Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Roissy calls it again

Usually one sees science reports backing up Roissy's speculations. But this news of a minor British business celebrity divorce is also in line with his maxims:
Ultimo boss Michelle Mone and her husband Michael are to separate after 19 years of marriage. The 40-year-old mother-of-three built up the business after leaving school in Glasgow at the age of 15 and is now believed to be worth around £39million. She is also co-founder of MJM International with her husband. She recently began modelling her own range of lingerie after shedding six stone - a move she admitted her husband was uncomfortable with.
The fact that a middle-aged married woman suddenly loses a lot of weight doesn't necessarily mean she's preparing to go back on the market, but it is a remarkably reliable indicator. It strikes me that this, like several other aspects of Athol's IMAP, indicates how much Married Game for men is merely an articulation of behaviors in which married women already engage, consciously or unconsciously.

And it makes sense. As a general rule, people who are looking to change their lives significantly in one way or another are usually going to end up deciding to ditch their spouses even if that was not their original intention. Because there are few things that define our lives so much as our marriages do.


Anonymous said...

I'm waiting to see how much of that 39 million pounds he will see, and how much alimony he can expect...

... still holding my breath.

Daniel said...

39 million pounds? Wow, that's what? 2.7 million stone?

Oh, sorry. Wrong weight loss.

There is also an element of young marriage:

If she is 40, she was married at 21 after starting the business at 15.

Don't know how long they dated beforehand, and I don't know how old the husband is, but I'm actually surprised a celebrity/business/marriage that started so young has lasted that long.

Anonymous said...

Also from the Daily Mail (UK) article:

"Over the past year Mrs Mone revealed that her husband was unnerved by the confidence her recent weight loss had given her.
In a surprisingly candid interview, Michelle revealed: ‘It hasn’t been easy for him. Before I was always there. Now, I’m more confident and outgoing. I’m doing things I wouldn’t have done before."

Roissy calls it, indeed.


rycamor said...

Ahh, celebrity marriage...

You can't make this stuff up.

Generally, a man ought to have his head examined for even considering marriage to a female celebrity.

Mrs. Pilgrim said...

I'm going to call it that she got her head full of hot air. When she started flaunting it, everyone praised her but her husband--who understandably got upset that she got sexy not for him but for others (and probably also suggested that she should spend more time with their kids, instead of spending all her time in the office or in front of a camera). How dare he suggest that she, in her forties, shouldn't be going about in her underwear and leaving parties with single men! Everyone else likes it! Everyone else thinks it's great! He's just being selfish! OMG SHE DESERVES BETTER!

...I've seen too many divorces where the woman started feeling "oppressed" (because her husband had only just started telling her things that didn't start and end with "Yes Dear") and decided to get her "freedom" back. I suspect this is one of them.

Anonymous said...

You know Vox, it isn't ALWAYS that the women is wrong. My Parents married very young (got married at 19 and had been dating since they were in their early teens). My Mother was very, very beautiful. I mean that in the sense that men were constantly attracted to her. She was faithful to the end.

My Father, also incredibly handsome (it was beyond annoying to have him constantly being hit on when I would go out with him and it only let up when I became older and people started staring daggers at us because they thought we were dating. He always could pass for at least ten years younger and was only 19 years older then me).

I give you this background because my Mother, after becoming very ill for awhile, gained a lot of weight. She was very dilligent about attempting to lose it as soon as she was no longer bedridden. It was at this time that I recall the most violent domestic abuse against her. The verbal abuse was absolutely terrifying to behold (though I know you don't consider things verbal to be abuse..but being called a "cunt" in front of your children would qualify in my book.)

There is a flip side where men who hooked a good women, a beautiful women young and naive and then mistreat them, seem to enjoy when their beauty fades a bit. It severly limits their options for leaving them. Ask yourself that next time you see a fat women with an attractive man who are together for years and years.

They will use it against them. Then any time the women will attempt to try to do better (wear make up when she never used to have to, get her hair done, buy new clothing, lose weight..all of which I saw my Mother do and actively helped her do to try to assauge his wrath) it is met with even more violence and penalties.

As you and others have pointed out, much of the value in a women in in her looks. It is intersting to note that when someone sabatoges their looks(gaining weight) it may be because there is a demaning going on in the marriage. Maybe the man is insecure, whatever, I have seen it happen again and again.

Just saying, it isn't always the same thing.


CarpeOro said...

As always, the press gets it wrong:

"There are no other parties involved and the split is amicable. Michael and Michelle's focus will be the welfare of their children, which is their main priority."

The children and there welfare are just objects to be divided and scheduled?

Here is a hint CC. If your man doesn't care if your putting yourself on display in lingerie, there is every chance that he isn't being supportive, he is probably looking to leave. For most men marriage isn't just a temporary pickup, so the territoriality instinct kicks in.

Anonymous said...


I understand that. I am not equating what my Father did (which was wrong) with the normal response of a man in a committed relationship. I am just saying that there is often much more to the gaining and losing of weight in relationships. Much more so, in my expereince, if it is the women doing so. Also, there are at least three instances of very attractive women in my family who for one reason or another (ranging from a debilitating illness to other reasons more in someone's control) who gained weight, and took great pains to correct it. And were sabatoged by the Husband. I am not talking women who were immodest. I am simply talking being berated for gaining weight, agreeing, trying to work out or whatever and then being sabatoged in doing so by the very person berating them for being overweight. This is my personal observation. I have seen Husbands lambaste their wives publically about gaining weight, then bring home some kind of food she should not eat and then get into a massive fight with her when she refuses. Same with exercise. She works out, they follow her and argue with her the whole time. I could go on.

This isn't the normal thing. I know this isn't everyone, but that is my point. I am just saying there are other options for what happened in this marriage then the only one proposed.

I have, unhappily, seen them first hand.


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