Saturday, July 14, 2012

40 going on 20

This article pretty much sums up the increasing male reluctance to marry:
When “Girls” hit this spring, I was shocked by how true the show rang to my life—not my old life as a post-collegiate single girl but my new one, as a married, monogamous, home-owning mother. My generation of moms isn’t getting shocking HPV news (we’re so old we’ve cleared it), or having anal sex with near-strangers, or smoking crack in Bushwick. But we’re masturbating excessively, cheating on good people, doing coke in newly price-inflated townhouses, and sexting compulsively—though rarely with our partners. Our children now school-aged, our marriages entering their second decade, we are avoiding the big questions—Should I quit my job? Have another child? Divorce?—by behaving like a bunch of crazy twentysomething hipsters. Call us the Regressives.

Why do moms in my generation regress, whether by drugging, cheating, or going out too late and too often? Because everything our children thrive on—stability, routine, lack of flux, love, well-paired parents—feels like death to those entrusted with their care. This is why they start drinking at wine o’clock, which is so dubbed not only because it coincides with whine o’clock but because it can begin at six p.m., or five, or even four. (Though the four o’clock mothers wind up in A.A.) I know a mom who drinks only on the weekends because she thinks it’s more responsible… but she starts with a mimosa at brunch on Saturday at eleven, and doesn’t stop until her Sunday night television shows are over....

About a quarter of the married moms I know have cheated in some form. If anyone says, “I have a great marriage but it takes a lot of work” it means they’ve cheated.
Well, what man wouldn't want to sign up for THAT future? Fortunately, this is mostly immature and stupid urban people playing at grownup, exaggerated for book sales. Not all women are like that... but you should probably make damn sure your potential wife isn't.


Mr Green Man said...

Given the lengths the authoress goes to establish that "This Is New York!", I understand why, when they had to scare us into falling in line, they quickly dropped NYC from the fear-of-destruction cities list and started saying Houston, Atlanta, St. Louis, Denver, etc.

stg58 said...

They probably all have college degrees.

Stickwick said...

The article reads like a public service announcement against secular humanism:

This is your society. This is your society on humanism. Any questions?

Because everything our children thrive on—stability, routine, lack of flux, love, well-paired parents—feels like death to those entrusted with their care.

The hard times that are coming will cure this attitude REAL fast.

realmatt said...

I stopped reading after the first sentence and have concluded that Vox is capable of reading terrible books and articles and blog comments because he can speed read. He's already read most of the awfulness by the time his mind understands how truly awful it is.

These women are worthless and should be forced into labor camps. Their Alan Alda Alda Family Ties Dad faggot husbands should be burned for fuel. Their daughters shall be raped and married off to the soldiers of lowest rank.

Country Lawyer said...

"Fortunately, this is mostly immature and stupid urban people playing at grownup, exaggerated for book sales. Not all women are like that... but you should probably make damn sure your potential wife isn't."

I can't tell if that is sarcasm, ironically dead pan, or just being played straight.

When someone writes NAWALT it's no more than the standard boiler plate language caveats that fill legal contracts.

The resounding success of twilight, 50 shades of grey and other female porn in all areas of the United States suggests otherwise.

I would suggest that men look around at any place where children congregate (parks, water parks, beaches, play grounds) and look at what the women that are "watching" the children are reading. I don't care if you're on the blue coasts or rural red states.

California Nationalist said...


What is the female equivalent of a "douchebag"? (Surely "bitch" is too tame).

These females are certainly to wind up as rape victims and worse, when the Uprisings commence.

realmatt said...

This isn't about the nature of women vs the nature of men. Human beings who don't know consequence or punishment and live in fantasy land where nothing bad will happen are always going to be worthless. It just so happens that no one teaches their goddamn stupid daughters anything. They go their entire lives without ever being smacked or punched in the jaw with intent to injure.

The "subjugated and repressed" women of the past were merely disciplined and well behaved.

Mike M. said...

What do you have against our troops to saddle them with these twits?

No, give them to the military as bomb-clearing equipment. Save a valuable robot.

Aeoli Pera said...


Aeoli Pera said...

I doubt hitting girls or women would usually do them any sort of good (likely the opposite). Similarly, systematic castigation doesn't make boys into men (likely the opposite). Seems men are to physicality as women are emotion.

I think the pattern holds for rearing teenagers into adults: lots of physical work versus mission trips.

Markku said...

NAWALT, sure, but there are 50 shades of NAWALT.

There was a time not so long ago, that you had to watch out for warning signs that an individual woman is like that.

Now, you have to just assume that they are like that, but watch out for commending signs to spot the few that aren't.

David Campbell said...

Who's banging these aging broads. I mean, the husband would, but why would any self respecting man go after a forty three year old woman with kids?

Jason said...

Yeah, I think you're right Stickwick - this sort of attitude is simply unsustainable, especially considering the economic climate that we're in (and which will get worse, I'm afraid). I guess the interesting question is not whether or not this attitude will end - it will - but how it will end. Will we be able to make a relatively smooth transition to a more sane society, or is the apocalypse upon us?

Anonymous said...

Reading? Most of 'em are playing with their phones or talking on their phones.

Anonymous said...

Good question. Even if she's hot, why do you want to sign up to raise her awful children? Not to mention you already know she's a cheating whore who can't be trusted. Pump and dump is the most she deserves from anyone not her husband.

BlackCat said...

the husband would, but why would any self respecting man go after a forty three year old woman with kids?

There's your answer.

pb said...

Liberals and their allies just prove the ancients were right - some people are incapable of ruling themselves.

Anonymous said...


Hurray evidence to never let anyone you enter into a monogamous relationship, be it simply a LTR or marriage, go on girls' night out. Stamp that shit out at its heart. If you let it go during the relationship part before marriage, good luck curtailing it after marriage.

If women want to go out with friends, men folk should be there. And you should make sure you have built the authority into the relationship that this kind of behavior simply is. not. acceptable. That you have the authority to step up and stop it, or even just look at her with disapproval and stop it.

TLM said...

Just saw some lady in her 50s at Costco Friday feverishly thumbing through a Fifty Shades of Grey. I made a crack about it being chick porn. The whole end cap of the table was filled with giant stacks of this book.

Shutterbug said...

I've never been to NYC nor do I know anyone from there. Are NYC women really like this, or is the author BSing in this article to sell her novel?

Daniel said...

Considering the flight from New York currently underway, I would be surprised if it wasn't populated with the dregs that were left behind and idiotic newcomers who saw a movie about ugly empowered transvestites.

Which would explain this too-too "in the know" universal language that really only belongs to the most deranged subset of humanity known commonly as a "New Yorker."

Daniel said...

PS - Not to say it isn't a prevailing mythology, but basically, men can avoid the mindset by avoiding New Yorkers, or any woman with genuinely positive feelings toward that city or what it "represents."

It represents decay. Unless you want to marry a cheating corpse, dodge NY like the plague that it is.

Anonymous said...

"These women are the men their mothers divorced."

... She nicely summarizes it herself, whether or not she realized how telling a statement that is.

SouthTX said...

I actually read the whole thing. I feel sorry for their young kinds when the shit hits the fan and the underclass "zombie hoards" explode. It's gonna get ugly in a big way. I doubt the fops described can protect their family when it comes down to it. Female behavior no suprise. Even down here I have seen it unchecked. That's why I advise my young friends and sons if you want to marry you had better damn well choose wisely.

Jestin Earnest said...

watch Sex and the City.

even if it wasn't so prevalent 15 years ago, now it's their goal. now it's been 'normalized'. with no social stigma being attached to it any longer ( them damn squeamish conservatives are harshing on my buzz again ) there's no particular reason for a mother of six to NOT spend her husband's money watching male strippers.

Shutterbug said...

I watched Sex and the City once. It was stupid.

It's rather discouraging, even as a female, to learn that this behavior really takes place and that these women feel entitled to act out. I guess it's a good thing that I continue to be surprised by the depths of human depravity...not that I'm perfect by any means but holy hell these women are unfreakingbelievable.

Joe said...

I don't see the problem here - drugs, cheap sex, booze, cheating - this looks like the secular nirvana that the children of the 60's promised us we could eventually reach. Why are these women complaining about having reached their nirvana? They should just get divorced (to free themselves of their commitments to their ugly little spawn and equally ugly little husbands and ugly little upper middle class lives), and focus on their intoxication, having flings, and owning cats...

SouthTX said...

My wife sent our oldest son out to buy the new three stooges movie. (I didn't know anything about it) Day it came out. She doesn't get the humor but she knows I do.

SouthTX said...

First order princeples. Deep down, if we are honest, we see God.

SouthTX said...

Who would want to be married to such a silly bitch. I'd bounce her faster than a rubber check. A good wife is the greatest treasure a man has on this side. But you better pass over a high bar.

WW said...

Yes, in general, the generation of women I am in all seem to be in a perpetual state of spring break. I also see them enjoying themselves and not paying the price for these things.

I see them take lover after lover, have marriage after marriage, get job after job and throw their children to the wolves and not only never pay the price of those things, but get rewarded.

I spent my teens fending off advances to stay pure for my marriage. Apparently it wasn't even a big deal to my Husband. At least it was to my God.

I spend every day fighting temptation, running in the other direction. It is neither appreciated, nor noticed. Though the second I were to display any of this behavior, it is very possible I would be tossed out on my ass.

So while I despise this behavior, while I see the long term price we will all pay for it...I see no solution on hand.

Without Christ there is no reason to live another way. And there is nearly no reward on this earth for doing it the right way.

If you are married to a women doing it the right way, I would offer that it would matter greatly to her that you notice her behavior and appreciate it. And do it yourself.

Many men are doing the exact same thing that these women are doing.


Badger said...

"PS - Not to say it isn't a prevailing mythology, but basically, men can avoid the mindset by avoiding New Yorkers, or any woman with genuinely positive feelings toward that city or what it "represents.""

+1. I know a good number of fine upstanding New Yorkers I like to spend time with, but few of them are from Manhattan, and those who have 'Manhattan on the brain' are exactly as described above - totally focused on a puerile and materialistic mindset.

SouthTX said... . Yeah belly gnomes. Pretty funny stuff. If you have had multiple kids with your wife and survived, that shits funny.

SouthTX said...

If after two kids she wants more kids until a Dr. tells her to call it quits. She's a keeper. An altruistic woman can keep a man. But it is a narrow door. After kid 2. its easy for a man. Its been hard on her and I am now old enough to understand.

Anonymous said...

Shooting from the hip but consider, is the increased sexual attention being directed at "MILF" aged women driven by the narrowing pool of attractive/available sexual options for the average man in his 20s/30s. Ie fatties saturating the prime market, driving up value of average chicks beyond their already inflated value by feminist culture, add to that the current alpha-harem de facto dynamic of the present marketplace and women who are 40-50 y/o cougars can sleep around without fear of consequence and attract sexual attention from younger men

Mark said...

Who the hell would wanna be married to such a bitch lol cool post btw :)
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ZombieBob said...

I agree Mr Green Man

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