Sunday, December 11, 2011


We must all throw sticks at Athol and accuse him of being a BETA, a feminist, and a Game-denier. He is claiming Game Doesn't Work For The Morbidly Obese, which is obviously a lie since Game works flawlessly for every man all the time. He is obviously worse than Hitler.


Smesko said...

You are obviously being sarcastic with respect to Athol Kay, but it is unclear whether you truly believe that game will work for the obese, or if this is a satire of the game writers who claim that game guarantees definitive success to anyone, no matter who you are and what you look like.

Astrosmith said...

Two words: Charles Barkley

Anonymous said...

Game helps but Morbid Obesity puts you to far in the hole to start with.

Markku said...

Game gives a few extra points to your rating. It "works" in that it may make the morbidly obese from omega to low delta, in that women are no longer actively revolted by your mere presence.

Double E said...

Of course game 'works' for the obese too, in as much as an obese man with game is going to be better with woman than an obese man without game.

The real issue is that when you are WAY obese, you will get more marginal utility from X hours spent improving your fitness than X hours learning game.

Once you aren't a COMPLETE fatass, then you will get diminishing marginal returns on your success with woman per lb lost.

Then you should try to learn more game.

rycamor said...

Once you aren't a COMPLETE fatass, then you will get diminishing marginal returns on your success with woman per lb lost.

Then you should try to learn more game.

Thinking about it gives me a funny sense that an omega or gamma with a perfect body (chiseled abs, etc...) would probably creep women out more than if he had the typical soft cubicle dweller's physique. The combo does not compute.

Keoni Galt said...

While VD is obviously being sarcastic here, the context is really key.

According to Athol's letter writer, he's basically a beta orbiter who's wife who has always been out of his league, settled for him after getting dumped by her Alpha boyfriend.

The dude had no game when he wasn't fat.

Now if you want to think of an obese guy who had game, first guy to come to mind was the late, great Sam Kinison.

Anonymous said...

Kinison was chubby, not morbidly obese. Watching this clip again from the 1980s, I would swear he would be considered normal weight now in 2011 or even thin in some areas.

Sam Kinison's Love Song:

"Yeah friends, I think I know what you mean. I become some kind of emotional tampon you need four or five days a month. When no one else will take your fucking bullshit? But we don't fuck, isn't that about right honey?"

A prophet before his time.

LP2021 Bank of LP Work in Progress said...

Hilarious! The last 5 AG posts have proven to be brilliant, scary and totally correct.

This post reminds of the time I saw a nun-white mage costume that looked like a kkk outfit, it was impressive. For those who miss the irony and humor, I'm just kidding!

LP2021 Bank of LP Work in Progress said...

Game for the obese? I'm skeptical but if 2 pple can find each other and form a bond, whatever, it sounds all good to me.

Anonymous said...

"I'm skeptical but if 2 [obese] pple can find each other and form a bond"

hm.... flour and wet spot?

LeapofaBeta said...

I would say weight and being confident with it is part of game, is it not? IE: If you're not comfortable with your body, your game will suck. To improve your game, improve your self image. Either suck it up and be comfortable with it while realizing what it does to the women you have chances with or just get off your ass, diet, and go to the gym.

Orville said...

I agree with the weight thing. I've lost 50 lbs in 2011, and I'm about 15 above my ideal body weight. In the last quarter, the wife has expressed numerous complaints about me being too thin, or worried about me leaving, plus compliments from the girls I work with.

Hell even Karl Denninger is starting to look better since he drop some flab.

Game for fatties is like putting $1000 dollar 17 inch rims and tires on an old Chevy Caprice POS.

Brad Andrews said...

I am not sure that 290 and 6'1" is "morbidly obese".

I am a bit that and an inch taller. I have a definite belly, but that is about it. I have a frame that can carry about 40-50 pounds without being as noticeable. Perhaps he does not.

My goal is certainly not to stay here and I am slowly working on that, but morbidly obese paints an image much more severe.

Tough thing is I look almost exactly like my grandfather, only several inches taller, so I am fighting a huge war against genetics in the process as well.

JCclimber said...

I think people need better education.

Morbid: what does this word mean to you? I submit that it is supposed to mean dead or death.

Morbidly then would mean of death or deadly.

Morbidly obese means being so fat that you are a ticking time bomb, who may AT ANY SECOND drop dead of a heart attack, stroke, or otherwise you are small bodily failure away from dying.

Game ain't going to overcome that factor. No woman wants to be with some dude that might collapse literally on top of them at any moment.

Markku said...

Morbid: what does this word mean to you?

Irrelevant, as "morbid obesity" is a medical term defined by a range of BMI values. There is currently no consensus of what values they are. Candidates are, depending on literature:

-35 or more

If it is defined as the latter, then below it is severe obesity and above it is super obesity. If the former, then it's all morbid obesity above 35.

Brad Andrews said...

That is the problem with such identifications. I am not sure I could be in my expected weight range unless I literally starved myself. I will have to see in several months when I lose the weight I am working on, but I believe my frame will probably always be in the "fat" end of the frame by pure BMI.

I have muscles and haven't worked out much (more lately) because of my physiology (and father) more than anything else. I can use game reasonably effectively and I am definitely not a "omega or low delta" as noted in here.

Though believe what you want. I would agree that someone who fits the idea of morbidly obese would have a hard time being attractive no matter what, but we need to watch that we do not narrow that too much or we will make it irrelevant to most people.

Mrs. Pilgrim said...

As has been pointed out, Mr. Andrews, BMI is not a valid test. Good luck with your weight loss, though! Remember to stop when you're healthy!

You may wish to familiarize yourself with the term "outlier", by the way. It gets used quite a bit at both sites.

Markku said...

I wouldn't call BMI invalid, one just has to know the situations in which it is misleading. Fat percentage is applicable to a greater number of people, but it is more difficult/expensive to measure accurately.

So, BMI can be used for the majority, and then the problematic cases (bodybuilders, mostly) need to be evaluated with fat percentage.

Anonymous said...

With that height/weight, you have to look like Brock Lesnar to not be morbidly obese.

Anonymous said...

The Notorious PIG might beg to differ.

Anonymous said...

When I was just out of high school I got a job at a mom&pop video store (back when such a thing could turn a buck). It was also a book store and sold stuff through the mail, all before the Net really came into its own.

The owner, Mike, loved sci-fi, fantasy, horror, spy novels, you name it. Stock reflected his tastes and he would often put money down for a booth at the conventions to sell his stuff.

Mike was tall but fairly over weight even for his size. He was a pasty skinned Greek, shaped like a pair, balding on top and sweat at the least amount of exertion. His glasses were thick with heavy black frames, and he had what my grandmother used to call "liver lips". He was, in just about every way imaginable, an unattractive man.

But dude was confident as hell and had the gift of gab. He lived with his wife and much younger girlfriend all in the same house. Even worse (better?) they had to watch him like a hawk whenever they went to sell crap at the conventions or old Mike would be sneaking off with some chick dressed up like a Klingon or Princess Leah slave girl.

He was hornier than a buck in rutting season. There was a stretch when he had to take blood pressure meds and the inability to keep an erection nearly drove him insane.

So yea, being a blob is usually a deal breaker, but there are those freaks of nature that do fine no matter how bad they look.

VD said...

I'm going to guess that old Mike had a good selection of John Norman novels available at his store.

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