassment. It's better to be alone than lose your self respect, and I don't think he has any.

#2 is pathetic.

#3 is priceless.

I've a feeling there's a Mastercard advertisement in there somewhere.

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