Monday, February 20, 2012

Introducing Hypergamouse

I hope you will enjoy Hypergamouse, which may, or may not, be the first Game-inspired comic strip. It will be appearing here on Alpha Game each week on Monday.


Anonymous said...

"Anyway, I hear the expression 'eats like a bird' is really a falsity. Because birds really eat a tremendous lot. But -I don't really know anything about birds. My hobby is stuffing things. You know - taxidermy."

Anonymous said...

Is that supposed to be his mom? Because she's weirdly hot for a 40-something mouse... woman... thing.

VD said...

Ah, no, not his mother. The characters will gradually become clear over time.

trk said...

lol, good stuff VD. This could become the Dilbert of game theory

Joshua_D said...

Is that a pony tail? On the guy mouse?

Nate said...

Hell I thought it was a dorsal fin.

Anonymous said...

Not bad. Has potential to be almost as funny as the snowflaking going on in the other post comments.

Jestin Ernest said...

Is that supposed to be his mom? Because she's weirdly hot for a 40-something mouse... woman... thing.

i would take 'her' to be the titular character of the strip. ie - HyperGamouse runs around telling Gammas what they 'must do' for women to like them, using typical feminine projection. i'm sure she'll fall for an Alpha / Sigma on a regular basis as well, leaving the Gamma Mouse ...

wait ... that's the 'joke' isn't it? a contraction of "hyper Gamma mouse". damn, now i feel stupid. when i first read the title i just assumed it was a contraction of "hyper Game Mouse". duh.

Viking said...

I suspect the hot mouse is who Gamma-mouse wishes he could get with but settles for being her friend and taking her bad advice on dating.

Viking said...

Because he is such a nice guy you know.

A.B. Dada said...

HypergaMouse = Hypergamy + Mouse.

Jestin Ernest said...

yeah, that's what i meant to say for my first assumption.

Good Will said...

It's a play on "hypergamous" -- mono-gamous, poly-gamous...hyper-gamous.

Anonymous said...

Is it me or is that the same haircut Vox sported at one time? And a Halo t-shirt? Maybe a substitute for MW3? Inquiring minds want to know!

Anonymous said...

A touch cheesy to start.


modernguy said...

If you want to make a concise point, you have to single out the missing ingredient. Fat-unattracive-nerd-with-no-game doesn't need game, he needs to become physically attractive first, whether women can give good advice or not.

It's going to be interesting to see if the comic can stay above the temping but lazy level of sneering sarcasm from internet "Sigma" and actually provide constructive examples of Game. Otherwise, anyone can go to sites like Married Man Sex Life for such deep game wisdom as hitting the gym and not being a doormat. Good game advice has to walk a fine line because being charming is not easy.

Daniel said...

Louie, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

That's a really good kick-off. I hope you can keep it going. Does JartStar have a gallery?

Stickwick said...

Ah, the old "just be yourself" routine. Women really do believe this is good advice, which is why they sound so convincing when they give it.

Another gem along these lines: "It's okay to be sensitive and cry in front of a woman." A close friend once told me she likes a man who's not afraid to cry in front of her. I kid you not, the very next night her date broke down into anguished sobs over his divorce, and she told me how revolted she was by it. Never saw the guy again.

The Deuce said...

I doubt that's his mother. More than likely it's meant to capture that dynamic whereby hot chicks give their beta orbiters terrible dating advice like "just be yourself," and "I wish I could just meet a nice guy like you [but not you]."

mmaier2112 said...

"If you want to make a concise point, you have to single out the missing ingredient. Fat-unattracive-nerd-with-no-game doesn't need game, he needs to become physically attractive first, whether women can give good advice or not. "

Your worldly observations are obviously wanting.

If you've never seen an unattractive guy pull hot tail, you don't get out very much.

Trust said...

I saw a game-like comic that went something like this:

Woman: "The only reason women dress nice is for the pleasure of men."

Man: "Right... and the *only* reason fisherman bait the hook is for the pleasure of the fish."

Ghost said...


Maybe they've never heard of Tom Lykis. All it takes for a fat unattractive guy to get laid is to leave a copy of his (hopefully large) bank statement in open view.

60% of the time, it works every time.

JartStar said...

No gallery yet. It's something I'm working on but won't be up for several months.

smesko said...

However, it's an anti-game site. They do have some funny stuff, though.

modernguy said...

"Your worldly observations are obviously wanting.

If you've never seen an unattractive guy pull hot tail, you don't get out very much."

You mean prostitutes or gold-diggers? You're missing the point of game. The point is to charm women into bed, that's game.

Jestin Ernest said...

You mean prostitutes or gold-diggers?

no, he is explicitly NOT talking about that. heck, even Vox points this out:
"Once you've seen beautiful married women ignoring tall, handsome, wealthy, and even famous men because that ugly old troll Henry Kissinger walked in the room, you simply can't deny the reality of Alphadom."

the fact that Vox directly contradicts this in his Hierarchy link in the sidebar greatly amuses me.

Jestin Ernest said...

Dramatis Personae:
HypergaMouse = hypergamous = 9/10 chick who frequents clubs and frequently gives tragically bad dating advice to her Gamma orbiters, completely ignores her own dating advice to ride the carousal with an Alpha, then cries on the shoulder of her Friend Zoned orbiter for comfort when the Alpha has tossed her aside

HyperGamouse = hyper Game mouse = recurring "Mr. Big" role. most of the fem characters are trying to ride his carousel. they often succeed ... for very short periods of time.

HyperGammouse = hyper Gamma mouse = the ubiquitous 'nice' guy who can't figure out why all the chicks are dating guys who treat them like crap.

thank you, thank you, i'll be here all night.

Joshua_D said...

Odd ponytail/dorsal fin aside, I thought it was funny. When I noticed what was on the chick mouse's t-shirt. It was a bit funnier.

Anonymous said...

"The Real Deal by A.B. Dada" ( was the first Game-inspired comic strip I saw, but he's retired apparently.
HypergaMouse looks promising.

modernguy said...

Jestin Ernest:

You're talking about Henry Kissenger, an internationally famous power broker that runs in the most elite social circles. How, precisely, does that relate to the oblivious, fat assed star wars obsessed nerd with no friends that is the subject of our attention, and more or less the object that game advice is usually directed at?

Yes, you could say that becoming a powerful and influential uber jew would constitute "game". But if you're capable of that, what the hell are you doing reading Alpha Game?

Jestin Ernest said...

Ghost said...

Modern guy,

I know a guy who plays WoW, and weighs easily 275. But he shreds on guitar, and bleeds alpha out of every pore. His girlfriend is a 10.

But you don't know Chris Finster, so Henry Kissinger makes a more apt example. Newt could probably still pull any of the groupies in for a quick threesome with Calista. Then look at Beta Romney and you realize, it's not just the power.

Prime example: Joe Francis, of girls gone wild. It take more than jello shots and a camera to get a girl to take her shirt off. It takes attitude.

modernguy said...

Yeah, but it's not all attitude, and if the starting point is a sheltered herb then there are more important things to clear out of the way. But actually my original point was just that using a caricature like that confounds the issue. If you want to be educational then you need a clear point, the messages in this example dilute and confound each other. I think there is a temptation to take the easy way out and just make a snarky cartoon with extreme caricatures so I guess we'll see how it plays out.

Markku said...

Yeah, but it's not all attitude, and if the starting point is a sheltered herb then there are more important things to clear out of the way.

Nobody is going to pump iron 24/7. There is no reason to not figure out the rest of it while you are getting your body in shape.

mmaier2112 said...

Modernguy: I'm nothing to look at, and I know it.

But at least I know it takes so very little effort to intrigue women that I must believe you're near clueless on how to do it.

Attitude goes most of the way. More than money, and probably more than a pocketful of cocaine.

But sit there and pout about how Game is worthless. The rest of us might spare you a small laugh at your expense while reaping the benefits.

The good (?) part of Game is that if I'd learned this stuff before I was saved, I'd probably have gathered a bastard kid and an STD or three.

The best part is my 12yr old nephew is using disinterested game to a tee. He won't even give his school GF his phone number so she can text him. My bro teaches at the same school and the GF's girlfriends are coming to my brother and asking for the kid's digits.

I just hope I get out East to talk to the kid before he dumps her. This could be VERY instructive for him.

Anonymous said...

Just to give a hat tip, daybydaycartoon is not inspired by game per say, but it does cover it regularly.

Jestin Ernest said...

Attitude goes most of the way. More than money, and probably more than a pocketful of cocaine.

you forgot a critical point here. indeed, it's the very point that is confounding modernguy so.

"Attitude" is more important than physical appearance, fame, money access to drugs, style, whatever.

Attitude is the whole point of Game.

can you up your success rate / lower your minimum required Game abilities by:
-having money
-being ripped
-exuding a dangerous / slightly violent vibe
-being blessed with symmetrical features
-dressing with style?

certainly. the point of Game is that it can overcome ALL of those handicaps.

the point of the Kissinger example is not that Kissinger is wealthy, famous and powerful.

it's that women who are already attached to handsome, athlestic, wealthy, famous and powerful men still flock to the ugly troll even though they already HAVE more aesthetically pleasing options.

simpleminded appearance based Game ( such as is described in the Hierarchy ) does not explain Kissinger's Game abilities.

otoh, unless you've already bagged the chick you want as a keeper, it's pretty damn stupid to NOT work out or to say "Game will compensate" as an excuse not to exercise.

Ghost said...


Yes, it does help to look good. But if you're a sheltered herb, the easiest thing to change is your attitude. If you took a total loser and give him an ultimate makeover, he still won't be getting laid, because looks only get you the "hello." after that, dude is screwed, but unfortunately, not literally.

It's at least 90% attitude.

Ghost said...

Jestin posted while I was typing, so I see what I said was covered and then some.

modernguy said...

Lol. indyguy don't you have some sarging to do?

I wasn't "pouting about how Game is worthless". I'll reiterate my point, which is that piling on weaknesses into such a trite little caricature only confounds the issue. There are plenty of normal, even good looking guys who can benefit from 'game'. While I agree that attitude can go a long way, as concerns the average dude, the few exceptions you might be able to muster of a fat ugly fuck with a gung ho attitude that gets the hot chick(s) are only going be the exceptions that prove the rule. For most guys looking reasonably good first is going to serve them much better than trying to go Chris Farley on the ho's. And again that has nothing to do with the comic, which example I was just pointing out is lazy.

Incidentally since you think attitude plays such a big part, I'm also interested in seeing the examples and specifics we're given of the lady killin' attitude.

And, really, I'm only being so critical because Vox likes to pose so hard. Let's see the goods (no homo). Roissy often gives examples of good conversational game or text game, or criticizes someone elses. I just want to see what instruction Vox can give. A comic would be ideal for that.

LP2021 Bank of LP Work in Progress said...

Great comic.

(Jestin E has a long way to go...)

smesko said...

In that Henry Kissinger example, that was a room that supposedly had other famous, wealthy, powerful people, Donald Trump included. So it could not have been fame and wealth that allowed him to dominate because others had it too. In any case, I think the idea that "attitude is 90%" is ridiculous. Sinn, a game coach, says that games only takes up 10% of a man's attractiveness, below physical appearance. Roissy, though, gives it more weight, but certainly no 90 percent.

Markku said...

Half-truth: Just be yourself

Full truth: Become the person who can afford to just be himself

Jestin Ernest said...

(Jestin E has a long way to go...)

really? in which direction do you think i should proceed?

keep my avatar handle in mind as you consider your response.

mmaier2112 said...

"sarging"? Now you're really trying too damn hard. I had to Google that.

I don't know to which particular definition of "sarging" in the Urban Dictionary you refer and I could give a damn.

Game's not something I do as an intellectual field research experiments. Even though realistically that might get faster results if I did... food for thought.

For me, it's connecting the dots of female psychology and being able to watch the lights in their brains go off and predicting where they're going before they even figured out where they're going themselves.

It's both fascinating and depressing at the same time (when you consider just how pedestrian most female brains are...)

But, please... do continue being the contrary whiny bitch. Given your copious provided evidence, it's all you have to do with your time anyway.

mmaier2112 said...

And Kissinger doesn't count, BTW.

He obviously sold his soul a LONG time ago.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't it be Hypergamster?

Hypergamy + [Rationalization] Hamster

Jestin Ernest said...

the alliterative name "Hypergamous Hamster" would roll off the tongue better than your suggstion.

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