Sunday, April 15, 2012

Consider the alternative

Here is the background information:
I am a 42 divorced man. (My ex-wife went all EatPrayLove on me.) Not only I am an eminent businessman who’s been an executive at the top corporations in the world (Apple, Facebook, Google) but I am above average attractive. I never dated until I went to college, in school girls I approached didn't think they were good enough for me, cheerleaders were intimidated by my athletic prowess, to top it all I was very shy, so I was in a catch-22 situation.

It has taken me this long to get up and start ‘looking’. I have found that it is like going back to school again. Women are still intimidated by me(!). As I said I am quite attractive and this results in many indicators of interest, but still no women will go out with me.
Now for the question. Is this writer's problem:

a) Women are intimidated by his success.
b) Women are intimidated by his good looks.
c) Women don't believe they are good enough for him.
d) Women think this guy is self-deluded and ridiculous.


Markku said...

Almost certainly d. But it is not quite as ridiculous as the converse case, as women could ostensibly be intimidated by a man's success. Many women are intimidated by lots of crazy things.

Aeoli Pera said...


Those are all IT companies. Maybe they're intimidated because he can mathematically prove emacs is superior to vi.

JCclimber said...

I've never seen a cheerleader intimidated by athletic prowess. Strike one
EatPrayLove rarely happens to men with tight game and frame control. Strike two
Indicators of interest show that he is good looking enough. Immediate loss of interest and excuse making show serious lack of game. Strike three.

The problem isn't self-delusion. The problem is lack of game

Anonymous said...

I know where you got this, Vox, and I love how you've made your point. :)


Acksiom said...

e) It's a woman's complaint that's been put through a gender inversion filter.

physphilmusic said...

Guy sounds like a troll. 42 years old and has been an executive at Apple, Facebook AND Google? Seriously? All three?

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing there's a creepy vibe he gives off.

stg58 said...


Eric S. Mueller said...

I can't speak for women, but I think D sums him up best. He sounds like a total douchebag.

Sort of reminds me of some guys I knew in the Navy. Every Monday morning, they talked about all the girls they slept with over the weekend. Go out with one on Friday night hoping it'll rub off on you, and you never even witness the guy talking to a single girl.

realmatt said...


Unknown said...


SarahsDaughter said...

This read high on the WTF meter.

And then...'re a funny guy, Mr. Day.

Toby Temple said...

D for Delusional.

All I can read is "Women are very attracted to me but won't give me the time of day!"

That says that women are not attracted to him at all.

Yohami said...
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Yohami said...

This is like the regular omega saying he's a sigma.


"in school girls I approached didn't think they were good enough for me, cheerleaders were intimidated by my athletic prowess, to top it all I was very shy"

Overall this reads like he has enough superficial attractiveness to keep women coming to him, he might be good looking or have money, he might seem like a good deal from the far away. But once women come closer, the guy's lack of game, or, say, lack of human social skills and lack of comfort in his own skin quickly grosses the girls out.

He's doing the classical female hamsterization. "oh they dont want me because my good attributes INTIMIDATE THEM". He's hamstering like a woman. Which only shows how freaking little clue he has.

Daniel said...

Sounds like a middle aged John Updike.

Rabbit is Delusional.

Anonymous said...

First of all, troll.

As to the intimidation thing, I have seen it when I'm too far objectively higher value then a girl. There is a certain "he's out of my league" intuition that let's a girl know a guy is just slumming for an easy fuck. If she's in relationship mode this can actually be a problem.

Wo Fat said...

Eat Pray Love. "Siddhartha" as written by a narcissist...

Anonymous said...

E) None of the above

This is called the Rob Lowe syndrome or the Rob Lowe chameleon. I'm certain this guy watched About Last Night one too many times during his poonanie less HS days.

Anonymous said...


That could be a fun game here at AG. "Guess whether legitimate letter or gender flipped ___."

Anonymous said...

He must be parodying the woman who think men are intimidaed by "strong women". Or is a Troll.

mmaier2112 said...

Clarification, please?

Anonymous said...

Okay here is a little boost for all you struggling gamers out there.

Make the following your personal mantra. Learn it, know it, live it...and your game will improve exponentially.

I relax and enjoy life. I know that whatever I need to know is revealed to me in the perfect time and space sequence.

Anonymous said...

Retrenched said...

Ha, I see what you did there...

Brad Andrews said...

It is quite possible (and likely) he focused too much on his job and not enough on his wife. That doesn't negate her role, but being an executive in any one of those companies would definitely be very time consuming.

I agree that he sounds delusional.

Anonymous said...

Care to bet on this, Vox?

$50.00 to the winner's favorite charity.

I don't think the Pill will be taken. There might be a last minute hamsterbation session, followed by eStorming out, but no fundamental change.

The truth is too painful. It's easier for this person to avoid this end of the internet than admit the size and scope of their mistakes. Path of least resistance FTW.

Respectfully Submitted,


VD said...

Care to bet on this, Vox?

No, because I don't disagree with you. That is the usual response.

LP2021 Bank of LP Work in Progress said...

This comment could be a disaster so bear with me. MK will probably have to explain the correct answer to me.

Maybe he hasn't met the righter person, doesn't have workable Game, lacks self-awareness, doesn't want to get involved post divorce, arrogance overpowers the self-confidence factor turning women off.

It must be nice to have worked at such lucrative businesses.

Nate said...


Women bang men who intimidate them.


Anonymous said...

Coffee-through-the-nose time!

Markku said...

I wouldn't say disaster, more like a minor fender-bender.

The point is that the same women who would buy the "I'm a spinster because men are intimidated by my degree" would recognize the ridiculousness of a man making basically the same argument.

SouthTX said...

Having witnessed it first hand with my son I can tell you being very dominating physically makes extremely good looking girls act like a little kitten around them. They will even leave their drama at the door.

Anonymous said...

Okay I request that we add another qualifier to the alpha sigma category. If you've never had a woman ask you to marry her, then your not an alpha or sig.

Orville said...

Aspie perhaps? Though if he really is a male model, highly compensated, executive aspie, he would still have the gold diggers hanging on his every word until they bled him dry. If he is real he's probably just an upper level geek who calls himself an executive.

Orville said...

Nope. I'm not a alpha or sigma and my wife asked me to marry her. I ignored the question and proposed some months later on my terms.

Anonymous said...


I call bullshit. Given divorce laws' favoring the ex-wife, no divorce decision by a wife ever needs to be rationalized; it makes sense already and the other stuff (eat, pray, fuck around, leave) is mere justification for a looting crime.

As for the lack of dating success, if he had all the physical & professional success he claims, he'd have to have the personality of one of Hitler's hemorrhoids to avoid getting laid. The large pool of 30-something spinsters-in-training would throw themselves on this guy faster than they throw a plastic cover onto their new sofa to protect it from all the cats. The lowest d-bag Omega in the world isn't clueless enough to screw up what this guy claims to have - and yes, I'm speaking about Jeff Zuckerberg.

Caelaeno said...

D. If a woman ever tells you that she's not good enough, she is lying. If there is one thing modern culture has drilled into our heads, it's that we're essentially good enough.

What? You say I'm ugly? Please. Hollywood (which never lies) has taught me well, and I know that this is just the beginning of a sentence ending with "...but you're DIFFERENT. Let's spend the rest of our movie--oops, lives--in awe of your inner beauty/engaging in crazy monkey sex."

If you ask female friends why you can't get laid and that's the answer they give, then they're just trying to be nice. You really just have crappy game.

Caelaeno said...

Clarification: "the answer" in paragraph three being that you're just super intimidating/too good for all women within a 50-mile radius.

Wendy said...

c) Women don't believe they are good enough for him.

It's not you. It's me.

Amir Larijani said...


Daniel said...

I have a feeling this is a little like describing this unfortunate
guy as an animal lover.

Both these guys could have improved their lives by simply learning to punch the swan.

Anonymous said...

Oh it is certainly d. His story so does not ring true. Woman (myslef included) are normally more than willing to shoot over their heads. Even to the point of being delusional about our own value. Even if we think a guy is to much for us, he is still the one we go for.

Carlotta said...

The first thing I thought was that this was written by a women troll.

The second thing I thought was that you got him with option D.

The third thing I thought was, nah, this is fiction. What kind of athletically gifted, incrediblly successful business man knows what the heck EatPrayLove is?

I am getting good at this :)

Carlotta said...

Disagree here. As a women, I can tell you we are never "intimidated" by a man's success. It is hot.

Carlotta said...

As a former cheerleader (made Varsity Captain thankyouverymuch) I was a cheerleader because I LOVE athletic guys. You are right on the money.

I think the problem is that this is one of Vox's female anklebiters.

Carlotta said...

Maybe he keeps getting fired because he is so intimidating....

Carlotta said...

If you are so out of her league wouldn't she be all over you as you would be a once in a lifetime chance?

Anonymous said...

There are also some non alpha and sigma out there who can dominate socially but not sexually. Thus making your exception irrelevant. Another factor would be your wife's dmv...but we need not go there.

Master Doh-San said...

Time to give this guy back his white jacket and put him back in the Rubber Room. This is self-delusion on steroids.

Desert Cat said...

e) it is. Good call.

Lucas said...


Daniel said...

I'm guessing the gifted, savvy, rich Ryan Murphy the director of EatPrayLove*, is a man who knows what it is.

Of course, he's gay, so he couldn't have written the post.

*[And Nip/Tuck and American Horror Story, which probably tells you what he really thinks of EPL, too] Leave it to a man to realize the cash value of women's milquetoast empowerment.

David said...

Troll for sure. Joke post. I'll bet you nobody every worked for all three of these companies.

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