Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Stay away from the ex-girlfriend

This is, granted, an extreme example. But it's an illustration of why it is always a terrible idea to remain in contact with one's ex-girlfriends and ex-wives when one isn't required to do so.
Anna Mackowiak, 34, is facing jail after taking her revenge on 45-year-old Marek Olszewski when he turned up at her surgery with toothache just days after breaking up with her. She gave him a heavy dose of anaesthetic and plucked his teeth out. She then wrapped his head and jaw in a bandage to stop him opening his mouth and said there had been complications and he would need to see a specialist.
The woman is clearly both a quasi-psychopath and a criminal, but the ex-boyfriend was a complete idiot to have gone to his ex-girlfriend when he needed a dentist. This is a classic Gamma move, failing to understand that men and women are different and assuming that a woman will behave like he himself would in a similar situation.


Anonymous said...

I just got home a few minutes ago from a girls house after pulling an all nighter and she told me about this very story last night. How weird.

There are some crazy peeps running around this world these days...

Toddy Cat said...

What kind of an idiot would go to an ex-girlfriend for dental work, of all things? As Eisenhower said, "there is no definative answer to the question 'how stupid can you get?'"

Anonymous said...

I'm about to go get some much needed zzzzz's here in a couple minutes. So hopefully my point comes across clearer than my head is right now.

But Vox, I don't entirely agree with your opening here of "it is always a terrible idea to remain in contact with one's ex-girlfriends and ex-wives when one isn't required to do so."

The other side of the coin here is that due to the increasing number of crazy psychopaths and victims out there. In my view it is in fact a good idea to remain close with the more sane ex girlfriends/wives. One never knows when you might need them in good standing if you were to get dragged into a court of law over some batshit crazy accusation. I'd even reference your 'No taming the tigress/The dramatic' as an example as to why it just might be a good idea.

Stickwick said...

Good thing his ex-girlfriend wasn't a urologist.

Anonymous said...

Should see the comments in some of the online newspapers running that story. About half women laughing about it, saying he deserved it for being that dumb. And yet we're not supposed to say that anything bad happening to a chick is her fault for making dumb decisions.

Yohami said...

Interesting. I dont think any woman would take sides with her, since she inflicted pain on a neutral body part.

If she had committed sexual violence, like cutting his dick or stomping on his balls, a lot of women would find ways to rationalize that the guy deserved it.

Stingray said...

Or a proctologist. Eesh.

Bocaj6487 said...

Like all the bad decisions a woman makes leading up to a rape. "Well, i dressed slutty, and had too much to drink, and ditched my friends, and got in a car with two strange guys, but i just didnt see it coming." Not that its ok to rape people, but youve got to take responsibility for putting yourself into a bad situation.

SouthTX said...

No way in Hell would I. I've seen hormonal hell, while she still tries to remain nice. If being an ex, I would avoid her like the plague.

Daniel said...

He certainly didn't deserve it, and she certainly is evil.

However, I can't conceive that the list of common reasons to dump one's girlfriend:

She's dishonest
She's lazy
She's crazy
She's flighty
She's unreliable
She's a stalker
She's a feminist
She's negative
She's a warden-wannabe
She's buried in your/her past

That isn't also a very bad quality to have in one's dentist.

He isn't the perpetrator of his own victimhood, but he sure turned down a dark alley at midnight, expecting a rainbow.

JCclimber said...

compare this to the story of the gynocologist who sewed his ex-wife's vagina shut after she was stupid enough to come to him with female problems.

Seriously, for those struggling gammas, this is just another illustration that women have no problem condemning one type of behavior while castigating the same type by their own gender.

Kind of like my ex-wife who went ballistic when she found some outdated, mild porn mags (some old playboys or something I hadn't thrown out) in an old dusty box. Yet was totally supportive of "I cheat on my wife at every opportunity" Bill Clinton. Never be surprised by the hamster. It is a powerful creature.

Daniel said...

Oh there are plenty who do. Even the headlines: "Sweet Revenge" "Bad Boyfriend Takes it In the Teeth" and others demonstrate a certain glee over the violence that quite obviously would simply not fly had a male dentist done the exact same assault to a woman.

This is to be expected. Even the fact that he's identified in headlines as "ex-boyfriend" is an epithet that a woman wouldn't be given.

Simply put, switch the genders and you have an entirely different story.

Do a google news search today on "ex-girlfriend assaulted" and "ex-boyfriend assaulted".

Universally, the victims in all stories are women, even on a day when the most notorious relationship assault is an ex-girlfriend assaulting a man.

It is like linguistical gymnastics just to get google to give you a list (a long one) of men attacked by women. A famous football player's wife was arrested for assault just days ago. It made a blip.

SouthTX said...

The Mrs. always disliked Clinton and thought he was creepy. But she was brought up in an old school house.

Josh said...

team vagina always sticks together against the evil patriarchy...of course, they all hate each other, but they will support team vagina in the abstract

Doom said...

You can warn guys but they will have to learn on their own. While still with all my teeth, I learned early. While you might still get to rifle her drawers in some cases, she will simply be looking for a way to hurt you. When a man hates, he does something and gets over it. A woman hates with every fiber of her body, and then some, and never gets over it. While that makes for an excellent lay sometimes... you really are at risk. Still, you ought to do it at least twice. That's all I'm saying there. Parachuting naked at night, anyone?

Trust said...

Considering the penalty for a woman blowing a man away in his sleep and watching him bleed to death (Mary Winkler) is 7 months, and considering women like Lorainna Bobbitt become instant folk heroes, can anyone doubt why women don't worry about consequences?

Stickwick said...

There may be no earthly consequences, but you can be sure there are eternal ones.

Anonymous said...

Like all the bad decisions a woman makes leading up to a rape. "Well, i dressed slutty, and had too much to drink, and ditched my friends, and got in a car with two strange guys, but i just didnt see it coming."

This one always annoys me. First it wrongly attempts to place blame on the woman for all of the wrong reasons. Next it paints a picture that a fairly high percentage of men will rape women if given the chance. Based on the way she dresses, her intoxication level and that there is always a couple guys cruising around just looking to nab and rape a woman. Sure sociopathic rapists are out there. I just don't believe those types need these qualifiers you are claiming from women to do what they do. Which is not to say a woman shouldn't avoid the obvious creeper. But it has nothing to do with the way she dresses, drinks or in going home with a guy she meets at a bar. I have faith that a very high percentage of the male species accepts that no means no.

I am much more in agreement with the last sentence above about him turning down the dark alley and expecting a rainbow. One would think the guy should have had some idea of her instability in being her ex. But one cannot always expect to predict crazy with any accuracy. Sometimes peeps are just running blind...which doesn't mean one needs to avoid all their exes. This is a case of the rare exception, not the rule.

Aeoli Pera said...

I have an unsubstantial feeling that the dynamic changes with psychological distance.

For illustration:

A faraway woman reads the headline and says, "You go, grrl."
A friend of the dentist hears the story and says, "Uh...good for you" and leaves as quickly as possible.
The dentist's daughter (who exists in the illustration) hears the story and reaffirms her decision to cut ties with that crazy psycho bitch of a mom.

Anonymous said...

The Flying Spaghetti Monster will seek justice. Have you been touched by his noodly appendage?

LP2021 Bank of LP Work in Progress said...

YIKES!!! Run!!

Aeoli Pera said...

I think I watched a Japanese cartoon about that once.

John Robie said...

After breaking up, guys would do well to learn from Kaiser Soze and *POOF* disappear like ninja into a moonless night. It's for our own safety, as this article clearly points out.

Stickwick said...

Invoking the FSM outside of ironic-hipster-atheist-dipshit circles is a good way to immediately out yourself as a total moron.

Aeoli Pera said...

Be like water, Stickwick. When the atheist tires of striking out and the water is still, he will see only his own reflection.

Stickwick said...

Point taken, Aeoli.

game portal said...

run baby run! there will be time you need to run LOL

Anonymous said...

Ghosting is always best after a breakup. I learned that the hard way over and over.

Jestin Ernest said...

youse all done been pranked. the story is fake:

when you going to learn to stop believing what the MSM tells you? haven't they demonstrated their incompetence, malfeasance and bias thoroughly enough for you yet?

keymochi said...

yeah that's right.
Run baby LOL

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