Friday, January 11, 2013

Team Civilization

At times, I have been accused of being blindly on the side of Team Man.  This is not true.  I am on the side of Team Civilization.  However, and this is a fair accusation, the steady stream of fire I apply towards Team Woman - which I regard to be fundamentally anti-civilization  in general and anti-Western civilization in particular - at times can lead to the perception that I am actually somehow opposed to women in general.

So, in order to correct that misapprehension and to remind the some of the angrier men of the androsphere that civilization requires two sexes for survival, I think it is important to spotlight those women who are clearly on the side of Team Civilization, even if they are not members of the androsphere or seeing things with post-Red Pill clarity.  Cindy, who is just a mommy, is one such woman:
My teacher broke my heart.  She didn’t do anything mean, really. She just asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. She had us write about it, actually. My paper went something like this:
When I grow up, I want to be a mommy. I think I’d be good at it. I’d like lots of children.
Maybe there was more to it than that. I don’t remember. I turned in my paper, with the requisite poorly-drawn picture to illustrate. Instead of marking it with the usual red check-mark and smiley face, Miss Dixon called me to her desk.

“What else?”

I didn’t know what she meant, so I just looked at her with that slack-jawed, confused look that I still get when I’m dumbfounded. (That’s about twice a day, if you wondered.) She tried again. “What else do you want to be when you grow up? Mommy isn’t enough.”
It is important for even the angriest, most justifiably bitter men of the androsphere to remember that the survival of civilization requires the joint efforts of both the sexes.  By all means, denigrate, shame, and mock those women who are actively, if unknowingly, attempting to bring civilization down.  But it is vital to be able to distinguish between civilizational friend and anti-civilizational foe.


Wendy said...

“What else do you want to be when you grow up? Mommy isn’t enough.”

This. This is what every girl growing up has heard for decades. They still hear after they are grown up. "Oh, you're just a stay at home mom..."

Funny thing, feminists complain about social shaming, yet they are so adept at it when the woman isn't on their team.

taterearl said...

A mother is the greatest honor a woman can have.

No wonder other evil women try to take that away.

Ras al Ghul said...

Unfortunate, but not surprising.

Anonymous said...

Good of you to prefix bitter with "justifiably". I am not bitter myself about anything (as far as I know), but it always grinds my gears to see someone else be written off with a "oh, you're just bitter", without any thought being given to what caused the bitterness, is it justifiable, etc.

PVW said...

If the teacher had truly been respectful of the younger Cindy and her needs, possibly including her upbringing, she could have turned it into a fun exercise.

Examples: How old do you want to be when you get married? How old do you want to be when you become a mommy? What do you want their daddy to be like? She could have urged her to cut out pictures from magazines or find stories that would help her visualize her ideal.

Shameful that the teacher couldn't do a better job at working with the younger Cindy.

Signe said...

Cygne Gris also had this yesterday:

"Indeed, the whole failure of the excerpted post, which is itself indicative of the general failure of the MRM, is that it is fundamentally predicated on the assumption that Team Men is always above reproach, and is therefore never wrong, and therefore never needs to engage in quiet self-examination. Just as feminists will defend Team Woman to the nth degree, no matter how wrong or irrational the case may be, MRAs will likewise defend Team Man even when Team Man is incredibly wrong."

Always exciting to watch ideas percolate!

Signe said...

Shameful that the teacher couldn't do a better job at working with the younger Cindy.

Well, that would assume that the teacher's job was to help Cindy achieve traditional and natural dreams. But the point of schooling is to push all children into channels that will eventually benefit the PTB.

Josh said...

Being "just a mommy" is always enough

Anonymous said...

Signe, it is always boring to watch strawmen being demolished. The androsphere is castigated at the same time for being a bunch of whiny navel-gazers, a bunch of Peter Pan types who won't grow up, a pack of barbarian PUA's who will surely resort to rape any day now, knuckle-dragging Neanderthals who can't even spell "introspective", and so forth.

The correct response to all such ankle biting is up to each man. Giving any credence to it is pointless.

Good to see Vox finally catching up to the term "Team Civilization", other men have been using it for years, but not with the widespread readership that Vox has. It is indeed not possible to continue civilization without worthy women.

Note well the word "worthy". Most modern women are worthy of nothing.

Just Passing By

Anglican said...

Teacher was just pushing her agenda.

I have been taken to task for encouraging my teen girl students to get that four-year degree if they must, then get married and have families before their looks fade and they become bitter, wondering where the good men have gone. With great joy, I have found a lot of girls have already come to that conclusion and decision. Feminism's lies are not being believed by the younger generation.

little dynamo said...

"At times, I have been accused of being blindly on the side of Team Man"

theres no such thing as Team Man

youre positing an entitiy that does not exist, and never has existed in the species; such a claim assumes a false equivalence (Team Woman/Team Man) that is nonexistent

Team Woman consists of virtually all the legal, political, informational, monetary, and instututional power in the west

Team Man consists of a small jumble of bloggers and webmasters scattered around the world

individual men dont "fight" for Team Man -- they fight for Team Themselves, or sometimes Team Me n the Missus, or Team Me n the Family, but usually just Team Me against Everybody Else

men do NOT fight for any Team Man

Team Woman, otoh, most certainly DO fight for the collective and individual supremacy of females . . . with money and power doled out to the males who aid them (cops, prison guards, FBI, Homeland Security, NSA, CIA, military, lawyers, politicians, school admin . . . it goes on and on)

even after Christ's Kingdom is set up, there will be no Team Man -- because the king isnt a skreeching, selfish, vengeful monster, bent on the enslavement and destruction of femaleness and mother . . . as Team Woman certainly is bent on the enslavement of males, evidenced clearly in the past 100 years of anti-male socio-legal pogroms

tz said...

I forget which saint or bishop said "One holy mother is worth 25 of the best teachers".

And she would be worth more as scripture says.

A woman can't be mommy as a second activity. Nor is it likely she can switch when her bioclock starts ticking down.

Maureen Dowd wrote "Are Men Necessary?". The better question is whether women who have no interest in becoming proper mothers even useful? (excepting nuns in religious orders).

The disparity in abortion rates among male v.s. female babies in Asia (but also elsewhere) seem to both prove and provide a correction for this.

. said...

"At times, I have been accused of being blindly on the side of Team Man"

Ha, if there is a Team Man at all, it is the White Knight Team that launches swarm attacks on those who dare to offend or criticize Precious Female Snowflakes.

Ioweenie said...


Gen 2:16-17: God forbids Adam to eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

Gen 2:22: God makes Eve from Adam.

Gen 3:6: Eve is tempted, eats fruit, gives fruit to Adam. Adam eats.

Gen 3:12: Confronted, Adam blames God for giving him Eve, who gave him fruit.


Anonymous said...

I agree. For the sake of rescuing Western civilization and America, it's important for men and women who've swallowed the red pill and awakened from the Matrix to work together to clarify the femininity that complements masculinity in, as Ian says, equilibrium, not equality.

Red-pill men and women, captains and first officers, will need to fight on the same team in order to win the coming social-cultural war.

Barsad said...

"Feminisms lies are not being bought by the younger generations." Magister

This is very important. At the youth church I volunteer at, there are scant traces of feminism, the kind of feminism we deal with from those above the age of 30. They're going in the opposite direction and it is vitally important that those who know the truth speak it to these young people at every turn, letting them know that their natural (proper) instincts and desires are right, and that they don't have to be a career woman, they can be a stay at home mom. I try and encourage them that it's okay for them to want that, and that it is in fact a superior role to that of a career girl. The message seems to be sinking in.

Fwiw, I'm 23 years old, so I may have a slight perception bias here.

S. Thermite said...

tz said:
"Maureen Dowd wrote "Are Men Necessary?". The better question is whether women who have no interest in becoming proper mothers even useful? (excepting nuns in religious orders)."

That's a very good observation! Unless there are careers that un-motherly women are better at than men (they certainly don't seem interested in working on cars, computers, combat, or construction projects to level of even mediocre men in these fields) or willing to do jobs in their voluntarily-childless homes that men traditionally didn't (cooking, cleaning, sewing), I'd say from an analytically standpoint that they're not a necessity, but rather a luxury...and often a very costly and unhealthy one at that. It's not like men can't work in HR departments, teach children how to read, or learn how to put an IV in my arm.

S. Thermite said...

To echo Cindy's experience, a few years ago I was joking with a 22 year-old bartender who was about to graduate from college, about how she could find a job anywhere. She confided that while she was in high school, she'd stated that she just wanted to be a mother and homemaker after graduation instead of going to college, only to be shamed in front of the class by a female faulty member who told her she should be "embarrassed." I don't remember the full details, but I remember feeling outraged when I heard it. She ended-up going graduating from college as a nurse, which just goes to show you can't shame the desire for traditional femininity out of some girls.

Luke said...

Ray said:

"men do NOT fight for any Team Man".

I guess he's never heard of those things called Armies.


Back on the original topic: when the feminut teacherette said that being a mommy wasn't enough, ideally the little girl would have added "Well, being a Christian wife was part of my plan, too, but I thought you'd be smart enough to understand that". (Bonus points for adding the adjective "submissive" in front of "Christian".)

Retrenched said...

"I guess he's never heard of those things called Armies."

Armies have never fought for 'Team Man', they have always fought either for country or (most often) the interests of the most powerful men (kings, presidents, emperors).

Luke said...

On the contrary, Retrenched.

Armies may be formed with the idea of fighting for king and country. But, in the final analysis, men in wartime militaries are more motivated by their buddies. Read several books about war experiences written by enlisted men if you doubt this.

GAHCindy said...

Ray is partially right. There really can't be a Team Man vs. Team Woman, any more than there is a Team Jesus vs. Team Holy Spirit. The man/woman difference is a complement, not a division. It's the rebellion of mankind that makes it seem otherwise. However, since that rebellion of wife against husband (and I might add the abuse of power that happens when the scales tip the other way) is a fact, we might as well admit that there is a battle going on. It is also good to recognize, as Vox has, that some people are restored and have turned their swords into plowshares.

Thanks for the link. I smiled big all afternoon. It is always a good day when Vox links and doesn't call you an idiot. (Explicitly, anyway. There's always an undercurrent of disdain. He can't help it. ;-))

GAHCindy said...

Also, PVW said "Shameful that the teacher couldn't do a better job at working with the younger Cindy."

I agree. I might have become a really great mommy blogger instead of whatever kind of mommy blogger I actually am if she'd paid more attention to me. What a shame. ;-)

PVW said...

@GAHCindy, I think it is the hallmark of a good teacher to get themselves out of any ideological biases/preferences they have and focus on their students.

And here is the important thing, such an exercise as I'm imagining might have given you the chance not only to think about what you were interested in, but you would have been developing some valuable critical thinking skills.

Open-ended questions to get you to think things through and perhaps even imagine strategies. You could have drafted a sweet short story to tell your parents about.

Well, you are drafting your own short stories now as a mommy blogger.... :)

PVW said...

Or at least, they are essays!

Anonymous said...

Western Civilization will be best served by studying and applying the brilliant thoughts and practices found in Eastern, specifically Asian, philosophical traditions like Sankhya, Vedanta (of South Asia) and the Tao (East Asian) and others. This is already happening and as it continues you will see an increase in the intelligence and culture of the people.

little dynamo said...

Vox's tag is "saving western civilization"

only those adhering to satan believe that oneself, one's associates, or any other person/persons can "save" something that is thoroughly evil (Femerika and the west)

God saves, not people, nor groups, nor governments, nor angels

positing some nonexistent Team Man that opposes the vast Matriarchal Machine that conquered your nations 30 years back is just burying heads in sand

Vox chains Beaver Cleaver into the fighting cage with Hillary and Der Homeland, then expects us to accept that what we're witnessing is some kind of struggle between equivalences . . . a fair fight of two supposedly "even" teams

what bullshit . . . it's just standard WhiteKnighting

LOL now that the Fempire has conquered all, Vox and Co. are telling us that what they REALLY want is TEAM CIVILIZATION

unfortunately, except in Dendrite DisneyLand, you cannot go from a state of Team Woman (with minimal or no Team Man) directly to some righty fantasy realm of Team Civilization

likewise, the argument by luke that "Team Man" through war fights for the strict gender-empowerment of males is just more of the feminism we've been fed all our lives . .. an argument and assumption so insipid and willfully blinkered as not to be worth response

there's a female in an iron helm, wearing an iron cross, who stands behind all wars, and they are not fought to improve the lives of the boys and men used as fodder

most of you folks desperately want Things to Stay the Same, or perhaps Things to Go Back to Being OK . . . but that's not gonna happen, and denial is neither a functional nor helpful response, any more than pretending some balanced, "fair fight" is what is going down in your rotting nations

The Original Hermit said...

I came to the conclusion long ago that the bible, aside from teaching us right living and how to glorify God, is a blueprint for civilization. Despite all their talk about the oppression by the evil patriarchy, civilization requires symbiosis between the sexes.

Anonymous said...

"Western Civilization will be best served by studying and applying... Sankhya, Vedanta (of South Asia) and the Tao (East Asian)" philosophies.

Nonsense. Western Civilisation far outstripped those cultures, hundreds of years ago. The belief in reincarnation and the immanence of deity prevented natural science developing in India; the state controlling learning and preventing the growth of new ideas (plus of course belief in Astrology) stopped it in China. A good summary is here:

CL said...

There is no Team Man. Here is the original post that 7man wrote defining these terms:

I have observed that a woman always takes the side of other women against a man unless she has a particular attraction or allegiance to that man. Women are very competitive and will fight another woman over a man if he is Her Man (or a potential Her Man), but will not engage in a fight with another woman on behalf of a man that she has no feelings for (not Her Man and no desire to make him Her Man).

In simple terms a woman is on two teams: Team Woman and Team Her Man.

Team Her Man is her primary allegiance and she will go against Team Woman if she has a Team Her Man. But Team Her Man is a more fluid and ill-defined concept. It can be an unbelievably strong loyalty but can quickly slide into nothing if she loses respect for Her Man. Most women have no Team Her Man but desperately want to be on such a team.

Also other women will actively fight against a woman that puts Team Her Man first. Happiness is found on Team Her Man and so any woman that does not have a Team Her Man tries to recruit a woman back to Team Woman so that all the women team members can be miserable together. The irony is that any woman that tries to sow discord in another Team Her Man does great damage to all other Team Her Mans and thus hurts herself too. There is just too much comfort in the shared misery on Team Woman and they can gripe about the happy women that are on a winning Team Her Man and against the imaginary Team Man. The members of this Team Woman don't understand the concept of the greater good.

There is no Team Man, because men don't give a shit about other men. The women on Team Woman think they are fighting against Team Man (aka Evil Patriarchy), but Team Man never showed up for the fight.

So in our modern world, Team Woman is predominant and is changing the rules to make it easier to win against an opponent that never showed up for the fight.

CL said...

Note that the above was published on October 31st, 2011 and the original post is no longer available.

Anonymous said...

Civilization is overrated. It's time for some Chaos.

David The Good said...

I'm glad you linked to Cindy, Vox. She's cool. (Of course, my favorite piece by her is:

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