Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A portrait in Game

Is anyone conversant with Game going to be even a little bit surprised at this sordid California scandal? First, look at the picture below. Simply from the information provided by it, can you correctly guess a) who cheated, b) who told what appears to be a false story to the police, and c) the relative age of the lover and the spouse?
The developing tale of Alameda County Supervisor Nadia Lockyer and her husband, California State Treasurer Bill Lockyer, has thickened, as the San Francisco Chronicle reported the existence of an extramarital sex tape allegedly featuring Nadia and her former lover.

On February 3, police responded to a 911 call from a hotel room where Nadia had been the victim of an assault that required medical attention.  According Bill Lockyer, the attacker was an ex-boyfriend whom he claimed had been stalking his wife. (The San Jose Mercury News identified the man as Stephan Chikhani of San Jose.) However, after further investigation, authorities found that Nadia and Chikhani may have been involved in a consensual extramarital relationship.
So, how surprising is it that Lockyer's "attacker", who turns out not to be a stalker, but her meth-dealing lover, is 25 years younger and much more visibly alpha than the fat political herb to whom she is married? Not only does Chikhani have a criminal record, but he still hasn't been arrested or charged by the police for the purported "assault".

This is the sort of fate that Gammas and Deltas who wait for the carousel riders to hop off the carousel and into their supportive arms are often risking without realizing it. The problem is that once a woman acquires a taste for ALPHA, it is very, very hard for her to give it up, regardless of how much sense it makes for her to do so and how much she puts at risk by her extramarital ALPHA-chasing. Consider that Nadia Lockyer was not only willing to risk her marriage but a political position that cost her husband $1.5 million to acquire. So while it is clearly tempting for men of lower socio-sexual rank to wait and acquire more attractive women than they might otherwise merit by allowing an ex-carousel chick to settle down with them in her sexual retirement, it is very important for them to understand that such women come with a much higher risk of unfaithfulness attached due to their tendency to pull a Brett Favre and repeatedly unretire. The risk may be deemed worthwhile, it may even be worthwhile in some cases, but the important thing is to understand that there are inherent risks involved.


artie said...

The irony is that probably most people would describe Bill Lockyer as an Alpha (successfully, young wife, etc).

VD said...

He's almost certainly a social Alpha. And he did manage to score the hot young wife, after all. But he obviously couldn't manage to maintain her sexual interest despite giving her whatever she wanted, including a million-dollar campaign.

This is why I constantly stress the concept of sociosexuality. The social and sexual aspects intertwine, but they are not identical.

Anonymous said...

Interesting... it was obvious from Vox's intro who the cheater would be, but the wife, to me at least, looks totally uninteresting. I have trouble imagining her making it onto the carousel in the first place. Maybe she's really stacked and those parts aren't in the photo?

The Original Hermit said...

Anon: Watch the video, its a lot more obvious than the photo. He's a total herb; she's past her prime, but cleans up rather nicely.
Also, love the black co-worker white-knighting on her behalf. And how the husband assumes (wishful thinking) that Chakhini has to be a stalker, and his wife couldn't possible be interested in him.

TLM said...

The chick and the meth head look like a more compatible couple, while the husband looks like her father.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:26 am

" *** the wife, to me at least, looks totally uninteresting. I have trouble imagining her making it onto the carousel in the first place"

I suppose it depends on where you live. But in my experience living in the Midwest, any reasonably attractive woman with a sex rank of 4 or above, at or below age 30, give or take a few years, can get sex anytime she wants. Any such woman has a free ticket to ride the carousel anytime she wants.

Such women leave the carousel when one of these things happen: (1) she gets kicked off because her attractiveness has declined and she can't pull the men she used to; (2) she gets tired of the ride; or (3) she wants to get married.

Usually it's (1) that happens.


swiftfoxmark2 said...

She definitely has a much higher sex rank.

I know this guy is a glorified accountant and all, but that's no excuse to not be hitting the gym every morning (or at least most mornings) and keeping away from the foods you know you shouldn't eat.

Every married man needs to have a higher sex rank than their spouses in order to maintain their marriage. The only alternative is to reinstate traditional values in marriage and sexual relations, which is not going to happen in my generation (Y).

So which is harder? Changing yourself or changing the world?

Anonymous said...

You could argue that this was going to happen eventually. If it was not a construction worker that she met in rehab, it would have been a younger, successful Alpha that got her panties wet.

The SMV mismatch was too large to overcome her basic needs.

Brian said...

She doesn't look happy in any of the pics where she's standing next to him. A wife should be beaming standing next to her husband, not just going through the motions. If she hadn't cheated already, I would have predicted she would do so soon.

Anonymous said...

"The risk may be deemed worthwhile, it may even be worthwhile in some cases, but the important thing is to understand that there are inherent risks involved."

In my view. These same inherent risks also exist for those who go well below their game. As in one night-ing...or just getting in some short term practice with one who has very low self esteem and other personal issues.

Batshit crazy works on both sides of that fence.

DaveD said...

It seems like most of the previous commenters are claiming he had a lower SMV simply because of his looks or even his age. Simple fact is, he pulled her in the first place.

I would bet it was one of two things that happened. She was on the carousel and decided she needed a "stable" guy to support her and the kids crying out in fear of the ol clock. Or it was the old bait and switch. The guy was alpha while dating but after marriage he bought into the feminist idea of what a husband SHOULD be and beta'd out. I have a friend that did that and he and his wife are both miserable.


Ghost said...

Man, I really would have thought that crystal meth would destroy the alpha in that dude. It destroyed both of my brothers ability to maintain their alpha status (and holy hell, you should see my sister-in-law. Like God made her as ugly as he could and then kicked her in the face), and they spend more time picking sores and looking for scrap metal... It's too bad the tooth fairy doesn't visit tweakers.

Anyway, I ain't sayin she a gold digger, but she ain't messin with no broke crackers...

Anonymous said...

Dave D:

Probably a combination of both.


modern said...

"The problem is that once a woman acquires a taste for ALPHA, it is very, very hard for her to give it up, regardless of how much sense it makes for her to do so and how much she puts at risk by her extramarital ALPHA-chasing."

This is some unabashedly nerdy writing. You need to upgrade your logic hyperdrive unit with some additional style circuitry dude.

Anonymous said...

Another great link Vox for game analysis. It looks like a "he said, she said" thing, so I don't know who I would side with yet. But my favorite quote:

'I acted 100% in self-defence. I felt I had to defend the honor of the women I was with,' said Hock, 47 who was pictured leaving a clinic wearing a sling on his left arm, he told the New York Daily News.

The prince didn't really get his jaw broke it just looks like a few cuts. I think...

Nate said...

ok... he is visibly more alpha... but its really amusing how much in common alpha has with douchebag.

Everyone hates the douchebags on the net... but in real life.. the douchebags get the pussy.

Thankfully... alpha does not have to equal douchebag... it can.. and often does... but it doesn't have to.

The CronoLink said...

Got it all wrong:

a) He cheated
b) She told the lie
c) The lover was 20 years older

Should have paid more attention to her (seemingly) fake smile.

T14 said...

Lesson here - don't punch above your weight. Clearly not literally, in that manatee's case.

I'd bet good money this chick came from a blue-collar broken home.

And douchebag = alpha(which I take simply to mean sexually successful) because douchebag is typically defined by the internet peanut gallery. There is nothing douchey about working out, dressing well, and being exroverted. Unless of course the person defining the term is a neckbearded IT guy

Nate said...


actually the douchebag call was made me...based not on his working out or extrovertedness... but by the fact that he is wearing sunglasses inside. Probably at night.

That's some quality douchebag right there.

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Interesting... it experienced been apparent from Vox's intro who the cheater would be, however the wife, to me at least, appears completely uninteresting. I have trouble imagining her producing it onto the carousel all through the important thing place. possibly she's certainly stacked and people components aren't all through the photo?
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Anonymous said...

Why does it matter what he looks like? I though alpha was all about dominance, money, and power for men and just looks for women?

Anonymous said...

Manatee. LOL. I have a fat aunt and that's what my mom used to call her.

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