Monday, March 26, 2012

Hypergamouse 006


Difster said...

Right there, you've captured the the single most consistently annoying thing I've heard women say.

It's even funnier when women say things like that who are single mothers that live with their parents to help with baby sitting duties. And when you point out that they're really not independent because they're relying on mommy for a baby sitter and some nameless corporation for a paycheck, they get angry and say you hate women.

Anonymous said...

"Oh, no, I love women. In fact, I love them so much that I have made it one of my life goals to love as many of them as possible."

Anonymous said...

On an unrelated note:

mmaier2112 said...

Don't forget the "men only grab the low-hanging fruit" line. I love that one.

Anonymous said...

"No, we actually prefer the higher, firmer fruit. The low-hanging melons just aren't as appealing."

modernguy said...

Melons don't grow on trees.

Anonymous said...

no shit sherlock. are you still hanging around here making drive-by comments?

Spectator said...

Unfortunately for us, modernguy, it appears that morons do.

Mike M. said...

Let's we do the Polite Thing and ignore the idiot in a skirt, or the Honest Thing and point out just how stupid she really is?

Mr. Nightstick said...

It's getting better.

Ghost said...

Intelligent women never seem to understand that their stupid actions knock down the overall view of their supposed brilliance.

My wife doesn't keep up on politics or current events like I do, but she is smarter for never having watched the Jersey Shore or whatever show they're watching in the last panel.

stg58 said...

I am guessing that since both names start with a "K", they are watching the latest Kardashian extrusion.

Anglican said...

Perhaps "excretion" would be a better word.

Anonymous said...

What do you mean? I think the artist loses a small amount of talent each week.

Soga said...

This comic isn't supposed to be that funny, it's supposed to be more thought-provoking. It's like a Doonesbury that isn't painfully stupid.

Desert Cat said...

"Strong independent woman" is a good filter when perusing dating site profiles.

I don't think they have any clue just how telling it really is.


FHL said...

Honestly, Vox was not kidding when he said he was not funny. The blog posts are way more thought provoking; these comics are... eh... I get the same feeling that I got watching the third Pirates of the Caribbean ("Why doesn't anyone pirate anything? Where is the Caribbean?").

Where is the comedy? And the game?

I see the mice part.... but why are they mice in the first place?? They may as well be Dr. Seuss's whos!

All-in-all though, I do get excited with each "episode" -not sure why- guess I was expecting something different... let's see where this goes...

Soga said...

I just realized the significance of CareerMouse calling "Kim" a bitch.

CM is upset that men "can't handle" strong, independent women... but then when a woman does it on TV, CM calls her out for being strong and independent - aka a bitch!

CM wants to be like Kim and still get the guys, but hates women like Kim.

The CronoLink said...

Again, the poses are excellent but the art is seriously lacking.

John Robie said...

Mice? Shouldn't they be cats?

Samson J. said...

Thanks (sincere); I didn't get it.

Anonymous said...

First, I get it and much better this week. And for those who think it will be LOL isn't that type of script. And like his writing, MOST people will not get it. But if you do get it, AWESOME.

I have to pass this link onto some girlfriends to really piss them off :)

Second, I asked my Husband if he is intimated by smart women. He said he is never intimidated by women, but sometimes they really annoy him. LOL.

It is funny when you think about it without all the feminazi mind vomit they throw on us. I mean, do you see what men do for fun? Everything from sticking their hands in holes in the hopes that they do not pull back a nub and instead a catfish to yanking the nuts of a bull and riding it and jumping off the highest things they can find (oh yea, when that isn't high enough the do it from outer space).

How the heck did I ever buy this "intimidated" crap?

I have decided to tell my daughters that "intimidated" is code for "she is a bitch and may also be an ugly one".


Anonymous said...

Disagree. I don't want my cartoon to look like high art. I prefer recognizable characters, easily drawn and make the reader quickly comfortable with them.

Anonymous said...

That along with "powerful business women". I am going to vomit if I hear one more women describing herself this way then looking at me for a sense of awe.

I have never heard a guy describe himself that way and only the very top tier guys would be described by others that way.

Give me a break.


bob saget said...

hyperga mous
hyperga mouse


Anonymous said...

John, FHL . . .

A woman who sleeps with one man is Monogamous. A woman who sleeps with several is Polygamous. A woman who sleeps with as many as possible is Hypergamous.

Hyper-Gamous. Mous. Mouse. Mighty Mouse. Human body with mouse ears. Talks. Cartoon.


Honestly, my opinion of my intellect goes up every time I read the comments here. Nice feeling, not being the dumbest person in the room, for a change.

Anonymous said...


Amanjaw Marcuntte said...

A woman who sleeps with as many as possible is Hypergamous.

That's not quite correct. Hypergamy is a woman's genetic programming to seek a mate of higher sexual market value than her own. It has nothing to do with promiscuity.

Daniel said...

Honestly, my opinion of my intellect goes up every time I read the comments here. Nice feeling, not being the dumbest person in the room, for a change.

Good for you, especially since you are the only one who apparently didn't know what the proper definition of hypergamous is.

Maybe you should try to get rejected from the Admissions Department at MIT. Then you'll feel downright brilliant. I recommend you write in crayon, just to feel extra smug.

Anonymous said...

What's recognizable about the characters? They're all the same dopey-looking anthropomorphic mice.

The CronoLink said...

Nobody said anything about them not looking like "high art", anon.

Hank said...

Look at this fucking Omega! It's Omegamouse come to life.

Ugliest person I've ever seen in my life.

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