Monday, June 20, 2011

A more equitable comparison

Spacebunny pointed out that yesterday's comparison between Ms Pasternak and Miss Upton was not entirely fair, given the probability that there was no way Ms Pasternak was ever anywhere close to Miss Upton's league even in her youth. (I nevertheless note that the comparison is not unreasonable given Ms Pasternak's claim that success, intelligence, and middle-aged fabulousness should trump beauty in the eyes of middle-aged men.) Even so, let me propose a more equitable comparison between a supermodel in her twenties and in her forties.

Here is Mrs. Seymour at the age of 42. Here is another picture. And here are two from 20 years ago for the purposes of comparison.

The married Mrs. Seymour is not unattractive, she's still more attractive than many of her age peers. But she shows her age, she is at least 25 pounds heavier, and I am dubious that any amount of education and accomplishment would make the 42-year old version more attractive than the 22-year old one to a 40-something man meeting her for the first time, even if one takes into account that the young Miss Seymour was cognitively challenged enough to get involved with Axl Rose.

It's also interesting to note that Mrs. Seymour is married to a man of 63. It is remarkable to think that many single middle-aged women who cannot find men of their own age to be interested in them will not consider men the same age as the former supermodel's husband.


Pablo said...

I can't tell you how gratifying it is to have my eyes opened to the reality of the Sexual Market Value. In my youth, women had all the power (and I had little game). 20 years later, the tables have turned and I'm aware of game.

It almost seems unfair.

Nolo Promittere said...

the last two links you listed (the 'before' pictures) are denied to my work computer because they apparently are pornographic.

In the future, could you put something like 'nsfw' before links like that so my boss doesn't think I'm intentionally clicking on porn on a work computer?

Thanks in advance for your help here!

Stingray said...


They are just pictures of Stephanie Seymour from the Victoria Secret catalog.

Stingray said...

I hate HR departments. Completely pointless.

VD said...

Ironically, Mrs. Seymour is far more covered in the Before pictures than in the After ones. There is nothing pornographic about them.

LP2021 Bank of LP Work in Progress said...

Excellent post. Age...brutally painful for women, especially this one.

Stingray said...

Heh -

Miley Cyrax said...

Good lord, the backside of 42 year-old Seymour is disgusting.

JCclimber said...

It actually is rather ironic that the BEFORE pictures are blocked, where she has less skin being revealed, than the AFTER photos.

It goes to show that even automatic porn filters can tell that a more revealing photo of a 40+ woman is not sexually stimulating, whereas a less revealing photo of the same 20 year old woman is much hotter.

The computer doesn't lie in this case.

Difster said...

She's still pretty hot.

And I'm with Pablo on this one. In my 20's I had ZERO game. After I got divorced in my late 30's I couldn't keep them away.

SarahsDaughter said...

I'm glad Spacebunny pointed that out, I thought it as well, Ms. Pasternak's face is not very proportionate. There's no way that face was attractive even 20 years ago.

NateM said...

A friend posted this on facebook this morning.. I read it and said "well whaddya know..."

indyguy77@work said...

Note the links below the E-online piece. "Dysfunctional Couples" and other blathering.

Pathetic. Though I will say that bimbo hardly looks 16. More like 26.

indyguy77@work said...

Note the links below the E-online piece. "Dysfunctional Couples" and other blathering.

Pathetic. Though I will say that bimbo hardly looks 16. More like 26.

NateM said...

Yea I noticed that after I posted it Indy, passive aggression much? Clearly they have to play it from the freak show angle, and assume the marriage will crash and burn (granted it may, given the track record of hollywood types) rather than admit that it's another example where older men who are more desireable go for younger women.

Lily said...

If a single woman in their 40s is after love and companionship, particularly into old age, I don't think a 60 something is a good bet. You've got a 20 something age difference + men living 5-10 years on average. The woman is even more likely to end up being alone in her oldest of ages.

Stephanie Seymour has been married to that chap for a while so she probably didn't think about that when she married him. Besides presumably he is quite wealthy and after bad boy Axl Rose she married this guy for some stability and hard cash.

Though I've still got some time before reaching my 40s, my attitudes towards age differences have really changed as I've got older.

I was really surprised to read that Pasternak article. It was literally after catching up on this woman I know through a project I'm involved in. This woman mid 40s, half black and quite overweight. Works in a low level administration job. Her kids are in their late teens. I won't go into details on how/why she got divorced but 2 years later she literally has got 2 guys who want to marry her, samish age. One is divorced, he has a good buff body, he's a plumber (ok working class but so is she and plumbers earn good money), the other is a delta nice guy bf type.

I read through some of Pasternak's old articles and she's just a really entitled person. She wouldn't have done any better in her 20s or 30s.

She's clearly got a thing about the type of background she had or the school she went to, so what. She even looks down on her ex husband's mother, though I'd imagine the same socio economic class, it's just the mother is 'county set' as opposed to London + weekend home in Cotswolds type. lol.

She's also had men whom most people wouldn't turn their nose up at e.g. entertainment lawyer from LA and others shown interest in her but she's just full of herself. It doesn't look like her younger man she had the baby by left her for being older, but for being too wrapped up in her work/book deal/American distribution.

I'm actually a bit annoyed reading her moans, she's had all these opportunities at love and thrown them away. My granny's got friends in their 80s and 90s who have had great lives (and not finding being single in their old age an issue because they always knew to expect it) and achieved so much, but there just weren't enough men for them to go around after the war. Some of them literally had 1 or 2 opportunities at love.

If she can't get the kind of guy now that she wanted in her 20s (which I particularly doubt now that she's moaned all over the newspapers, though that said Liz Jones has post therapy managed to pull Jim Kerr) she should think laterally. e.g. buff plumber who may be impressed by her 'class'.

She could also as you say go for the older men but I think in that case they should have some sort of high status or money. Otherwise she gets 10 or 20 years of companionship and sex with an old man (depending how long he can keep it up for) and a lonely old age. Arguably she would be 'better off' depending on female friends for companionship (and therefore also build a support system for their old ages) and if she wants sex, having casual sex with fit men her own age or younger.

Anyway, I don't wish any ill on her, I hope she sorts her issues out & finds some happiness in her life as well as love.

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