Monday, November 28, 2011

Beyond rubies

Contemplate this conclusion from the man who photographed, dated, and even married some of the world's most desirable women:
[T]he one iconic beauty he did not photograph was Marilyn Monroe. Terry turned the chance down because he was in love with someone else.

‘I was in a relationship with Pat Newcombe, her PR, and I knew taking Marilyn’s photograph would spoil it. So I declined.’ He laughs. ‘I don’t regret it because it’s harder to find a good woman than a beautiful one.’
Keep in mind that this is coming from a man who once dated Jean Shrimpton, a woman quite reasonably considered to have been one of the most beautiful women of the sixties. Beautiful women are desirable, to be sure, but genuinely good women are even harder to find and are therefore ultimately more desirable.


Brad Andrews said...

It doesn't look like he found the desirable woman he speaks of if he had to marry several.

Note that physical beauty is far from the best determiner of true desirability.

Markku said...

I'm SO tempted to troll about inner beauty.

Anonymous said...

Agree, but what is a good woman?
From reading Roissy it seems a good woman is a beautiful woman.
Also I remember a "In Mala Fide" post entitled: "She is your canvass, so remake her the way you want", it can be summed up as: "tell her to change".

Since woman are so fungible and 'devoid of personality' isn't it more practical to equate good with beautiful?

Markku said...

"Since woman are so fungible and 'devoid of personality' isn't it more practical to equate good with beautiful?"

Vox comes from a Christian background, but in general, "good" can really be whatever feature you appreciate above beauty, or nothing at all. There is nothing inherently contradictory in placing the greatest value on beauty, although it can conflict with certain world views.

Markku said...

Perhaps another way to put it is that one is so unlikely to find a woman who is, first of all, adequately beautiful that sexual attraction can take place, AND also good, that it is not among the probable options for the Average Joe. (Husbands: You may proceed to snowflake now.)

But sometimes it does happen, like always _someone_ wins the lottery. But in general it would be silly to present the lottery as a reasonable economic strategy.

And similarly the reasonable starting assumption about a man who speaks this way about a woman is that he is white-knighting, although occasionally it is accidentally true.

DaveD said...

I lament this all the time. It is also a really great DHV/Neg/Something. Tell a girl most people think is pretty "Pretty girls are a dime a dozen. What's rare is a good/interesting/smart girl who's pretty." Watch the hamster spin and the qualifications begin.

The question I have about that is..if they start qualifying themselves to you after that, is that an IOI or just protecting their ego?


wow gold said...

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Master Doh-San said...

"it’s harder to find a good woman than a beautiful one."

So true. Mostly because people forget that there's a world of difference between true beauty and mere physical attractiveness.

Brad Andrews said...

And physical attractiveness changes, while inner beauty is consistent.

Anonymous said...

"it’s harder to find a good woman than a beautiful one."

This is where Vox's "chaste" condition comes into play in his female hierarchy.

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