Friday, April 8, 2011

Makeup as Mating Strategy

Yesterday I posted at HUS about women's use of makeup as a way of signaling how available they are and in what way. I wasn't sure whether Alpha Game readers would relate, but since VD has posted on women's hair, why not? There are a lot of men who have weighed in with their preferences on the comment thread. From the post:

I’ve had a theory for a while about makeup. Women wear it to attract men, but often apply it in such a way as to subvert their own goals. I believe that different looks attract different types of attention, and women should use makeup strategically in keeping with their mating objectives.
My theory was given a boost last weekend, when Jenna, an attractive college senior I know personally, ....

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zoegirl said...

The absence of makeup allows the changes in a woman's face due to sexual arousal to be visible. It gives a man a much clearer indication whether he is the object of her interest or not. Women who wear a lot of makeup inadvertently send the signal that they're interested in all men. Women who don't, send the signal to specific men.

matt said...

Makeup smells and is disgusting. They rarely if ever look close to the same without it so it's just a gross, smelly disappointment.

Many things about women are gross, smelly disappointments.

HEY-OOOOOOOOOOOOOO I couldn't resist.

ox said...

Well, chemistry ought to be on the natural and organic level. Two cents: True femininity need not be masked.

Just for the record.
It is written:Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain; but the woman who fears YHVH will be praised.

indyguy77@vacation said...

That's a very interesting point, zoegirl. I never thought of that angle.

ox: +1

LP2021 Bank of LP Work in Progress said...

Regarding Zoe's comment, is that common knowledge to men who are aware or all men?

VD said...

I actually like a lot of makeup on a woman who knows how to do it right. The problem is that very few women do, thus leading to the "clown whore" look.

Better nothing or the light "natural" look if you don't know what you're doing.

zoegirl said...

@Linda, I believe it's one of those things like scent - it has an impact but people aren't usually conscientiously aware of it. The changes in a woman's face due to arousal include enlarged pupils and increased blood flow to the lips, cheeks and eyelids that causes a slight swelling and change in coloration. If a woman knows how, she can use makeup to bring focus to at least one of these natural cues. For example, some uses of eye makeup that enhance the eye itself or a sheer lip gloss.

LP2021 Bank of LP Work in Progress said...

@zoe, framing like it scent is unique. I had never read anyone explain that way :).

JCclimber said...

As Vox said, the "natural" look by celebrities is actually a work of art, often with the help of a paid cosmetician. When done right, the results are great.

Unfortunately, the vast majority cannot do it right. I don't do the night scene, but at work parties and stuff I do see the Clown Whore makeup tragedy frequently at play.

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rev irie said...

makeup tells a story. how much effort she appears to have put into it, how thick it is, etc. all give information about a woman. reading the story correctly has absolutely no disadvantage

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