Monday, November 7, 2011

Don't work, just kill

Post-Qaddafi Libya shines a light on the principles of Game:
"Before, I was not even daring to look at girls as wife material, because I knew I could not afford" to get married, say Faqiar now.

These days, though, Faqiar wears the mismatched camouflage of Libya's rebels and a dashing bandana on his head, pirate-style. He carries a gun. He is a veteran of battles for Libyans' freedom from Qaddafi's regime -- and it's the women who are talking to him.... Jokes passed by cell phone text messages across Libya confirm the newfound eligibility of the young civilians turned fighters.

"Forget doctors and engineers: We want to marry a rebel," one of the widely circulated text messages goes. "Looking for a rebel to wed?" another SMS asks: "Press 'M' for a husband from Misrata, 'B' for a husband from Benghazi..."
This tends to confirms the Roissyan observation that the sexual liberation of women is intrinsically contra-civilizational; the economic and societal decline of the West is not merely happenstance. What young man will ever aspire to be a builder when it is the destroyers who are deemed much more attractive to young women?

This may be a terribly bitter pill to swallow for sexually liberated women and the ALPHAS who are happy to help them explore the full extent of that liberation, but an instinctive denial of observable reality is no basis for rational analysis. Cocaine feels pretty damn good too, but that doesn't mean walking around feeling as if you could wrestle a tiger all the time is conducive to leading a sustainably functional lifestyle.


Anonymous said...


The good thing about conflict and/or civilization collapse is that it brings the shlubs who survive (like Faquiar) directly from beta to alpha status.

When the SHTF,women start to get a whole lot nicer, particularly here in the age of modern warfare, where guided smart munitions frankly do not give a f--- about sparing the women and children.

Der Hahn said...

This is probably a better example of what Trust is talking about in the comments below (on Beta Fish) on how society at large has changed the definition of alpha than government required alimony/child support.

"The Patriarchy" was constructed over time to alpha-ize through social approval what are usually considered beta behaviors such as dependability and ability to provide for a family since they are fundamental to sustaining social order.

We are so productive that the typical forty-hour-a-week cube-farm job is really not much more than a hobby. This has contributed to the rise of the anti-alpha suburban 'soccer dad', and reversion to the older primitive alpha signaling.

indyguy77@work said...

Well, this sure explains the shitehile that is most of Africa, don't it?

Crispy said...

Welcome to the land of unintended consequences, ladies:

The unease over the lack of opportunity for marriage was reflected in the unexpected declaration last weekend, in a victory speech by the head of Libya's opposition national council, that the new Libya would reinstate polygamy, which Qaddafi had limited. But because, according to Islam, only those with the means to support all wives equally can take more than one, easing the way for polygamy would seem likely to make it worse for Libya's unmarried young men of modest means.

Anonymous said...

This is similar to women wanting to marry the somali pirates. Tell me again why they get to vote?

"There is no female Mozart because there is no female Jack the Ripper." - Camille Paglia

Builders and destroyers are both male. I finally understand.

Anonymous said...

Yes, draw conclusions from a war torn country that has been ruled by an insane tyrant for 40 years. Par for the course.

Grow up for fuck's sake.

Anonymous said...

Did you miss the somali connection? Slooooow. Yeah Vox, grow up and get a real job you weak, weak man.

ivvenalis said...

This is only another illustration of something that has been obscured in English literature since the end of the First World War: The glory of victory is real and overwhelming, and fighting in a war makes you a badass (which women love).

Anonymous said...

It was General Patton who said, "Those who do the fighting get to do the f**king." This is nothing new in human society.

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