Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Zen Master of Game?

Yesterday I put up a post about Yohami, an occasional blogger but more prolific commenter on Game blogs. He has successfully journeyed from omega (his description - personally, I find it hard to believe, he's a musician) to a guy who does very well with women. He's been nicknamed the Zen Master and I think he's earned it. You can find some of his best insights here:

The Wisdom of Yohami

The comment thread is interesting so far - there's a lot of controversy and conversation about what Game really is, or should be. I've been accused of having drunk the Yohami Kool-Aid, which may be true. It's pretty clearly a group of lovers and haters over there.


Menschon said...

Yohami seems legit and I could agree with many of his thoughts. His game is the game of David X and Alan Roger Currie (Mode One) which is that of direct game.

In that sense, his game is going to be unpopular with many students of "Game" because a lot of game theory involves routine and ways to DHV and direct game is less concerned with those things and more concerned with having the proper frame and being alpha through eliminating the bullshit. So yes, I can see why he would be a polarizing figure.

Desert Cat said...

Item VIII on your post is potentially of tremendous value to gammas. In fact that may be the very heart of the gamma's struggle, placing far too much importance on that one single connection. It should prove to be valuable to deltas in a LTR or marriage too. Nothing gammafies one so much as making your wife your one truest and best, most wonderful soul-mate friend and confidant, to the exclusion of other healthy and broad-based connections.

Whew, I needed to read that. I mean I have figured that out to an extent, but Yohami nails it to the wall in a couple of paragraphs.

YOHAMI said...

howdy. my description isnt that unusual. being a musicial helps you being social when you are in a group and in front of people.

when I was very young, I was introverted and shy. I was also idealistic and put every girl in the highest pedestal imaginable, so my heart was always broken. what did I do about it? I wrote poetry about how my heart hurt. then sent that stuff to the girls. bingo.

nobody in my circle believed I would be able to get anywhere, starting on my mother. my voice was creepy and I couldnt sustain a tune. my grandiosity was all in my mind. and the world was so unfair.

this is the story of so many omegas. nothing new.

YOHAMI said...

I was able to get out of it because I was a failure, an outcast. nothing was really expected from me, so I could see the world working from the very far, in all its detail

then I decided to get inside and use what I knew. that was like... 11 years ago, I was 24

Tigger4Christ said...

Great to have you here, Zen Master! Are you available for private consults?

YOHAMI said...

haha, more like giving my unsolicited advice wherever I see fit

but, yeah, if I can help, why not

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