Sunday, September 2, 2012

The malice test

Now, it is important to keep in mind that one in four women is not four in four women. And yet, ASSPOWALT. A Statistically Significant Percentage Of Women Are Like That. So, it is rather discouraging to see that more than a quarter of young women, up to 40 percent, are purposefully malicious.
One in four women deliberately puts unflattering photographs of their friends wearing bikinis on social networking websites such as Facebook, according to a new study. The majority of women posting the photos said they did so after falling out with their friends. Two-fifths of women also admitted deliberately posting photographs of their friends without make-up. Even when asked to permanently delete the unflattering picture from Facebook, a fifth of women said they had refused to do so.
This indicates that about 40 percent of women are overtly malicious and 20 percent are incorrigibly so. Again, that's not all women, but it is pretty close to half of them. So, if she's willing to do that sort of thing to her friends, knowingly and on purpose, just imagine what she is going to be willing to do when things aren't going her way and she is upset with you. Caveat emptor.

Life is far too short to involve yourself with a malicious woman. There are many personal shortcomings that can be overlooked or overcome, but pure malice isn't one of them. It isn't so much a red flag as a black one sporting a neon green skull-and-crossbones. The nice thing is, thanks to Facebook, there is an easy test for female malice. Look at the pictures she posts on social media sites. Are the pictures always good ones of her and bad ones of her friends, particularly her more attractive friends? If so, you are dealing with one of the 40 percent and should not even consider any sort of relationship with her.

The same article also provides evidence of a basic Game concept.
"To see that so many women deliberately commit ‘photo sabotage’ and upload unflattering pictures of friends is somewhat surprising, particularly when you consider how many said they’d be mad if the same was done to them.
Of course, this is not surprising at all to those who understand female solipsism and that most women refuse to hold themselves to the same standards they hold others.


Shimshon said...

This is coming to a head with me. My wife got pissed at me several weeks ago and (maliciously) removed the hard drive from my computer. Considering that I make my living as a software developer, and that I use this computer for much of my work, this was a serious infraction. I told her the other day that if she does this again, I consider it grounds for divorce, and the hamster went into overdrive. She warned me beforehand that she was going to do it. She only took the hard drive, not threw it away (like she actually threatened). She will warn me again in advance if she feels like doing it again. I'm glad she's so willing to express herself rather than just meekly (my wife is not meek) acquiesce to my strongly worded ultimatum (or is it a threat?). I'm now considering my options, but I will not stay married to a woman who considers damaging her husband's ability to work acceptable recourse when she feels put upon. Game has its limits when your wife is borderline batshit insane.

VD said...

There is no cure for insanity or malice. Are you saying that she did it after you warned her about it? Or are you saying you gave her the ultimatum after she did it already? Though I have to say that I'm impressed she figured out how to remove it....

I can't speak for anyone else, but I have zero room in my life for malicious people. I have seen what destruction they cause on every side and I simply will not tolerate them. Unfortunately, they're not quite as rare as one might hope.

Anonymous said...

Hide a backup computer and get a divorce lawyer

pdwalker said...

Shimshon, before deciding if your wife is batshit insane crazy, what did you "do" to piss her off?

Shimshon said...

I have a desktop computer with two hard drives, one is screwed in and the second is a notebook SSD that's just sitting there (a tempting target). I usually leave the cover off. So it was easy...My work is fully copied on both drives, so it was more a nuisance than a serious loss. And she gave me back the drive later that day, after asking if I had filed for divorce, so she had a moment of clarity where she understood the severity of what she did.

When she did it, she did warn me beforehand, but she's threatened lots of times to do something like it before (typical, right?), so I wasn't sure how serious she was. Besides, I sure as hell wasn't going to give in to her threats anyway.

My warning to her was after that, actually just a few days ago (the incident was a few weeks ago). I simply refuse to live in fear of my wife anymore, and if she's going to continue to maintain this pretense of superiority over me, she can continue to have it, as my ex-wife. That being said, working on my game has had astounding effects.

Shimshon said...

Nothing I did justified potentially damaging my income in a severe and very permanent way. It was about money. She's only "batshit insane" in that her female solipsism is much more extreme than typical. Well, it's hard to know typical, since I've been married for nearly 20 years. But she's pretty far out there.

pdwalker said...

Are you familiar with Athol's site? (Link in the top right hand side of the page)

Good luck with making things work out.

Anonymous said...

“Women are capable of evil by reflex that a guy would spend days trying to plan.”

Can't remember exactly where I read this, or who posted it, but it was either here or at Roissy's.

Stickwick said...

Psychopaths are limited in the crude sorts of tortures they can inflict on their victims, because they have no understanding of how other people feel. Conversely, I think the reason girls/women are so adept at psychological cruelty is that they have an innate knowledge of the emotional landscape. Gary Jennings describes, through a fictional account of Marco Polo's travels in the Orient, what kind of people make the very best torturers: those who feel deeply and are capable of great sympathy, and therefore understand everything their victims are feeling. I never believed such torturers could exist, but after reading this, it appears we have an approximation in malicious women. I may be overstating my case, but then again y'all wouldn't believe some of the cruel things I've seen girls inflict on each other, even at a very young age.

It's pretty alarming that the number of malicious women is as high as 40%. What I want to know is if a tendency to be malicious in females can be prevented or stamped out at an early age.

mmaier2112 said...

Regular spankings might cure malice.

Anonymous said...

"So, it is rather discouraging to see that more than a quarter of young women, up to 40 percent, are purposefully malicious"

"“Women are capable of evil by reflex that a guy would spend days trying to plan.”"

Men fail to emphatise with women, women and minorities hardest hit.

Matthew said...

This is terrible advice to give to someone dealing with an unstable woman. Spankings can be extremely effective in marriages where the woman is not violent and can be trusted not to involve the pigs. A malicious woman does not fit these criteria, pretty much by definition.

mmaier2112 said...

OK, that was an attempt at humour. Lighten the hell up.

Ian Ironwood said...

I've always instructed my boys in this extremely important bit of advice:

"You don't fuck with a man's money, his pussy, or his ride without expecting to get a serious ass-kicking."

If your wife is fucking with your money, that's a justifiable reason to go apeshit on her. I'm not recommending violence of course -- a transitory and indictable thing -- but you certainly have it within your power to express your anger over this. The divorce comment was right-on. She needs to understand in no uncertain terms that behavior at this level is utterly unacceptable.

There are times when a man needs to express his rage and displeasure. The key is control. It's like being a zookeeper at a zoo: you want to show her that there's an angry lion there, but you also want to show her the bars of the cage that contains him...and how easily that cage can be opened.

And if she's too dim to appreciate that, you can do better.

Unknown said...

Talk to a lawyer. Put a plan in place NOW. If she WANTS a divorce, she already has a plan.

Stingray said...

There are times when a man needs to express his rage and displeasure. The key is control. It's like being a zookeeper at a zoo: you want to show her that there's an angry lion there, but you also want to show her the bars of the cage that contains him...and how easily that cage can be opened.

A cage that not so much can be opened but detsroyed. I've seen this in my husbands eye's. It's scares the crap out of me and it's exciting/intriguing/tingle inducing at the same time. It also breeds respect.

Unknown said...

"Nothing I did justified potentially damaging my income in a severe and very permanent way."
This is not how women see it, and the law backs us up. If you cheated on her or beat her, she would be justified in filing for divorce, up front and honestly. PERIOD. She is NEVER justified in sabotaging any aspect of your life, whether she plans to remain a part of your life or not.

You need more than game with this level of batshitcrazy. You need to sit down with her and tell her EVERYTHING is going to change, from this day forward, and ask her if she's on board with it. Demand an answer right now. If she so much as hesitates, start documenting every little BS thing she does (if you haven't already) and have a plan in place before you issue an ultimatum. If she decides she'd done with you, she will do everything in her power to ruin you. (And it sounds like you've given her plenty of power throughout your marriage.) Don't get blindsided. This is not merely "relationship dynamics," it's your entire future.

I know your perspective may be a little fuzzy from constant exposure to her crap over the years, but this is a HUGE RED FLAG. Don't ignore it and don't underestimate its significance.

Ras Al Ghul said...

Keep in mind that this appears to be a "self-reported" survey and it was asking women if they engaged in bad behavior.

Remember how they under report their notch count by half at least and maybe a third (even in anonymous surveys)?

The same applies here, if 40% doing it and 20% are incorrigible about it, the numbers are 80% are doing it and 40% are incorrigible at a minimum, only half admit it.

Considering this is very similar to gossip behavior which women use to tarnish rivals in the sexual market place, and friends can (and are) also be rivals I would suspect that every female on facebook over the age of 16 up to and past the wall to some extent has engaged in this behavior at some point.

AFWALT (All Facebook Women Are Like That)

CL said...

Yeah, I know that look, even if in much less serious circumstances. If it's there, you know it's there. This guy's wife hates him. She should be out on her ear.

Californio_6th_ gen said...

Do not rationalize. I am divorced now at 47. Wife would do things that I told myself I must have deserved. Turns out, I was wrong and facilitated increasingly bad behavior. If you doubt it - stop generating income. Watch her reaction. I predict she will fire you like a non-performing employee. No - "but I provided for you for years, etc." My wife was not "meek" either. Later I realized this should have been characterized as her acting out her contempt for me. Talk to a lawyer. DO NOT be the black knight in the holy grail (what! so what you cut off my leg, it is only a flesh wound!) Sir, she appears to hold you in contempt - I have been there - you'd better conceive and execute a firm rebuke and back it up - or this is merely the beginning of a torrent of abuse.

Stickwick said...

A cage that not so much can be opened but detsroyed. I've seen this in my husbands eye's. It's scares the crap out of me and it's exciting/intriguing/tingle inducing at the same time. It also breeds respect.

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing as I was reading Shimshon's story. I don't even want to contemplate how my husband would react if I dared to do anything so disrespectful. I've seen the lion barely contained in its cage when I pushed things a couple of times, and that's as far as I'll ever go. Knowing there's a limit definitely breeds respect.

christian player said...

Don't worry. I laughed.

christian player said...

If she does this, increase your SMV and leave her. A man's time and money are not to be toyed with - and her doing that hurts both.

Anonymous said...

Wow Vox, does this not just make you want to run outside and marry the nearest woman? I know it sure makes me want to.

Women are capable of evil by reflex that a guy would spend days trying to plan.

"In your love let there be honour! Little does woman understand about honour otherwise. But let this be your honour: always to love more than you are loved, and never to be second.

Let man fear woman when she loves: then she makes every sacrifice, and everything else she regards as worthless.

Let man fear woman when she hates: for man in his innermost soul is merely evil; woman, however, is bad."

Thus Spake Zarathustra.

dice3510 said...

What is 'female solipsism'? I note I am familiar with the term 'solipsism'.

dice3510 said...

I don't know how you're in real life, but from what I've observed, you portray yourself as very 'malicious', on the internet. You pride yourself in being a 'cruelty artist' who takes pleasure in humiliating others and reducing their dignity to dirt.

dice3510 said...

I also am familiar with game, read Roissy and Roosh on a regular basis, and yet, I am not familiar with the term.

TLM said...

I believe you're an Israeli jew? I'll assume your wife is one? If so, good luck. Those broads are truly a handful for any man that doesn't have an iron willed ability to be master of his own domain. They are worse than the JAP jews in the US.

kh123 said...

Sounds like a town somewhere in Michigan. Asspowalti.

papabear said...

"Sticks and stones..."

VD said...

You pride yourself in being a 'cruelty artist' who takes pleasure in humiliating others and reducing their dignity to dirt.

Cruelty isn't malice.

Malice: the desire to harm someone; ill will

Cruelty: wilfully causing pain or suffering to others, or feeling no concern about it

The difference is that malice is about the motivation whereas cruelty concerns the action itself. A malicious person will always plague the innocent. That's not necessarily true of the cruel individual. In my case, most of my targets fully merit whatever pain and suffering they experience.

I don't think you'll find very many willing to claim that I am prone to humiliating anyone who hasn't overtly asked for it. The fact one takes pleasure in the artistry doesn't mean one harbors any ill will for the canvas. Even the most skilled torturer need not necessarily bear any malice towards his victims.

I'm not saying I am not at all malicious as that's really not for me to judge. But I would point out that since I tend to think in the abstract, malice is usually not an issue, being a non-abstract and personal issue. You have to care about people, to a certain extent, in order to bear them any ill will.

Shimshon said...

TLM, I live in Israel, but my wife and I are both from Calif. She is still a handful though.

Everyone, thanks for the advice. Very much appreciated. I have been consciously working on my game since last November. I have always been a very passive delta most of my life. Learning game, I finally understood in hindsight what attracted my wife to me when we first met (I was waaay out of character and flirted shamelessly with her), why at one point in college I practically had to beat the girls back with a stick, any why my only serious relationship before I met my wife worked as it did.

My wife is extremely intelligent and immensely talented. Still, even as far as women go, she has very little self-awareness. She knows nothing of game, other than thinking I've gone somewhat psycho, along with my friend, who has been my sounding board and coach. In the end, I will have my way, and she will probably still be my wife. She is more in love with me than ever, very scared of ending up alone, and has even told me she loathes the idea of me with another woman. I find that I am having some success in reining in her malicious and self-destructive tendencies. It's a process, and one that becomes easier over time, as I grow more and more comfortable standing up to her and her emotional tirades.

Gaming my wife, I am convinced, will be my greatest legacy, even decades from now.

Anonymous said...

Software developer, no daily backups/RAID???

Stingray said...

She is more in love with me than ever, very scared of ending up alone

I don't know what she has done in the past, but as this incident was a big one, likely one of the biggest. What you just said here might be why she is going bigger and badder, as strange as it seems. She needs to know you mean the new things you are implementing and that you are not going to just go back to the delta. Your rocking her world and she likes the changes. But if you waffle back to who you were you will scare her more. Stronger tests are being thrown to test your limits and to make sure you will not go back. Stay strong. It's not right what's she's doing, but she's leaning on you because she needs you to be strong for her, especially now.

Shimshon said...

I have two physical hard drives in my desktop case. Each has a full copy of my work. She took one drive. My work was safe. But she didn't know that. All she knows is she took my hard drive and endangered my work. I haven't told her that there was a second drive with a full copy of my work that she ignored. That would kind of mitigate her transgression in her eyes, wouldn't it? Besides it would just be revealing to her my actual work was never in danger.

Wayne said...

Any idea how many of the 40% purport to be Christian? (I'm sure they all purport to be moral, so that's not interesting.)

Anonymous said...

I have to say, as much as that was a completely and utterly unacceptable thing for her to do... Calling her 'batshit insane' for it over and over again and then immediately refusing to say what triggered her actions seems fairly suspicious.

Geoff said...

Shimshon, the hard drive thing sounds like a sh-t test to me.

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