Saturday, August 18, 2012

Study and the single standard

Susan Walsh cites a new study purporting to support the evolution of a single sexual standard:
The irony, of course, is that feminists seek the eradication of the sexual double standard to create a culture where there is no standard, no judgment, no shame for either men or women who engage in casual sex. Instead, we see an increasing move to a single standard of increased judgment for both sexes. Young people are becoming less tolerant of casual sex. According to Rachel Allison, co-author of the study from the University of Illinois at Chicago’s Department of Sociology:

"Men and women are increasingly judging each other on the same level playing field. But, gender equality and sexual liberation are not synonymous. While we’ve come a long way in terms of gender equality, it seems that a large portion of both college men and women lose respect for individuals who they believe participate in too frequent casual sexual activity."
Color me dubious. Question: how can a study which doesn’t appear to include any historical data credibly claim that “views continue to shift” or that “the traditional double standard has weakened considerably”? Moreover, how credible are the polls when we’re asked to believe that “sorority women judged men the most harshly for hooking up”? Are sorority women also the least likely to hook up? This seems rather unlikely.

Furthermore, if sorority women hook up the most, while simultaneously claiming to judge men the most harshly for hooking up, this would appear to be strong evidence in support of the core Game principle which recommends ignoring what a woman says and paying attention to what she does.


Pablo said...

But it's in black and white so it must be true!
I'm thinking these sorority women arrive at their judgment by bending over for these fellas and allowing them to make their closing arguments.
Very enlightened, these ladies.

realmatt said...

I love giggly stupid sluts.

Smart sluts are boring to me and in most cases pretty disgusting. Like Anne Hathaway. She seems gross and probably keeps a bottle of 3/4 empty lube in her bag.

rycamor said...

Dubious indeed--reminds me of this news story about how Russell Brand was 'too dirty to sleep with': "I met him and I was a bit disappointed. He's the only man in my life that I've ever run away from."

No, let's read that again: "I met him and I was a bit disappointed. He's the only man in my life that I've ever run away from before consummating."

Anonymous said...

Sorority girls are playing by their own rules. What they want is to hook-up the most, while having men constantly trying to commit to the one girl they're hooking up with. In that way, they can slowly climb the ladder and find the highest value man possible before settling down. If they get a hookup without commitment, things can get really confusing for them.

Robert in Arabia said...
Perfect husband.

Just A Girl said...

realmatt: Can you elaborate on why stupid and giggly is more appealing?

realmatt said...

I don't know. It just is. Levity. You know they just don't know any better. The other kind is usually argumentative and have a chip on their shoulder.

The happy go lucky sluts are more submissive. If you're going to be the worst kind of woman, at least refrain from breaking balls. You can't have your cake and eat it too. Anne Hathaway may be able to deep throat without gagging but she also wants to tell you her thoughts on Kierkegaard. I don't care what a slut thinks about Kierkegaard. You can always teach the uninformed. The misinformed are more trouble than they're worth.

I don't want a ball breaking slut. I want an Uggz boots and black leggings slut. Oh yes. Why did she choose the hoop earrings and mini skirt to go to the funeral? Because it came natural to her. Oh yes.

realmatt said...

Disgusting and pathetic but that is just ridiculous. Sending her to jail for 5 years, her career is over, all because she had sex with men of legal age? Ridiculous law.

Rollo Tomassi said...

Oh did Giggles have something to contribute? I was busy learning how to perfectly apply eyeliner and the top 10 guys I should avoid from the links on her site.

Anonymous said...

I am viewed as a "manslut" at my university.

I believe the standard is GOING THE OTHER WAY.

Sorority girls look down at me for my behavior, YET they themselves aim to engage in casual sex with the hottest frat guys they can.

I can't tell if men look down on me or not, part of me senses jealousy and part of me senses disdain. I don't really care what other guys think either way.

Fuck the feminine imperative.

Fly fresh and young's credo has it right.

Anonymous said...

I've had guys threaten to "sabotage" my standing sexual relationships when they catch me hitting on a girl they deem "theirs".

Betas gon' beta I guess.

And at this point I think I'm sort of a "taboo" f
My rep is ruined and there's not much I can do about it now.

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