Tuesday, February 26, 2013

An outrage in Britain

How can this outrage be allowed to stand when everyone knows women simply do not lie about rape?
A compulsive liar has been jailed for 16 months after falsely claiming she had been raped 11 times in nine years.  Elizabeth Jones, 22, made her first fabricated allegation to police in 2004 when she was aged just 13, Southampton Crown Court was told.  Police said that the young woman had accused at least one individual just because she did not like them anymore, putting innocent men through a 'terrible emotional experience'.

Jones' latest victim was arrested and quizzed for nine hours before being released without charge because CCTV footage disproved her claims she was forcibly taken to a property and raped. They had an argument and she was angry with him, so decided to make her eleventh fabricated allegation of rape, police said.
The frustrating thing is that the police are further victimizing an innocent woman when she has already been raped 11 times, and when it is a well-known fact that eleventy-six million women are raped every minute around the world.  Why don't the police do something about stopping all those rapes instead of arrest-raping this poor woman?


Stickwick said...

Sixteen months? That's it? Someone here a while back suggested that being convicted of making a false accusation ought to warrant the same sentence that would've applied to the accused if he'd been found guilty. That's an excellent idea.

Also, labeling this piece of refuse a "compulsive" liar makes it sound like she has a mental illness. More likely she's just a sociopath who specializes in lying about rape.

taterearl said...

"and when it is a well-known fact that eleventy-six million women are raped every minute around the world."

Well that does sound like women's math.

MendoScot said...

After seeing the picture, I conclude that there has been an unfortunate mispront - the men roped her after mistaking her for a runaway cow. The accusations stand.

tz said...

Which of the 11 were our favorite GR? Check the dates of the SciFi conventions.

Feh said...

She started making false accusations of rape at age 13? Precocious indeed!

RyeProtagonist said...

YoutTube poster 6oodfella says it all (and then some!) here:


It's a long video, but only due to the sheer volume of press clipping of false rapes he dug up.

tz said...

You mean this McRapette writes fantasy? (Maybe we should consider publication)

jonw said...

This decision to jail her for her lies is clearly a war on women

Wendy said...

If people can sue for defamation and pain and suffering, make it a civil suite too. Women target the wallet all the time. Time for equality.

Wendy said...

And couldn't they find a better pic or do some judicial cropping? Scary.

Brian said...

She's rather portly and stout. Maybe she (mistakenly) thought rape accusations would raise her perceived SMV? You know, projection and all that.

Mark said...

Eleventy six million women are raped every minute! Wow, I knew rape was a serious issue, but this is worse than I thought!

16 months, eh? Hardly a deterrent, especially since it took her making 11 false accusations to get to that point. False rape accusers should get the same sentence the survivor of their accusations would have gotten.

Old Harry said...

Just looking at her, the poor child seems to be big sack of trouble, but apparently that hasn't been warning enough. What letter should she be forced to wear to warn off her potential victims? Hester has her "A". Should Ms. Jones be required to wear an "L" or a "CL"? Or maybe "BB" for "beta bait"?

Black Poison Soul said...

Poor girl, eleven claims of rape and none of them believed. What is society coming to, when a woman's word no longer means shit? Teh womynz will have to do something about this. And about the press too, so biased and unsympathetic in their reporting. It's time to become more shrill! /sarcasm overload

Only 16 months, for attempting to pervert the course of justice. She got off lightly. God knows why anyone would want to rape that tub of lard.

Give her a retroactive prison sentence for every false rape claim that she's made, and also charge her the cost of the police having to deal with each one. She'll be in debt for the next 22 years, slaving to pay that shit off.

taterearl said...

In the time I finish this post threeeve women will have been raped.

Anonymous said...

If she looked like that for her first accusation, I can't understand why the judge didn't throw the case out for being completely without merit.

Also, is there absolutely no forensic science in Great Britain? Or just no CSI people willing to look between this persons legs?

Jack Amok said...

And couldn't they find a better pic or do some judicial cropping? Scary.

Judicial cropping? Thought she was in England, not Singapore. Oh, you meant cropping the picture. Sorry, don't think it would've helped. There's not a square inch of her in that photo that looks decent.

Yes, very scary indeed. Maybe if someone had cropped her when she made the first bogus accusation she might have straightened herself out. I can't imaging she'll be any better when she gets out.

Toby Temple said...

The title of the story is....

The Girl Who Cried Rape

The moral of the story is...

The girl's fate is much better than the boy who cried wolf.

tungsten said...

Careful, Vox, or you might end up next on her list.

DrTorch said...

And the spiral turns


Anglican said...

She'd be alright if there were no other humans or small farm animals alive.

Anonymous said...

She should be pilloried. Literally.

For each count of false accusation, she should also be caned. For each case where the false accusation resulted in a false conviction, I'm unable to conceive a punishment to fit the crime.

She has ruined the lives of people for revenge, pique, or attention. This kind of sociopathy is incurable, and a death sentence is merited.

AFTER the caning.

Joe A. said...

Sixteen months is all... you've got to be kidding. That is sad.

Crispy said...

Here's one that got away with it:

dustydog said...

I recommend Inspector Gadget's Blog. He is a police officer in Great Britain, and his gripes foreshadow where America is heading (50% unemployment, only criminals have guns, no jail time for serious violent crime, no jail time to deter less serious crime)

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