Sunday, May 22, 2011

Exhibiting Sigma

One's socio-sexual rank can often be determined by the way one responds to an unfamiliar woman's request for assistance:
A couple weekends ago, I came back to my apartment with some female friends to watch a movie. I went into the kitchen, and one friend said, “Uh…is that a big bug on your ceiling?”

I looked up at the ceiling and didn’t see anything. Then I looked where she actually meant, and there, sitting on the vent, was a cockroach that was maybe 2 1/2 inches long. My friends immediately wanted to find a guy in the building to kill it. I suggested a neighbor who I was pretty sure was male (judging by the chubby guys I had seen entering with bottled beer on another occasion), so my friends ran over to recruit his services. Alas, he was not home.
The instinctive Game-related interpretation of this situation would be to read it as a conventional test. Whereas the BETA will leap at the opportunity to demonstrate his servile willingness to provide services on the off-chance that this will make him appear more attractive to the cowardly woman, the Alpha understands that doing her such a service will only be a display of low value and render him a utility tool in the woman's eyes.

The Sigma, on the other hand, will cheerfully agree to help the woman out, but only, as he explains to her with a slightly unsettling smile, because he "likes to kill". Bonus points if he asks her if seeing things die turns her on, triple bonus points if she backs away wide-eyed, retracts the request, and flees. Women like dangerous men; notice how supervillains are always surrounded by attractive and extremely obedient women.


LP2021 Bank of LP Work in Progress said...

Classic post!!

Kyle said...

I understand the reasoning behind this, but I'm not sure if it applies to the original story because it's his own apartment. If he was at his girlfriend's place, for example, this would make perfect sense. But if you won't kill the bugs in your own place you might look kind of pathetic.

indyguy77@work said...

My cow-workers (sic) probably think I'm nuts for laughing like I am, but I don't care.

I read Haley's post before reading Vox' comments. I was thinking that pulling out a 12-gauge, racking it and saying in a Dirty Harry voice "Where IS that insect bastard?" would go a long way towards not having silly women bug (sic again) you over stupid stuff.

swiftfoxmark2 said...

How about, "Why should I bother with a cockroach in your dirty apartment?"

Double E said...

Kyle, the original author was female.

Luke (alias "Lines With Chrome") said...

"Women like dangerous men; notice how supervillains are always surrounded by attractive and extremely obedient women."

You don't even have to go to the movies to see this; Scott Peterson, convictred in the brutal Christmas Eve murder of his pregnant wife, receives love letters and marriage proposals on Death Row. Scores of beautiful women were vying for serial killer Ted Bundy's attention during the 1979 trial in which he was first sentenced to death.

Anonymous said...

I think the Sigma concept, while theoretically making sense, is dangerous in how it affects the didactic nature of game literature.

The Sigma concept is so tempting that Omegas may latch onto it and hoist it aloft as a banner. "I'm not actually a loser, I'm just a Sigma!"

Vaughan Williams said...

With Game, Omegas become Sigmas, Gammas become Betas.

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