Saturday, June 30, 2012

Gun up

I've been thinking about the bad boy thing versus the nerd thing, and was wondering why I never seemed to take any sort of nerd hit even when women found out that I was not only a hard core gamer, but actually developed games and wrote reviews of them. Then I realized what it was. It was the AK-47 under the bed. Or maybe the AR-15. Or perhaps the SKS. Or the twin-barrel 20-gauge.

The point is, one of the best ways for a man to exhibit some undeniable bad boy credentials is to own a few firearms and shoot well. And women love going to the gun range; even women who are vehemently anti-gun will not only agree to go, but will usually love it. You can see that their physical reaction to guns going off in their vicinity is almost sexual. Even the most mild-mannered, sweater-wearing milksop will tend go up considerably in a woman's eyes when he puts together a close grouping at the maximum range and the guys on the lanes on either side of him are spraying wildly at targets set up at one-third the range.

Think about how many movies concern around women getting turned on by the guy who says he's a secret agent and shows her a gun. Think about why women love men in uniform and what that represents. Then think about how much more powerfully attractive it is when she knows, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that you're easily capable of shooting out both eyes of the loudmouthed poser with the motorcycle from the other side of the room.

So, buy at least two pistols, one 9mm and one .40 or .357, and learn how to use them reasonably well. It's an easy way to arrange a date too, as you can simply mention that you're going to the range and ask if she wants to join you. If she's worried or a little nervous about the idea, just reassure her that she doesn't have to use the big scary gun, she can use the cute little one. There are few DHVs like her hearing a pop-pop-pop when she shoots, then hearing you firing bang-bang-bang. But don't overdo it. Not only does .50 caliber smack of Freudian issues, but hearing one go off in the next lane can give even the most experienced male shooter heart palpitations. Girls find guns sexy, but they're not so keen on quasi-artillery.


Jeigh Di said...

As Tyne Daly said to Clint Eastwood in a Dirty Harry movie about his choice of firearm, "so it's the penetration?"

Wo Fat said...

Got 2 .45's. A 1911 and an M&P .45. Got an M9 so I can maintain proficiency for work. Most of my rifles are US Military: M1 Garand, M1 Carbine, and an M4. Next toy's a shotgun, but I haven't decided which one. The choice is between a Benelli M4 or a Remington 870.

Still an Omega though. Being proficient with firearms, physically fit, and being in the military with 2 tours in the sandbox didn't help with that.

TLM said...

Did you write this after watching a rerun of Goodfellas where Karen gets all wet after Henry gives her the revolver to hide? Every gun guy already knows this.

Ian Ironwood said...

Thanks for bringing this up -- I'm preparing an extensive post (do I do any other kind?) on this subject myself. Guns are a cheap way to improve your confidence even if someone isn't aware of your ownership.

Wo Fat said...

It's a force multiplier. If you already have something, virility/swag/game/cred/alpha etc, it amplifies it in the eyes of the female. If you don't, a weapon in her mind is just an extension of one's phallus and you're just another crazed NRA-supporting gun nut. The female rationalization hamster will rationalize gun ownership positively if she's already positively predisposed to you, no matter the level of that predisposition. If she's negatively predisposed to you, and she sees gun-ownership as something inherently negative, it's just going to give her the excuse she's looking for to disqualify you as a potential mate.

SouthTX said...

Theirs no doubt about it. Our oldest son installed a quad rail, tactical light and laser after I finally bought an AR. But a word of warning. Teaching a Wife to shoot means its own risks.

Hammer6 said...

Given some pussified locales, you might need to start with a shotgun, as it is nominally a 'hunting' weapon. I have my trusty Mossberg, but have though about getting a Benelli as well.

A friend who was an LA County Sheriff in an earlier life used to say about shotguns - "they speak an international language" He was responding to an armed robbery call and took the back of the building down an alley. Door blows open and a guy runs out, he shouts "Sheriff!" and the guy keeps moving. He racks the 12 gauge, and the guy freezes.

SouthTX said...

I can recommend the S&W M-15. It eats up crappy ammo without a hiccup. Seems like family and friends you take out shooting have a scarface moment. 7.62x39 is still cheaper here.

NoGunsForMe said...

I'm curious; would a hunting knife provide the same rush for a woman as a handgun would? Would a woman find a man who prefers to put his life in even more danger, getting closer to his target, more impressive? Surely the image of a man confident in defeating an opponent with a blade appears more 'manly' than the individual who stands back and fires off a few rounds with his pistol?

SouthTX said...

Son's a gamer. When I bought a tactical light he finally realized why he was getting his ass kicked gaming. He realized just how bright they can be while installing.

SouthTX said...

Does't matter after a point. Man see's a threat, The most efficient way to care of it is the best option. I would personally like the launch codes. But having been through RSO school, that would be extreme.

Trust said...

@: "The point is, one of the best ways for a man to exhibit some undeniable bad boy credentials is to own a few firearms and shoot well. And women love going to the gun range; even women who are vehemently anti-gun will not only agree to go, but will usually love it."

Another case where women appear closed minded about something that makes them open lipped.

A good ROI said...

The only SURE THING abou a knife fight is people are going to bleed.

No, just guns. Sorry, as much as I love knives and collect useful ones and use them every day. Guns are known as great equalizers and the ultimate tool in conflict resolution. They do not have equals and while men should know how to use both well, a .45 speaks a much stronger message than does even a 12 inch Bowie.

modernguy said...

Huh. The Swiss, stuck in the middle of Europe between the French and the Germans never talk about their guns, while the Americans who's biggest threat are the Mexicans or a stray Nascar tire flying their way can't stop talking about waxing their barrels. I guess them's just sum alpha sunsabitches.

debbs said...

Knives are handy and in a Martial Arts weapon form, they can look impressive. Still, it's common knowledge that you don't take a knife to a gun fight.

JavaDog said...

Guns are a lot of fun, plus if you care about the perception of others, you want to be seen as dangerous but not threatening or crazy.

Dangerous - willing and able to defend yourself and others. Women and children will feel safe and protected in your presence. Male friends will believe you'll stand by their side in a fight. It's not just about having a gun, it's about having killer instincts.

Threatening - trying too hard to display how dangerous you are. Downsides include (a) raising the "fight or flight" instinct in people you really didn't want to fight, and worse (b) causing fear in people who would be better off thinking you are going to protect them.

Crazy - the potential to use your dangerous power in unpredictable ways. This makes you threatening AND scary. Not good.

If you haven't tried shooting yet, take a handgun safety class at your local gun range. You'll have fun!

bob k. mando said...

The Swiss, stuck in the middle of Europe between the French and the Germans never talk about their guns,

the Swiss are required to own and possess guns by State law.

there's no curiosity about what anyone else has, because everybody has pretty much the same gun ( Sig 550 rifle or 9mm pistol ).

the effort to ban gun ownership is near non-existent in Switzerland.

contrast those points with the United States and it becomes clear that there certainly SHOULD be differences in attitudes between the gun owner populations of the two contries.

Stickwick said...

My husband has an extensive gun and knife collection. The knives don't interest me, nor do I get excited by the idea that my husband would put himself at greater risk when he could just put holes in a bad guy from a distance. I do get excited watching my husband at the range. And this is the other problem with knives over guns: unless you're going to actually stab something for her, you can't do anything with a knife in front of your woman. That said, any kind of weapon is preferable in terms of machismo to no weapon.

Stickwick said...

I guess you don't watch many Westerns. The biggest threat in this country has always been to personal liberty, not invasion. Which is exactly why it's macho for a man to possess and know how to shoot a gun.

Giraffe said...

I think you've got this backwards.

A woman who is into guns= instant marriage proposal.

Stickwick said...

So, buy at least two pistols, one 9mm and one .40 or .357 ...

Personally, I melt at the sight of a 1911 .45 ACP.

The most fun is watching my husband use his shotgun at the tactical range. He's got mad skillz with that 12 ga., and the fact that I find it just a bit scary is all the better.

VD said...

I'm curious; would a hunting knife provide the same rush for a woman as a handgun would?

No. Knives don't make scary noises, aren't mystifying pieces of machinery, and it's hard to demonstrate mastery of them. Heroes and cowboys use guns, serial killers and aboriginals use knives.

But real skill with a throwing knife would probably work. They are usually associated with scantily clad women anyhow.

TLM said...

Swiss use 45ACP. They ain't dumb.

stg58 said...

Vox is right. Knives don't do anything for women. They use them everyday in the kitchen. No big deal.

The second date my wife and I went on was to the range. The first date was to see Apocalypto, and the third or fourth date was 300.

She informs me regularly that she married me for my guns. For Christmas I got her a Rossi .38/.357 magnum lever action rifle. She posted some pictures of her posing with it on Facebook.

Anonymous said...

I recommend a 1911 style pistol government or commander size, a polymer style pistol (glock, m&p) in your caliber of choice, and an AK 47/74 or AR15 style rifle. Whatever firearms you own, you must take an intensive weapons manipulation class, preferably both level 1 and 2. It's in that environment where you'll learn how to properly and practically manipulate your weapon, enhancing your ability to perform under stress.

If you carry, a handgun 1/2 class is a non negotiable. The range will not adequately prepare you for the defensive use of your pistol in a real life scenario. I also recommend IDPA style shooting for fun and for practice as well (although make sure you reinforce good habits).

Checkout the magpul dynamics Handgun/carbine trailers on YouTube to see what I'm talking about. I would recommend it for LEO and ex military as well as your training in weapons manipulation is not the best.

bob k. mando said...

i'm not having much luck looking up what specific firearms the Swiss designate for militia use, apart from Wikipedia. Wiki says 9mm Sig 220. can you document otherwise?

it appears that i was also a bit overly optimistic about how much / little issue the Swiss have with anti-gun forces:

clearly, they are nowhere near the level of gun controls in the US though.

bob k. mando said...

Family court judge at work:

PutnamLive account of the article for which the judge blamed the father during the divorce proceeding:

question; how would a pastor have knowledge of the judge's dues to his HOA? do they live in the same HOA?

Mike M. said...

Never? Ha! Good laugh there - but the Swiss are more inclined to be at the range.

Mike M. said...

IIRC, that's correct, but the Swiss shooters keep a lot of older hardware around. The P210 is a marvelously accurate pistol.

Mike M. said...

Maybe I need to put some photos of me shooting on my online profiles.

Stingray said...

Not only does .50 caliber smack of Freudian issues, but hearing one go off in the next lane can give even the most experienced male shooter heart palpitations. Girls find guns sexy, but they're not so keen on quasi-artillery.

Heh, depends on the girl. ;)

SouthTX said...

I have a .300 Weatherby my wife bought me with a muzzle break. Why, because I commented it pretty. Even with double hearing protection ita not fun at a range. It shoots well and kicks like a .243. But it's loud

SouthTX said...

Sorry for the spelling errors. Sometimes I type faster than I think. I appreciated the gift but in the back of my mind I wondered what did I need it for. I basically take head shots. Light centerfire takes care of almost all species in this hemisphere.

Carlotta said...

It is possible you come off creepy then by accident. Walk next to a few women in the grocery store. If they do a quick stare, smile and say something to are good. If they refuse to answer your smile, won't talk to you, ignore you or...worse, run to another aisle...something is coming off creepy.

Also, don't dress "military" at all.....

Your build, your posture, you confidence should project it. If you are wearing any type of real or fake uniform stuff it comes off as a poser.

Carlotta :)

Carlotta said...

For me, knives can come off a bit silence of the lambs.....especially if you don't know the guy or are new to the relationship.

Carlotta said...

Funny you said that. My second reaction to his question (feeling "serial killer" ) was...unless he can THROW them really well...hehe

Carlotta said...

My Husband is SO HOT when he comes back from the range. The smell of sweat, heat and gun it.

When he shows me his targets, I tell you, awesome. I used to go with him and plan to again soon.

Yeah, when he drops a new ..what is that called...cartridge in and points. Hot.

I have to go find him...

Carlotta said...

Vox you didn't mention the freak out/poser part of this.

A "normal" guy who just so happens to be a gun ace is hot. A guy who walks around in bdu pants all the time, with a tactical vest on all the time and is like a mail man...and brags about his guns but points them like the guys in rap a turn off.

Carlotta said...

Agreed. This is like people who say guys with hot cars are compensating...not always :)

Carlotta said...

Or, it is tiresome to have to explain something that we don't really want to get introspective about...we just want you to do it.

Women like manly men. Men who can shoot well can protect you. That is hot.

Mike M. said...

I don't know about a turnoff, buy they are a mix of funny and annoying to those of us who are serious shooters.

Californio_6th_ gen said...

While back went to a living social event with a friend at a skeet/trap range. A lot of couples, a few single women (what better place for them to meet men?) Just separated - divorcing now and 20 years out of the game. Nailed 85% of the clays - i am better with rifles and handguns. Two women on next station sought me out - started convo -"you've done this before!" Set up date for shooting at range (where I am much better..). It is better to no talk too much re firearms, just get a chance to show mastery - of course this applies to more than just the shooting sports....

realmatt said...

Yeah it didn't help with Travis Bickle either.

Then again, he did get young hot Cybil Sheperd to at least GO to the porn theater with him.

ouch said...

Yeah... more guns... just what the world needs...
Who needs a personality if you have guns. And she won't flake no more because she is afraid you'll shoot her...

SouthTX said...

My go to rifle when I go hunting is a 243 my wife gave me for Christmas 20 years ago. Suckers accurate. Both son's shot their first deer with it. Hopefully my Daughter gets to this year.

SouthTX said...

You are missing the point. I know she can outshoot me. I still go to sleep soundly.

Renovater said...

Mike, she is saying women find it a turn off. Of course guys think it is funny.

RC said...

Good advice VD.

My only additional suggestion would be a night shoot with a laser sight - red killer dot, flame out the barrel, loud noises in the dark. All good.

Andrew said...

Grab a .22 carbine and target pistol too. Nice tools to build fundamentals with. I've gotten a few new shooters confident with my Mossberg 702 and I can't wait to pick up my Beretta Neos.

Not only that but if your range has a dueling tree grab a pair of .22's for a fun competition on a date.

Stickwick said...

Forty-nine comments in, and no one has brought Full Metal Jacket into the discussion?

Stickwick said...

Yes, having a gun will keep a woman in line, because not only are all men homicidal psychopaths, but apparently only men are allowed to own firearms or know how to use them. Actually, I'm being sarcastic, since the latter at least is provably untrue. My husband and I invested in a set of dueling pistols for our last anniversary -- whenever we need to settle an argument, it all comes down to who's the steadier shot.

Res Ipsa said...

"Personally, I melt at the sight of a 1911 .45 ACP."

Thats because you're a real women. Vox is a Glock boy.

I only mock him because I want him to go and kick Tanfoglios customer service dept in their pasta loaded back side. Talk about bad customer service, almost French.

Monadh said...

Look here for proper guidance on what weapon to own.

SouthTX said...

Probably one of the funniest quotes from my oldest son I will remember after shooting his first deer and he insisted on butchering it himself. "I can live on stew meat."

SouthTX said...

A Christian marriage 1.0 works for a reason. Your husband and your Parents get along great. Your husband respects you. Your kid's have a Dad that enjoys being activelly involved in your kid's lives. Post modern girls have been lied to.

Wo Fat said...

With all due respect, the salient point has eluded you. Guns, clothes, cars, a buff physique, those are but props. They might increase a woman's attraction to you, but ultimately it's the game or lack thereof that keeps the attraction going. If I had game, I'm fully confident that dressing military or being in uniform will increase a woman's attraction to me. However, being a flaming introvert and lacking "game" and since I'm 39, a virgin, never had a girlfriend, and haven't had a date since I was 21, I pretty much consider female companionship in the same manner as I consider my childhood ambition to win the Indy 500. It's something that just isn't in the cards for me and I've moved on.

Daniel said...

Except you haven't. If you had moved on, you wouldn't be crying about it.

Guns, clothes, cars and physique are not mere props, and the fact that you treat them as such are part of the problem.

Think about it man: you think of something as common and everyday as having a date as equivalent to performing something one man on the planet does once a year.

You haven't moved on. You're stuck. You don't have to be if you don't want to be, and the fact that you are complaining about it indicates you don't want to be.

Daniel said...

Wrong. If she doesn't like you, a gun isn't going to do anything to change it, or, if it does, it will only change it for the positive. The fact that she complains about an unwanted man's gun isn't a sign that the gun is a "force multiplier" of her negative feelings toward him - it is a convenient excuse.

The truth is quite the opposite - in fact, the reason she complains about it (again, about an unwanted man) may be because that's the most interesting and dramatic thing she can say about him. No woman wants a boring orbiter.

"I hate him, and he's a gun nut" is hamster code for "don't want him, but don't I attract a dangerous crowd?"

I know you think you are right about this, but you couldn't be farther from the treasure.

Daniel said...

You don't get out much, do you modernguy?

Daniel said...

Shooting contests are pretty good argument settlers - even the ones that only use targets and not each other! :-)

Besides, I've never seen a personality stop a coyote from getting into the chicken house. I don't know about the world, but chicken houses don't need one more personality - they do need more guns.

Anonymous said...

Or it's code for "he's a try hard and all his talking about guns turns me off."

bob k. mando said...

Ferdinand Bardamu has taken In Mala Fide down and it appears to be permanent. you may as well delete Mala Fide from the blogroll or redirect it to the internet wayback machine or something.

Anonymous said...

Mark Cman

Teach them to shoot with a 22, you will avoid setting up the flinch reflex. Once comfortable, move up. 40S&W is the smallest size for a 1 shot stop if you use the right ammo for hydrostatic shock. That said my wife shoots a 9mm because that is what she can control (or a 12 gauge at home). And chicks do dig learning to shoot, even more than going sailing

trk said...

Good call on choice of firearms. The .357 would be nice b.c you can load .38s in them for when you want her to shoot it..not as 'scary' and its affordable.

Cyrus said...

Roissy's post about gun tingles was one thing; vox you could have done better with this post.

I wonder how many betas actually went out and bought guns after reading the blogosphere catch wind of these tingles. Then I wonder how many find this crutch is just that - a crutch

Hammer 6 said...

Starting people with a 22 is an excellent choice, then teaching how to transition from aimed fire to double-taps will train-out the twitch as they move up in caliber.

Everyone who has done weapons training has stories of the trainee swinging a muzzle around when they have a mis-fire.

Carlotta said...

Sigh, the Drill Instructor was hot LOL.

Carlotta said...

Agreed Daniel.

Wo Fat, you are using the "props" wrong or have the wrong props.

I have tits and an ass. This does not make me an attractive women. There are women who have great T & A, there are women who know how to make it LOOK like they have great T & A and there are those who walk around like

We all have the same parts, it is the merchandising. Simply being in uniform does not equal attraction. What you call "props" are things that women find attractive.

Being an introvert is not the problem, as both my Father and Husband are introverts who literally hit a time limit where they simply have to get away from people. Come to think of it, Grandpa too LOL. All three are chick magnets. In fact, the grumpier they get the more chicks flock around them to "try to make them smile".

I am already married, does that mean I dump the "props"? No. Attraction is attraction and it is necessary.

This is kind of like fat people who walk around bemoaning that no one "loves me for me". It isn't about love, it is about attraction. I love several people, I only want to tear the clothes off of my Husband.

Good grief, if you go fishing you have to bait the hook everytime. You don't give up on fishing if you fail, you move spots or try new bait!

Wo Fat, write Vox and see if he can help you!

SouthTX said...

All my kids I started them with .22. Folks here that recommend it are right. I would have them bring a can of soda and told them to shake it up. I told them to set it up as a target. Then I would fire a .22 CCI Hp into it. They were smart enough to learn gun safety.

Nate said...

I built my own custom 1911 including finishing the machining on the frame and slide.

You ladies can change your panties now.

Nate said...

Trouble with Savage... Kimber... and now Tanfoglios...

Hell son maybe its you.

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