Friday, January 25, 2013

Free book alert

In case you still haven't read A Magic Broken yet, Hinterlands is making it available as a free download for Kindle again next Monday and Tuesday on Amazon.


Wendy said...

Do I remember correctly that AMB will be available with some other stories in the near-ish future? I still prefer the dead tree version that doesn't require a backlit screen.

Daniel said...

Wendy, I believe Summa Elvetica is coming out in a hardback version with extra stories (and A Magic Broken) in it. I don't think ATOB is going to be reprinted in another format. That thing is big enough as it is!

Anyway, if you want the printed AMB, look for the SE deluxe edition.

I could be wrong about this. I'm going off a half-remembered announcement.

Wendy said...

In Summa. That was it. I'm going off the same half-remembered announcement.

I have ATOB already. Being a re-reader, I prefer hardback books.

Daniel said...

I got the hardback too. Doorstopping is a rare art that has been totally abused for decades in fantasy. So nice to get one that does it right again. SE with even more shorts would be another. That was my second-favorite aspect of the original trade paper edition: the handful of unexpected texture stories at the end.

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