Sunday, April 29, 2012

Dogs are easy

Wives rather less so. Or so it would seem, given Cesar Millan's divorce. JB sends in a guest post:
Men are dogs, women are cats: a $400k lesson for Cesar Millan

Mexican delta (with strong alpha energy, as South American men tend to exhibit in LTRs) marries hot young thing in the old country. Moves to America. Finds success, becomes a fame-powered alpha. However, deeply invests in a basically beta (in Vox's sense) philosophy of social interaction.

Wife gets long in tooth and claw, a combination of America's noxious feminist fumes, middle age, and the carte blanche of US divorce laws. Husband makes rational concessions, moderates alphaness, and eventually goes all the way - adopting a "calm submissive" attitude towards his wife, who becomes the dominant partner. Peace within the pack is restored.

Pysch. Women are cats, not dogs.

As soon as I saw the video of Cesar Millan interacting at home with his wife, explaining his philosophy of calm submission, and read her bug-eyed, tense, fake-happy body language, I knew. It was over. Maybe she would stay with him for the gravy ride, maybe she would dump him and take him for everything; but the vag was now drier than the Sahel. Poor Cesar.

Well, things have taken the course of least resistance, and now Cesar gets to pay $400k plus $23k monthly for his obtuseness.

Shoulda bought a cat.
Christianity 1, Pop Pseudo-science 0. Calm submission is for women, not men. Men want submitted wives. Women don't. They want leaders, whether they consciously realize it or not.


Faust said...


What video is he referring to?

realmatt said...

I don't understand why more of these rich idiots don't just give away their entire fortunes, sans whatever they leave for their kids, to charities before the divorce.

They only do these things because society doesn't punish them. They only care about the public eye so do everything in your power to publically seem like the good guy. Even if people think you gave the money away out of spite, it's still money going to dying kids in Africa or whatever.

Move some place warm all year round and sleep on a bench. I could easily live in a van and find somewhere to shit and shower everyday. Women can't do that.

SouthTX said...

"Christianity 1, Pop Pseudo-science 0. Calm submission is for women, not men. Men want submitted wives. Women don't. They want leaders, whether they consciously realize it or not." Very succinct summary. The smart ones know that is what they want. And they embrace it.

JB AKA Koanic said...

It's in one of the dog whisperer episodes. If you read through the episode guides you might be able to dig it up. A while back I watched a season or two.

Or it might be some extra Hulu footage. Can't recall.

Also, I have great respect for Cesar's philosophy on DOG management, which is why I find his abject failure so interesting - it conclusively proves a point about female human nature.

To wit: No man on Earth can more perfectly and congruently display "calm-submissive" energy than Cesar Millan. He was doing it without any neurotic weirdness or coldness, but instead warmth and solid energy. Yet he still failed.

On an unrelated note, the first video series explaining the Koanic Soul inner game system for introverts will be publicly released in the next two days. You can watch the backstory now. (click my name.)

SouthTX said...

I have a very large uncut bull mastiff (I know, but the wife and kids pleaded for him). Submissive doesn't work on him if you are male. He's 140 lbs of teeth and muscle. He's very protective of my wife and daughter. I'm glad for it. But I play with him like he's a puppy. He won't leave me alone when he want's to play. My son's have learned this. He also never marks in the house. Personal experience with dog's, never would have thought Cesar a submissive.

Koanic said...

He's not. He always plays the dominant role with his dogs. But he didn't understand how to fulfill that role with his wife, because she plays by cat rules.

Markku said...

SouthTX: Your systematic mistake of putting an apostrophe in the plural is strange. I know your native language is Finnish, but it isn't one of the typical mistakes we make, like mixing up he and she. And it seems to be the only one that repeats in every comment.

TLM said...

That is rather strange as most of the episodes I've seen, its bascially him teaching some effeminate male partner to man up and take charge of his pet.

Koanic said...

Cesar strikes me as an all or nothing, systematic thinker. If he'd been content to muddle along he probably would've done ok-ish. But he tried to solve it.

MikeM. said...

Ah, but how much is the Dog Whisperer franchise worth? This might be pocket change.

Anonymous said...

Why I am not surprised at this. It fits who the man is on the underneath. I'd equate this to expecting a gamma to miraculously turn into a sigma.

Still this has me thinking about all the guys I see riding around alone with their dogs in tow. I can't help but wonder if the dog is the new female for them.

Subservient and better behaved in their eyes than most of their past female relationships, I suspect. Kind of like all the unattached cat ladies out there. Pets do fill a companionship need. Just look at Mickey Rourke these days.

Koanic said...

It has nothing to do with the man's "underneath", and everything to do with the woman's "underneath".

We know what's "underneath" Cesar. Read his first book, and you'll hear his the thoughts of his innermost soul.

But the inner life of women - the audible thoughts are insignificant. The Cthonian torrent roaring through the subconscious is what drives.

That's why dog packs work. Cat packs... not so much.

And by the way, there's nothing subjective about "better behaved." Women's inability to behave is what makes them the weaker sex.

Yohami said...

Cesar tried "calm-submissive" on himself to make his wife the pack leader? wtf?

Koanic said...

Yes, it's in the video I mentioned and also his first book.

Anonymous said...

Well obviously it takes two. But Cesar will continue to run into problems with women based on his (lack of) response or inaction. I'd call that his underneath. Otherwise he is just biting his tongue as he yogis out the situation.

On the better behaved aspect. You're preaching to the choir. But all guys don't get that as we know.

Stickwick said...

Here's a short interview with Millan and his wife. Prior to exposure to this blog, I would not have been conscious of what's going on in this video; but now it's obvious from the way he allows her to take over the interview, the expression on his face as she verbally out-muscles him, and the way he deprecates himself and defers to her.

Koanic said...

Cesar actually makes much of learning deference to women only after coming to America, and constantly cites powerful women such as Oprah. He penetrated the world of celebrities first as a trainer of their dogs, and really drank their feminist Kool-Aid. So his divorce counts as a double-refutation.

His fundamental problem is that he treats them like pack members; letting them take the lead and practicing calm-submission. This only makes sense if you view women as equals.

Seen another way, hist strategy is the perfect way to get rid of your wife in the least acrimonious manner possible. They settled out of court for a fraction of his net worth and monthly income - an impressively good deal. He killed her attraction without doing anything she could logically seize upon as wrong.

Tiger said...

When I first read Cesars books a year ago, he described some interactions with his wife. I had an uncomfortable feeling, Gammas as I was, that Cesar was letting his wife dominate him. If I could pick that up just from those clues, then it must have been really obvious to others. And now the shoe has dropped.

Matthew said...

Markku, I've been seeing an increase in the incidents of that form of apostrophe splice over the last few years. It's surprising in a way that solecisms like "CD's" or "the 1990's" are not. I think there must be some sort of grammatical chreode leading to that construction, but I haven't any ideas as to what that could be.

Trust said...

Men marry to have relationships, whereas women marry to have resources.

Yohami said...


Anonymous said...

Can you describe the "cat behavior" of women?

Unknown said...

Men are dogs because dogs and men and simple: eat, sleep, play.

Women are cats because they are complex (and that is not a good) thing: whine and cry and otherwise be annoying.

Yohami said...

The dog adapts to the system, the cat cheats the system.

Tell a dog not to enter the house and he´ll learn to stay away. Tell a cat not to enter the house and he´ll learn to enter when you're not around.

Tiger said...

My Pitt Bull must be a cat then... Always jumps on the couch when I'm not around. Think I'll try cayenne pepper at some point.

Yohami said...

He must think its his, Cesar Millan pack thing + training should work

Anonymous said...

I saw Ceasar do some work with cats and it was the same tactics he used with dog's except the pack aspect.

So is there any "taming of the cat"?

Yohami said...

Yes. Replace the stick with a cock.

Trust said...

@Pit Bull, and interesting anology. I imagine a seemingly sweet, sexy kitty that purrs and snuggles to get what she wants... then she starts acting like a pit bull when she is backed by the power of the federal government.

Stickwick said...

That doesn't quite work. For one thing, it's dogs that whine and cry, not cats. Also, cats pretty much just eat, sleep, and play, too.

Men are like dogs in that they are predictable and easy to work with -- with a dog, you almost always get the same outcome with the same stimulus. Cats, on the other hand, are fickle.

The analogy mostly applies in the sense of the pack mentality. In any pack, once an alpha has been established, there is peace, regardless of who's the alpha. However, if a woman is the alpha, there is no peace. Hence, they're not like dogs.

To stretch the analogy a bit ... only under rare circumstances will you see cats exhibit pack behavior. Analogously, you'll see pack behavior from women only amongst other women, and even then it's tenuous at best. In both cases, the hierarchy is the same: fluid and dynamic, with tense momentary truces in between all the hissing, jealousy, and sneaky competitiveness.

Anonymous said...

Okay Yohami I'll raise you this then. I looked into cat training based off the link you provided. The cat learns to follow the "stick" by given treats for focusing on the stick and following it, until the cat just follows it on its own.

What would be the treats for a female to get her to follow the cock.

Yohami said...

They are following the cock already, just dont let them catch it.

Koanic said...

Roissy is a great resource for men trying to wrap their heads around cat games for the first time.

Here's one of my favorite cat principles:

Jessie the attention-seeking cat

Basically, cats need an aloofly arbitrary mixture of teasing, rejection and affection.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious, "the cock is the treat" basically.


Philalethes said...

The poster also puts apostrophes in third-person-singular verb constructions: "want's to play" -- another growingly common error. He seems to have a blanket rule: whenever a word ends with an "s" added for grammatical reasons (as opposed to words which already end in "s"), put in an apostrophe (just to be safe?). I wonder if he also writes "her's" as in "his and her's"?

Is English his second language, as Markku implies? With the triumph of State "education", these errors are becoming nearly ubiquitous even among native speakers.

Boogeyman said...

He should have just stuck with Cartman's mom. That episode was pretty dam funny.

SouthTX said...

Guess my English teacher's are to blame. Oh well.

SouthTX said...

That's funny You may have a point.

SouthTX said...

I tend to. No it's (contraction) my first, but remember I went to public schools. Didn't care a bunch about studying at the time. But folks in my line of work don't generally. Even top graduate Engineers that we eventually work for tend to have very bad spelling in informal E-mails.

SouthTX said...

Don't worry though. My Mother had a Masters in English and was teaching at Woosters college when she met my Dad. I am the blacksheep of the family. You are not the first to wonder over my speech patterns. I vexed my Mom's soul.

Lucas said...

The Bible teaches game.

Lugo said...

"He killed her attraction without doing anything she could logically seize upon as wrong."

In my experience, it doesn't matter a single bit if you haven't done anything she can "logically seize upon as wrong". Logic has NOTHING to do with it! Once she has decided to get rid of you, the hamster wheel starts spinning, and spits out dozens of totally imaginary wrongs that you have committed. The idea that she got rid of you for no good reason is far too uncomfortable for her; she must make you into a monster, and thereby feel completely comfortable treating you with utter ruthlessness.

Once the 'gina stops tingling, you have done her many, many wrongs in her mind, no matter what you actually did in reality.

Daniel said...

Cats and dogs? What about mice?

Week two of the Hypergamouse hostage crisis begins...

Markku said...

Hmm. Something is confusing here. I'm pretty sure you said you were married to Stickwick, and I'm also pretty sure that Stickwick's husband was supposed to be a Finnish army officer who switched continents. I don't even remember having gotten that drunk lately so that it would explain how I might have confused such things. (Of course, that could as well mean that I have been very, very drunk.)

Koanic said...

SouthTX sees the whole elephant. Lugo is still only seeing the obvious part.

I read a fantastic book by a very successful marriage counselor, who specialized in helping men get back together with their splitting wives. Can't recall the title right now. Something catchy. Think he was from Texas.

His whole deal was to never disagree, and to do the reverse - criticize yourself so harshly she starts to defend you.

A marriage has a lot of inertia. His strategy works on more middle age types who don't have great options. It's not the tightest game, but this was written pre-Game.

What Cesar did - and he did it correctly, give him credit, he knows how to project solid energy - vastly reduced the acrimony of the divorce. It didn't save the marriage though.

Koanic said...

Mice are children, obviously.

Stickwick said...

SouthTX said he was married to me? I missed that. In any case, SouthTX is not my husband. At least I don't think so. It doesn't sound like him, but ... Herkkupeppu, is that you?

RC said...

3/4" PVC pipe across the back is very effective at establishing no cat zones.

Markku said...

Now I think I know what's going on. He probably said something like "my wife, Stickwick, is..." as in saying something to you, and I was just scanning the messages, so I read it all wrong.

SouthTX said...

You did. Although Stickwick sounds like a perfectly nice Lady. I find her refreshingly honest. So I might have responded to her at some point.

SouthTX said...

Funny you mentioned PVC. When first married pre-kids, my wife's first and last horse turned around and kicked the crap out of me. I was extremely pissed off and cussing. Came in and grabbed the first loaded gun I could reach. 870 with 00 buck.(Should have gone with the 30.06) She was on the phone with her friend. She got a horrified look and told her friend she had to hang up. She calmed me down and she went after him with a PVC pipe. Never had a problem with the horse after, we sold him. Bought the Mrs. a 4 wheeler. My thoughts are I don't want to ride a thinking machine. Except one.

SouthTX said...

Really? You guy's really exists? I am a prole who appreciates the blog to pass away my downtime after working 70+ a week lately and destress. The Wife know's I do and understands. Let's me vent. I respect Vox because he see's the big picture. I think I now know what he means by mental masturbation. Folk's, the real world out there may shock you. I live it.

Carlotta said...

SouthTX, I have an Old English Mastiff who is over 200 pounds at 1 years old, purebreed from a sire who is from the most winning line of Mastiffs (this mattered because he was carefully breed to be a family guard dog, if not breed carefully you end up with a gigantic couch potato who will go nuts on you once they hit puberty).
Dad is over 260 and Mom is over 240. He is uncut also, because he is in demand as a stud. If you notice, Cesar never takes on the Mastiffs. They don't give a wild rats butt about his method. Our breeder gave us some great info, basically they need to respect you and LOVE you. If they do not, if they only fear you, they will turn very nasty.
And they "shit test" constantly. Doesn't matter how well trained. They want to know on a daily basis who is in charge. At least the males do lol.

And yes, having a Mastiff in the home is a major peace of mind issue :)

Carlotta said...

Yes, was a women run home. We have never once had dogs who did anything like shown on that show. My Husband is very dominant. And we have had Chow Chow/pit bull and Rottie/pit bull mixes that were huge and aggressive, but they did what he said the second he said it. And if they didn't do what I said, he took care of it.
Of course, the worst has been the PomChi and then the Mastiff, but for sure the PomChi is the toughest to crack LOL.

Yep, female leaders in the pack give Dogs the willies. Even the females. It is what it is.

Carlotta said...

Yes, I am married to a Hispanic. As a rule, they do not defer to any women. If their Mother is overbearing, they just lie to her LOL. Or kind of distract her and then do what they want anyway.

Wow, the gravitational pull of Oprah is strong to make a feminist out of someone who should have seriously known better.

Koanic said...

Snowflaking vicariously through pets?

Your assertion is verifiably false.

Carlotta said...

He seems to have plenty of resources and she sure will not get a better catch then him. So your theory in this case doesn't work.

Anonymous said...

>>>His fundamental problem is that he treats them like pack members; letting them take the lead and practicing calm-submission. This only makes sense if you view women as equals.

Wrong answer. That makes sense if you view women as the pack leaders. Calm submission is for the lower tier dogs interacting with the alpha; or for the alpha interacting with humans. The pack leader isn't calm submissive to the lesser dogs; he sometimes gives them the look or stands there with his chin over their neck.

Calm leadership of the pack, or the male/female relationship, is what he should have been striving for. Not calm submission.

Koanic said...

I've read the book and understand the concepts. Try reading it again.

Hint: He doesn't treat all women as pack leaders.

CL said...

Too bad he didn't read The Wife Whisperer.

John Q Galt said...

Carlotta tends to attention whore a lot. Her posts have a lot of "I'm the PERFECT woman" sprinkled with Feminist Shaming Language when she disapproves.

New handle. I'd posted as "Anon" for a while.

Trust said...

@Carlotta: He seems to have plenty of resources and she sure will not get a better catch then him. So your theory in this case doesn't work.

Yes it does work in this case, even more so. She is in the legal drivers seat... she can leave him and take everything. She no long has to be a wife to obtain the resources.

Cyrus said...

It doesn't occur to us - that's why.

This idea is so good I may change my mind and do get married - just to try this out. I hate paying rent.

On second thought - this idea must be TOO good to be true. There has to be some law against this when the divorce is imminent - maybe the wife has to consign on the donation or the bank denies it or aomething

Zorro said...

Every post you make is a statement to the reality of evolutionary psychology, and you market it as Christianity.

You vacuous superstitious cunt.

Seriously. How can a cunt like you live with yourself?

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