Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Women don't want equality

They never did. The female attitude towards the mythical beast of sexual equality is no different than the Arab Muslim attitude towards democracy. It's just a train with various stops that one exits whenever it appears most advantageous:
Higgins, a senior, and Rodriguez, a sophomore, are among roughly two dozen boys competing on girls teams in Massachusetts because their schools do not have boys swimming programs. They are able to do so because of the open access amendment to the state constitution, which was voted into law in the 1970s and mandates that boys and girls must be afforded equal access to athletics.

Boys have been members of girls swim teams since the 1980s, but until recently they were mostly a sideshow. It has only been in the last year or two that boys have swum well enough to draw attention — and people’s ire. The epicenter of the debate is the 50-yard freestyle, an event in which strength can trump talent or technique.

At the Division I state championships on Saturday at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, there are eight boys in the 28-swimmer field in the 50 freestyle. Although Norwood’s Higgins was ruled academically ineligible Friday and will not compete at the state meet, two of the top four seeds in the 50 freestyle are boys, giving rise to the possibility that a boy could be the girls state champion.

Sarah Hooper, a senior at Needham High who is the fourth-fastest female entrant, finds the situation difficult to swallow....

“Absolutely, it has changed the atmosphere on the pool deck,” said Marilyn Fitzgerald, the longtime swim coach at Andover High, a perennial powerhouse. At her sectional meet last week, she added, “Coaches on the pool deck last weekend were going bloody out of their minds.”

Cooler heads are not found in the bleachers. At the Bay State conference meet earlier this month, Hooper’s father, Eric, lost his composure after watching her get beaten by boys. While waiting for her after the race, he said to her male competitors, “Good job for beating the girls.”
This should come as no surprise. Notice that the only reason the boys are swimming against the girls is because there are no boys teams. Whereas women once complained that boys teams got all the resources, now they're not happy even though the girls teams get literally all the resources devoted to a sport.

There is no such thing as sexual equality. And keep this in mind the next time you here a woman - or a man - attempt to justify anything in its nonexistent name.

But the faux equalitarians will no doubt be breathing easier this year, since Sarah Broderick, Sarah managed to hold off Scott DelRossi, beating him in the 50 meter freestyle with a time of 24:11 to DelRossi's 24.35. Her "championship" time was more than a second slower than the slowest of all the boys competing in the 2010 state championships.


David said...

Equality is a one-way street in today's world, and resembles revenge in the way its carried out. Apparently, they don't like their own ideology being used against them.

Roundtine said...

Sounds like a Judd Apatow movie.

Jack Dublin said...

I look forward to the shit storm that follows when these laws force a boy onto a girls volleyball, boxing or wrestling team. I don't know what it will take to show people that sexual equality is an aberration to the intended order of creation and catastrophically destructive to civilization, but I'll enjoy the show until then.

Anonymous said...

I've always said that if women truly understood all that equality entailed, they would turn tail and run for the protection of the nearest man.

Then again, most men don't really want true equality under the law either.

Booch Paradise said...

Oh lord, equality issues aside this is hilarious. Buy me a ticket when they get boys playing on the girls basketball team.

Daniel said...

Last year in my home state, an Iowa boy favored to win the state wrestling title in his class forfeited because he felt uncomfortable wrestling a girl.

I really wish he had just brutalized her instead. The almost certain 15-second pin and natural response to a girl being physically (if legally) assaulted would have said so much more about the myth of equality than anything else would have.

As she was among the lowest entries in the tournament, her "win" allowed her a semi-graceful, less horrific pair of elimination losses. (think of it like the NFL Playoffs - The best teams get the benefit of playing the worst teams first, but if the wild card pulls an upset over #1, it ends up benefiting somewhat from the #1's "easier" track.")

After all, her next opponent was on the #1's "next in line" unseeded track, and then her opponent following defeat was among the lowest of qualifiers.

If the favorite had simply done what he was capable of, no matter how unseemly, it would have settled things on the mat.

The high school boy simply couldn't find it within himself to kill that girl to make the point clear.

indyguy77@work said...

I'm loving this piece. What a bunch of pathetic whiners.

Reggie Miller's older sister Cheryl knew the score. The first time Reggie was tall enough to slap away a basket on her she said "Let's play horse".

Spectator said...

"it infuriates me that they can’t combine two schools’ boys to create one team or have them compete in separate heats. The way it is now, the boys are taking recognition away from girls who have worked hard and deserve it.”

They worked HARD to deserve it... by being the 4th fastest swimmer in their event. Lame. It's even more idiotic that the coach of the team doesn't like boys competing on her team in order to protect the precious snowflakes from realizing they aren't the bestest swimmerses evar!

Though really they are tacitly admitting that the male athletes are superior but demanding they compete seperately.

NateM said...

The response to the father who yelled "good job beating the girls" should have been "That's right, they call me Ike Turner, cause i'm putting all those broads in their place"

Wendy said...

Perhaps someday they'll understand "pretty good for a girl" is not an insult.

Doom said...

There are some, ignorant, untried, who think they do. I have found though, that when faced with anything serious, they back away. Women WANT to surrender, they simply need to be conquered, put in their place. Some are simply not good enough to receive that option. No one wants the spoils of a war with them. Ugly and fat come to mind, stupid is okay, smart? Like batman, in the face of man, is fiction.

Dr. T said...

I am wondering - how are the boys in swimming generally weaker than the girls? I looked up the lists of records, and in all cases the male times are shorter than the female ones.

LP2021 Bank of LP Work in Progress said...

Oh brother, swim teams.

Just for the record, equality among the sexes still does not and never will exist b/c we are not and never will be equal. Equality is a joke that some asshole or feminist thought up while high on drugs in the 1960's or around the women's suffrage era - All stoner idiots with failing ideas.

Stingray said...

This exact thing happened on my swim team in the early 90's. I can't remember how, but our competing schools somehow had him kicked off the team because we went from being the worst team (they do somehow add up points to see which team will win, while most of the meet itself is individual competition) to being the best, just from one male being on our team. But, no. We are equal. Can't you tell?

Pablo said...

I swear I would pay a pretty penny to watch a top 10 national boys high school basketball team play the WNBA champions.

It would be like Christmas and the SuperBowl all in one.

swiftfoxmark2 said...

When I wrestled in High School, I was matched up against a couple of girls. Seeing as how I was in the weight class just below heavyweight, these were no high end ladies.

Anyway, I wiped the floor with them and didn't feel any regret. If I had gone easy on them, I'd never hear the end of it in the locker room. Plus, I just didn't care once the match started.

mmaier2112 said...

We had an odd number of guys in my junior high class. I would always volunteer to be "left over" and wrestle a girl.

Trina, Vicki, Melanie... ah, junior high crushes.

I never tried hard, but would try and make it last longer. :)

Andrew_Hutt said...

Anonymous said...
"I've always said that if women truly understood all that equality entailed, they would turn tail and run for the protection of the nearest man.

Then again, most men don't really want true equality under the law either."

I say..
They wouldn't run to you numb nuts

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