Thursday, April 26, 2012

Some women never learn

Keep this woman's story in mind if you're a delta or gamma considering a relationship with a woman who is finally ready to step off the carousel and settle down:
I'm childless at 42 and haunted by the baby I aborted at 18.... The best way to answer the question: ‘Should I have been a teen mother,’ is by asking myself how I would advise a young girl in a similar situation. If my beautiful, bright 17-year-old god-daughter, who longs to work for an economic think-tank, came to me, as I went to Helen all those years ago, and asked what she should do, I would advise her to have an abortion.
This also illustrates why so many women are completely unable to mentor other women. She's haunted by her murderous actions and her childlessness, so naturally, she would tell her god-daughter - and there is no way she "longs" to work at an economic think-tank - to do exactly the same thing that has caused her so much misery. As we see in the Game blogs, men try very hard to prevent young men from making the same mistakes they made in their youth. Women, on the other hand, often urge young women to repeat them as some sort of bizarre rite of passage.

This suggests that many of the women who are finally ready to settle down haven't actually learned anything, they just aren't able to stay in the game anymore.


Cele De Paladin aka Zion's Paladin said...

As soon as I read the last sentence in the woman's comment, my palm met my face. Just when you think you've seen the heights of stupidity, someone comes along and sets a new record.

Daniel said...

I'd rather see her answer the same question to her dead 14-year old.

She's obviously not haunted enough.

Wendy said...

"I went through it, so should she." An extreme example is female circumcision. Then there's public school. (As an aside, I think it would be easier to deal with non voluntary mutilation than living with voluntarily killing my offspring for the sake of making some power point presentations.) So females aren't the bastions of nurturing as commonly portrayed (and in the minds of white knights).

Red pill too late said...

I married one of these women who decided it was time to step off the carousel. She also has an abortion in her past.

Bottom line: women who live this way are broken. Their bonding mechanisms are broken, they are dishonest - and they lie to themselves as much as they lie to anyone else.

Do not believe the bullshit the church pushes about forgiveness erasing consequences. There are consequences to the carousel lifestyle - forgiven or not.

Young men who may read this - buyer beware. Be VERY SELECTIVE. Screen based on past behavior. Take the red pill early.

Zorro said...

Women are like Muslims. The worst enemy a Muslim has is another Muslim. Ditto with chicks.

Yohami said...

It's easy to forget than in women, bad stuff is there to complain about it, and to reflect oneself onto and get some ego payoff: bad stuff isnt there to be avoided.

What she is saying is she LIKES being haunted by the ghost of a child, and she likes it because that led her to be who she is, and who she is is the center of the universe.

She cant tell anyone to do something different to what she did, because that would mean there's something wrong with her. Which is impossible.

Rock Throwing Peasant said...

Agree 100%

The emotional damage done by abortion is rarely talked about by women. To top it, my ex continued to rationalize it as she said it was a mistake.

"I made a horrible mistake, but I don't want accountability."

Stickwick said...

Her child would be 24 by now. This woman at 42 could have raised someone to adulthood and had her freedom back by now. Or at the very least adopted the kid out and had her freedom less the haunting memory.

Stickwick said...

Women, on the other hand, often urge young women to repeat them as some sort of bizarre rite of passage.

It's not a rite of passage. The reason women do this is entirely self-serving: it makes them feel less horrible about the bad things they've done if other women do them, too. This is why working mothers who feel guilty for neglecting their children try to encourage other women to do the same, and why women who feel shameful about a high partner count encourage younger women to rack up a similarly high number. It's all about their standing relative to other women.

Daniel said...

Oh geez. She's 42. I read 32.

That's even worse.

Yohami said...

That too. If everyone avoided her mistakes, what would that say about her? she would look like a total loser. Her survival change and tribal power would decrease. She would be in danger.

Yohami said...

*survival CHANCES.

Daniel said...

I do think it is pretty humorous that she has a "god"-daughter.

I'm guessing Molech.

Red pill too late said...

A woman can justify anything. It is the hamsters purpose.

Stingray said...

"Eat that piece of cake. It won't hurt you none."
"Your intelligence is to be valued by men. You must demand respect."
"A husband is not a child. Why does he need to be taken care of?!"
"Your looks are not all that important."
"Men don't just need sex. It just sex!"

The list goes on and on and on and on . . . . .

Yohami said...

Women are not here to change stuff. They dont grow to change stuff. They are here to survive and self replicate. Whatever that self happens to be.

The "no regrets" thing. Yes I made mistakes, but I would do all of that again! why? because that made me who I am. Like, "who I am" had any value. Well, in women, that's all there is.

Which means you can ask for their advice when you want to get EXACTLY what they've got - then you have to look for cues of indirect sabotage, because they also want to be the only ones who get the good stuff.

Since men value the ladder and the abstract better than themselves, losers will tell you which errors to avoid, and winners will tell you how to repeat what worked for them.

So listen to women, but take advice from men.

Giraffe said...

Today, I feel more emotional, guilty almost, about that bundle of cells I got rid of.

Reading that article is revolting. That is also a textbook example of Solipsism.

She deserves an honorary Darwin Award for getting out of the gene pool.

Stickwick said...

Being a loser in Woman World is the worst possible fate. As Vox pointed out, men have a tendency to warn off other men about making certain mistakes, which is an admirable quality. But here's the key. Men also tend to be much more forgiving than women, which is something a lot of women don't know -- they just assume men will endlessly punish them for their mistakes, as they themselves are wont to do. This is why it's preferable to encourage other women to be as miserable as they are than to humbly admit wrongdoing, seek forgiveness, and help others to avoid the same fate. It's all about the zero-sum competition in which women engage.

Anonymous said...

This suggests that many of the women who are finally ready to settle down haven't actually learned anything, they just aren't able to stay in the game anymore.

Preach it brother.

Firsthand experience with this via the FWB girl I've been with for about the past year. She's from the generation that pioneered carousel rides, and was a professional singer/dancer in her late twenties in a large windy Midwestern city. At this point she’s about ready to hit the Wall but absolutely oblivious to the looming train wreck and desperately trying to keep her clubbing days alive.

Very glad I found you, and Roosh, and Roissy before we hooked up so I’ve had a clear head through the relationship. It’s actually been an enjoyable ride since she’s got just enough good ole Pentecostal/Southern upbringing to be a fairly sweet girl, along with still screwing like the clubbing demon she used to be.

clown said...

This woman may be clueless, but she made the right decision. She's probably barely capable of being responsible for herself, let alone another person. An 18yo American girl is rarely mother material. Do we really need another welfare spawn? Her unborn daughter would likely grow up to be another carousel rider like Mom. I don't think we're in short supply of those anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

I'm 28, and what I have noticed about people as I've gotten older and gone from being a kid to being an adult is this: Most people don't mature, they just get older.

- D.

Wendy said...

Yeah, she likes it. It's a convenient excuse for anything she does and a good way to get sympathy should she desire some attention.

Daniel said...

How utilitarian. Because the mother is a horrible person, her daughter's was a just murder? I'm sure that daughter would thank her mom every day from sparing her the misery of things like breathing and the carousel - you know - if she wasn't dead and haunting and such.

Besides, she's not American, so who cares about infanticide in backwater foreign countries, right?

Yohami said...

Hey it even got her on a magazine.

Would she be featured, would she get the sympathy without the regrets and the ghosts?

Wendy said...

She didn't make the right decision. The very least she could have done was let the child live and someone else raise him/her.

Yohami said...

"Today, I feel more emotional, guilty almost, about that bundle of cells I got rid of."

"bundle of cells" is the new black.

Wo Fat said...

The thing that never ceases to surprise me about these people is how they turn something repulsive, abhorrent, and disgraceful into yet another opportunity to attention-whore and play the victim. She murdered what would have been a 24 year old human, yet we're supposed to mourn her and pity her silly choice instead of the innocent victim of her deed.

Wasn't it "Tombstone" that had the quote that "My hypocrisy knows no bounds"? Hers doesn't, and neither does her narcissisms.

clown said...

Infanticide you say. I was focusing on the economic impact of abortion, namely that most aborted babies are unwanted babies and unwanted babies are less likely to have healthy, productive lives, and more likely to be a drain on society. See Levitt. Again, that's the economic perspective. But you all are talking morality which I have much less to say about, and plenty enough ink has been spilled on the abortion debate but I will say this: a 4 cell embryo is not the moral equivalent of a 4 year old toddler, and to believe otherwise is pure lunacy, rationalizable only on the infinitely fragile framework of spiritual ethics, the Western basis of which is the nebulous Christian bible, in which, by the way, you'll find no statement saying abortion is wrong. Yes, that's right. Try to find one. Moral authorities aside, equating the abortion of a pre-term fetus with "infanticide" will not play, sir. If an unfertilized egg has no moral status, I fail to see why the addition of another set of chromosomes somehow magically elevates the newly formed diploid embryo into the realm of personhood.

Yohami said...

"If an unfertilized egg has no moral status, I fail to see why the addition of another set of chromosomes somehow magically elevates the newly formed diploid embryo into the realm of personhood."

It will happen "magically" at some point, since morality and "personhood" are magical thinking. You either recognize the "mass of cells" as a "person" at birth, or you use another magical parameter, like race or religion or family or social class or a certain age.

If you like the biological frame... the moment the pair of chromosomes are added to the ovule, that thingy has its own adn: it's not longer part of the mother's body, but a separate being.

realmatt said...

I want to make a commercial/short film featuring nothing but a woman lost in thought, staring into space while her children grow up around her and she does crap with her husband and at the end, when the emotional music comes to a dramatic end she looks at her child and decides "I'll keep him" and leave it vague so she could be talking about her son or her husband.

Anonymous said...


Ghost said...

I've met some unrepentant pathetic pieces of merde in my day, but wow. It haunts her. Haunts. There's a word for parents who view their kids as "dream killers." they're called bad parents. 24 years ago, they didn't have online colleges that Think Tank Princess can use. And they say that we're the ones who want to bring us back to the stone ages. They're the ones who want to leave the Down's Syndrome baby as bear bait.

Spectator said...

Well based on her pic it looks like she probably would have end up saddled with some chav as her baby daddy, hardly an ideal existence but her only chance to have a kid. Guess that ship has sailed at this point.

Anonymous said...

Fascinating scientific paper Vox.

It would explain:
a) Why homosexuals are still in the gene pool
b) The origin of the metrosexual and dandy man (See also: Casanova)
c) Why a lot of the great seducers were bisexual
d) Why women tend to have gay friends
e) Why women get attracted and say "I'd so go for him, but he's gay!"
f) Why artists tend to both homosexuality and racking up high partner counts

That's all I think of right now.

Daniel said...

Because the aborted are guaranteed to have a healthier, more productive life than if they had lived? Your brain must be salty from all that pretzel logic.

Doom said...

Come to think of it I do believe you are absolutely correct, at least regarding women who chose the wrong path. She isn't exceptional in this way. I used to exclusively date dead-enders (like her). For my part, I would truly recommend not taking my paths. I simply didn't understand, didn't have a good foundation. I like to say I knew how to wiggle, just not why. I went looking and got lost quite often. I will say though that you figure things out a lot better making a mistake than you do just following some (even highly successful) formula. I just hope, if I have sons, to give them a rough outline formula and the means to make sense of it. The price for the wrong choices will haunt me forever.

Wendy said...

Yes, all those couples out there paying thousands of dollars for IVF or to adopt. Yeah, unwanted babies...

And you need a biology lesson. Yohami's got it right.

Toby Temple said...

She could be lying about being haunted by the fact that she killed her unborn baby or that she wants her beautiful, bright 17-year old goddaughter to suffer her fate.

SarahsDaughter said...

This woman is a friend of a friends. I first saw her poster on his facebook page. I praised the woman who gave birth to her despite having been raped. Rebecca responded with this: "my birthmother did not actually choose life, but chose abortion, having gone to two back-alley abortionists attempting to abort me. But I was legally protected, so I thank God for the pro-life legislators in Michigan who recognized that mine was a life worth saving, even in the case of rape. And today, my birthmother is thankful that she was "forced to carry me." In fact, a year and a half ago, 22 years from the day we met, she and her husband legally adopted me. I am a blessing to her, I honor her, and I bring her healing."
I asked what happened with the back-alley abortionists and she responded with: "She backed out because of the back-alley conditions and the fact that it was illegal. But those were my near-death experiences, and they're life-changing. I'm so thankful my life was spared, but I know that others deserve the same protection as well. So it's out of that gratitude that I seek to do the same for others, even though pro-aborts like to answer "YES!" to the question posed in this poster."

mmaier2112 said...

I have had the joy of having a woman tell me of her abortion, for which she says she did no wrong. Then some 18 years or so later having the same woman tell me of her "pain" of her suffering a miscarriage. I keep wanting to ask her why one is worthy of pity or compassion and the other is not.

She would have no answer for me, I'm sure. And it would likely only make her hate me.

But I cannot help but wonder if it might not be better for HER should I ask the question.

Her stating she did nothing wrong in murdering her child only serves to convince me she's in denial. Perhaps making her face her deed would actually serve her well in the long run?

Probably not. The hamster... she doth spinneth mosteth swift, does she not?

SarahsDaughter said...

It took the strong pimp hand of the Michigan government with a law that at the time legislated for the liberty of all to save this woman's life and she has a mother who is not haunted.

artie said...

"Pregnancy meant instant relegation to the bottom of the pile."

Wow. We live in a society that values death over live.

LP2021 Bank of LP Work in Progress said...

Poor woman, poor baby, poor god daughter/niece. Run!

It is a sad situation all the way around. God has placed some wonderful women in my life. However, I saw their advice or their, "you shoulds" as vicarious living, bad advice and illogical. When I push back, I quickly find myself in a argument or I lose their friendships. They eventually cycle back my way to try and repair things. Tired of them, I remained distant.

Back in 2006, I used to do pharma repping. I was asked to take over another persons territory. So I went to OBGYNs and free clinics to drop off whatever the rep did.

There is such a difference in how the offices are decorated. The OBGYN office had an entire wall celebrating new babies, growing children and happy families. The free clinics (state funded/abortion/birth control center) felt rather dark. With darker wood paneling, old chairs, Oprah/Oxygen tv blaring, endless info about domestic violence, birth control benefits and not one picture of a family, children, babies etc.

SouthTX said...

Wow. This is scary stuff. Two out of three were unplanned. If the mrs ever thought of aborting them. Her ass would have been out the door.

SouthTX said...

Trust me, when the wife was pregnant, her status rose. But I love my Kid's.

Anonymous said...

'They're the ones who want to leave the Down's Syndrome baby as bear bait.'


Got to remember that, the next time some wanker waxes windy about the Sacrament of Abortion and How It Frees Women From Men.

SouthTX said...

Girls, being pregnant with your husband's child. God planned to make you happy at this point. Stick with it.

Anonymous said...

Hell, yeah!

Pregnant women get all 'Oohed and Aahed' over - if there's one thing (most) women really want, it's that.

Anonymous said...

Hell, yeah!

Pregnant women get all 'Oohed and Aahed' over - if there's one thing (most) women really want, it's that.

Rock Throwing Peasant said...

"the Western basis of which is the nebulous Christian bible, in which, by the way, you'll find no statement saying abortion is wrong."

clown, check out the original Hypocratic Oath, not hte sanitized one modern doctors take.

I think you'll find the basis for life at conception existed far before Christ and the exclusion of a certain line in the oath is chilling.

Rock Throwing Peasant said...

"I will give no deadly medicine to any one if asked, nor suggest any such counsel; and similarly I will not give a woman a pessary to cause an abortion."

WS1835 said...

That is the essential key to the new wave of childless adults, and why 40 yr olds can hardly be told apart from 20 yr olds based on their behavior.

Never having children and a family means never having to mature. One can play peter pan until the arthritis sets in....

Desert Cat said...

That combo's gotta create some *FABULOUS* cognitive dissonance...

traumaboyy said...

Well Said!!

Was a dumb-ass Delta looking for love in college....She was beautiful....Her family went to Church..must be good people right?? ...had one dirty little secret...Of Course I said "Hell, we all make mistakes!!" Last child support payment goes out next month!!

These woman are FUCKED UP!!

Bellita said...

A friend and I were just discussing that very example, and she used that very line! I've sent her a link to this post.

Anonymous said...

The Catholic Church teaches that there are 'temporal' consequences to sin in addition to the spiritual consequences. Forgiveness of sins erases the sin, but it doesn't erase the damage due to sin. You still have to deal with the temporal consequences one way or another.

Cyrus said...

"obviously not haunted enough"

Exactly. And that's how solipsism works. Women will blindly follow an alpha murderer, complying to his every violent whim and "say" they feel bad about it afterwards.

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